Stuart’s Birth Story

 Submitted by ChildFun Mama DScot

Once upon a time, several years ago now, there lived a dad (Wayne), a mom (me), a teenage daughter and an adolescent son.

Wayne and I had tried and tried to have another child…but to no avail. When I turned 40 I told him, “No more trying and getting discouraged every month. No more shots, no more doctors. That’s it. A baby is just not in the picture for us anymore.”

Well, things were moving along nicely and it was time for my annual trip to the doctor – you know – the pap smear thing. Well, the doctor told me that I had endometriosis. He explained that there was a new procedure that he would like to try and wanted me to be the “guinea pig.” (The doctor and I had been friends for a long time…in fact…I had even been in his wedding!!!) “OK” I said, “I’m game.” I read up on the protocol and was pretty comfortable with what I was seeing. Anyway, if it worked, it would hold off surgery. The only drawback would be having to have blood tests every week and if the bloodwork went funky, I might have to have blood drawn twice a week. So we began the medicine and things were fine. One Friday, the doctor called and told me that the bloodwork was a little funky so please run in on Wednesday of next week and have more bloodwork done. I was to call him on Wednesday afternoon so he could tell me what was going on. “That’ll be fine, but just call Wayne at the office and tell him because I’ll be out of town for the afternoon.”

Wednesday came and I had the bloodwork done and left for my out of town meeting. Around 6:30PM I arrived at home and stretched out on the bed. Wayne came in a little later with this really silly grin on his face. (That could only mean he’d spent money on a new car, a new camera or a new computer.) He stretched out beside me and told me we were pregnant! I lit into him with everything I could. I let him know that was not funny, that after all we been through (two miscarriages and four surgeries) and here he was smiling like a Cheshire cat, laughing at me. I WAS FURIOUS! He just kept smiling and chuckling and after my ranting had calmed down, he said, “It’s true, honey, the pregnancy test the doctor ran this morning was positive. We are pregnant!” True tears of joy came flooding at that point and so when I was 41 years old, with two children ages 12 and 15, my husband told me we were pregnant. You know…I wouldn’t change a thing…not even our little 4 year old.

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