Christopher’s Birth Story

by proud ChildFun Mama Sherry
Born Sept.28,1990

I gave birth to the most beautiful baby boy in the whole wide world.

The reason I am telling you when he was born because there is a great story behind it all.

One day while I was working, I began to think about having my tubes tied because I didn’t want anymore children. I am a Christian,was raised in a Christian home and my father is my pastor. So I am one of those preachers kids, the ones that are different from all the rest of the world or should I say people think that we are. We are just like every body else we just have a lot more problems than most because the devil fights us harder than he does other people. Anyway I know the voice of God,that still small thought in my head. I have said all that to say this. God spoke to me and told me not to have my tubes tied and that I was going to have another child. He even went as far as to tell me what to name him.

Well that was just too much for me and I said no way I just don’t want another child or do we have the money for one. I know better than to argue with God but I gave it my best shot. Needless to say and I am very thankful that God didn’t pay me any attention. He has a purpose and plan for everyone.

Even though I was still in shock, I was just about to explode. I wanted to tell someone but who would believe me? For a long time I kept it all to myself, until one day I was sick and in the doctor’s office. I spotted a book about the meaning of names and began to search for the name that God had given me. Christopher Shane—- Christopher means Christ like and Shane is a form of John. Right there in the doctors office I almost began to cry knowing that this baby was so special, all my children are special but when God tells you what to name a child,then I call that very special.

Now I had to convince my husband of the idea that God wanted us to have another child. The day that I went to the doctor,we had supper at my parents house and I thought maybe this would be a good time to tell them and my husband about what God had spoke to me. My parents being the Godly parents that they are were so happy but my husband was a different story. He started telling me how we couldn’t afford another child and that it was not going to happen and believe me he made sure that it wouldn’t happen if you know what I mean. He wasn’t being mean or any thing but he just felt like we couldn’t afford another child. I just smile because If God said it, it would happen no matter what, with or without him. I know that this will blow some peoples minds but I feel very strong about this. I kept telling my husband he (Christopher Shane) was coming and he kept telling me no. Well I knew about when I thought I would get pregnant but my husband was not very interested. We can’t afford another child I would hear,but to his dismay on January 1989 I became pregnant. Maybe this is not a baby story you would like to hear about but he is one of the greatest joys of our lives.

Christopher Shane came in this world on Sept. 28,1990,weighting 9 lbs 14ozs. I had a C-section because the doctors said he was so big they thought it was best to do it this way. Well if I had an C-section the first time(he is the last of four children) I probably wouldn’t have had another child, that was very painful for me. I hope some one enjoys my story and you think that you can’t afford another child remember this that if God wants you to have one he surely can take care of him. God is a good God and he does take care of my family. Another good thing came out of his birth, I now work at home. I always thought that I would have to work outside the home but God had other plans for me and I now run an In home family child care and I love almost every minute of it. Thank you God for four beautiful children and one grandchild.

My husband and I now kid each other about how he got here,but there is one thing for sure now, that if I tell him that God said something he Believes It, He knows that it will happen he has even tried to get me to tell him things that I know nothing about. I always tell him if God said it! It will happen!!!!!!!! I am so glad.

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