Eric’s Birth Story

Submitted by ChildFun Mama Misty

I had just given birth 7 &1/2 months before, and as I stood in a Target bathroom stall, looking a positive pregnancy test I knew my life would never be the same again.

This pregnancy was a total surprise, but I looked forward to holding my second child. This one started out so smooth. I threw up once and morning sickness was over.

Everything was going great. The doctors were a little concerned, because I was measuring a lot bigger than my dates. At 20 weeks we did a sonogram to make sure the baby was healthy. While they were there they asked if I wanted to know the sex. I did as this would be my last child. They didn’t have to tell me…I saw with my own two eyes.. as if mocking me and my desire for a girl.

I was having another boy. A very healthy boy at that.

I was due May 27th, and on May 21st I awoke at 3 AM with what I thought was really strong Braxton-Hicks contractions. I decided to take a nice warm shower and see if they were real contractions or not. I got one foot in the shower when the worst pain of my life hit. I stood there thinking…DJ wasn’t like this!! This baby was in a hurry. I came out of the bathroom to find both my dh and my DJ (16 months old) sitting straight up in bed. My husband asked me if it was time? Another monster pain hit and he got his answer.

Now with DJ I was the sweetest angel all through my labor. Not so this time! We called my sister in law to come get us. By now we were now living back in Texas. She finally showed up, and my husband was driving like a maniac. I cussing him and my sister in law out the whole way. We got to the hospital at 4 AM. The nurses made my husband wait in the lobby while they took me back to get me undressed.

Now the pains are hitting me one on top the other. I was screaming at the nurses. They wouldn’t let my husband come in till the doctor got there. Then I felt this strong push instinct. I was not pushing.. the contractions were so strong they were literally forcing the baby out. My waters hadn’t broken yet. At 4:20 AM with one leg in the stir up and no doctor, Eric Nicholas made his grand entrance to this world.

He was so tiny, and when I said that to one of the nurses she laughed at me. Eric was 7 pounds 13.5 ounces, and 20 inches. No, he wasn’t tiny by everyone else’s standards, but after his older brother’s 9 pounds… he was plenty tiny to me! By the way the doctor got there at 4:30 AM. He missed the whole thing!

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