Common Courtesy

Is it just me, or have people become so involved in themselves, in their business, in their troubles that common courtesy has been forced off the road like a slow driver on a race track? Lately, it has become more and more evident to me that common courtesy is not nearly as common as it ought to be.

Driving on the highway, well, it has become ridiculous. People cutting you off, not using their turn signals, speeding recklessly, I am sure you can all identify with this. Some other instances….

Lately, ChildFun has enjoyed some great publicity and new visitors. We have several different discussion lists now. While I think they are great, as do thousands of other parents, obviously, they are not for everyone. Not every person is going to be happy on a list. Okay, so here we have a person who subscribed to a discussion list, decided they didn’t like, and wants to get off of it. That sounds fairly simple, doesn’t it? So they have a few options. They can follow the instructions to unsubscribe that they were mailed when they joined. What’s that, you didn’t save that email? That’s okay, most people don’t, and we understand that. So, we make it easy for you. At the bottom of every single email, we include a url to unsubscribe. It is on every message. Problem solved, right? WRONG! I get letters every day about this, but my favorite was recently. “TAKE ME OFF YOUR D*MN LIST:”. How’s that for courtesy? Good grief, people. I just don’t see any excuse for that. Whatever happened to decency and honesty? Why can’t someone just say, “Hey, Jenny, I really don’t like your list, and I don’t want the mail anymore, can you help me unsubscribe?” Is that so difficult???

Another instance was yesterday at the grocery store. I am standing at the deli counter, and looking at all the goodies laid out before me. A vast array of delectable meats and cheeses. I search frantically up and down the display case, and eegads, they don’t have my favorite ham out!!!! I politely ask the young lady at the counter if they still have that particular ham. She says sure, but that I will need to wait a minute for “Ed” to cut it. She then points to a sweet looking gentleman, in his 50’s who is helping another customer. When Ed has a pause, this nice lady explains to him that I would like some ham sliced. There is no one else waiting at the counter, and nothing on the back counters, etc. He doesn’t look very busy at all. He practically snarls at me, “How much do you want?”. I asked him how much per pound it was as I usually buy more and freeze it if it is on sale. He rattles off the higher normal price, and I ask him for two pounds of sliced ham. Well, apparently, old Ed didn’t much think that my little two pounds of ham was worth it as he exclaims loudly for all employees and customers in the vicinity to hear, “Oh shit!” I about fell on the floor!!!! He immediately apologized but I was flabbergasted that anyone could be so rude! For heavens sakes, he gets paid by the hour whether he is cutting 50 pounds of meat or 2, I don’t see what it mattered. I immediately spoke to a manager about the situation and I was so upset I left without ever buying ham.

These are just two instances, but I am sure you can add plenty of others to this list. It is so sad. There is just no excuse. If everyone would just step back for a moment. Try to say thank you to someone who helps you. Don’t just mumble off thanks. Genuinely say thank you and let them know they are appreciated. Say please. Hold the door open for the person behind you at the store. Let that person waiting at the corner cross the busy street. Smile at people. It’s really worth it. It will make you feel better. Let’s all work together to bring courtesy back to our world. Thank you for taking the time to stop by ChildFun today and thanks for reading this article. See how easy that is? 🙂 Have a great day…

Until next time…


Jenny Wanderscheid
Founder & CEO ChildFun, Inc


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