The Basics of Loving Yourself

With all the action and excitement going on with running ChildFun, it is so easy for me to get caught up in the business, the site design, the business end of things, that sometime I lose focus of what my life is all about.

Being married with three children, plus running a home business to boot, it’s easy to get too busy with daily activities and by the time I know it, my day is done. Sometime I sit back and think, “Wow, where did my day go?”

I am trying hard to be different. I actually have a strategy! Sometimes, when life begins to overwhelm me, I need to sit back, relax, take time for myself, my husband and my kids, and set my priorities straight.

Here is a few family time/stress breakers to help you cope through your busy week!

1. Every day, as many times as you can, tell your husband and children that you love them. And mean it! Take the time to stop what you are doing, touch their arm, or give them a big hug and tell them that they are important and that you love them.

2. Make time for yourself. This gets tricky, I know, believe me, I know! Even if it’s five minutes on the front steps listen to cars go by, or sneaking in a luxurious hot bath, you need to take time for you. The better shape you are in mentally and physically, the better your life, relationships and attitude will be.

4. Laugh. Laugh loud. Laugh often. It’s a medical fact that laughter is good for you. It increases blood flow and oxygen in your body. It produces chemicals in your brain to relax you. My favorite way to laugh? Spend 15 minutes in my 6 year old’s bedroom. Hide and seek, wrestling, anything. He always makes me smile.

5. Take a nap. Okay, so you don’t have time for a nap? Take a cold, wet wash-cloth, and five minutes with your feet up and a cool drink of water or the beverage of your choice. Just a few minutes of rest can be incredibly rejuvenating.

While these tips aren’t exactly new strategies, they work for me and my family! Remember, share, love and laugh. Follow those rules, and things will fall into place!!

Until next time…


Jenny Wanderscheid
Founder & CEO ChildFun, Inc


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