High Heels to Golden Slippers

I’ve done “the career thing”. You know the shirt, been there, done that. Wouldn’t ever wanna do it again! Let me explain why I say that.

I worked as a top sales representative for a large corporation. Bonuses and incentives included goodies like a 26′ color tv, and a romantic free vacation to Cancun that my husband and I shared together while the kids stayed at Grandma’s house. It was a fun job. I met interesting people. Made lots of money.

Then one day, literally, out of the blue, I woke up and realized how sick and twisted that was to me. Was money more important to me than being with my kids? They spent day after day at a child care provider’s house. Eating her cooking. Having her read them stories. Learning her values. Having her kiss their owies. Letting her see their triumphs and joys and their sorrows. And I was missing it all.

I quit my job the next day. My husband and I bit the bullet. We didn’t HAVE to get a new house that year, and we could live without a second car. We could go without eating out as much. We knew we could live on one income if we got rid of some unnecessary things and cut a few corners.

Even though my children seemed happy in daycare, and adored our provider who they lovingly called Grandma, they were absolutely thrilled when I told them they wouldn’t be going back. Hunter, who was just over 2 at the time grinned and said “You mean you are gonna be our momma all the time?” OUCH! It took a long time before I could forgive myself for ever having put them there in the first place.

They were only there for a few months, and I regret those months more than any others in my life. Now my days start out with robe and slippers and relaxed morning breakfasts where my children and I plan our day. I get all the hugs and kisses and loveys. Sometimes for a brief moment or two, I miss life in the fast lane. I miss the high pressure deadlines and the fancy clothes and bonuses. But I have realized there are better bonuses.

Like when I saw Cassidy walk her first steps. Or watched Conor wrote his name alone for the first time without my hand guiding his. Or when I stood proudly by after the training wheels came off Hunter’s bike. Or when he introduced me at school and when he got to the part about “mom’s career”, he said to his whole class, “I am the luckiest kid in the world, because my Mama stays home and takes care of me and my daddy and brother and sister and I love her so much”. WOW. That is such a neat bonus!!

It beats color tv’s and trips. This year, we still have the same tv, and our vacation will be a family fishing trip. I am so glad that I made the choice to raise my kids instead of letting someone else do it for me. I don’t want to miss another moment of them growing up. They are learning our values, and we are seeing all the goodies, and the best part? We get all the kisses and hugs. I’ll take my golden slippers over high heels any day!


Until next time…


Jenny Wanderscheid
Founder & CEO ChildFun, Inc


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