An End is Near

by Jenette K. Rotatori-Zubero


Five Ways to Take the Opportunity When… An End is Near

Endings are strange things, aren’t they? They’re mixed with the potential of what’s next and the sadness of letting go to what has been. The next time you are faced with an “ending,” here’s five ways to take the opportunity.

1. Take the opportunity to cry. Firstly, crying is a completely underrated emotional release. If feels GREAT while you’re doing it if you let yourself be in the moment and not try to stop yourself from crying, and it feels great when you’re done since it’s a complete release of energy, chemicals, and emotion. Secondly, it’s funny to look at yourself after a good cry because you look like an alien… try it.

2. Take the opportunity to tell someone. Sharing your experience with someone else helps you to remember the old fondly, while moving to the “next” with excitement.

3. Take the opportunity to be in silence. Sitting with yourself and contemplating where you’ve been and where you’re going is powerful. Let your mind wander on the past and then push yourself to think of the future and all that’s waiting there for you…

4. Take the opportunity to giggle. Whatever it is that’s coming to an end must have had some funny moments involved with it. Find them and let your funny bone rule the day.

5. Take the opportunity to through yourself a party. Movement can be scary, so scary, that many people simply don’t do it. Take the time to give yourself a congratulatory party for getting out there and making things happen.

*As the good saying goes, “all good things must end”. Well, the truth is ALL things must end. Celebrate it!


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