Things Just Aren’t Going Your Way

by Jenette K. Rotatori-Zubero

Five Ways to Take the Opportunity When…
Things Just Aren’t Going Your Way…

Whether you’re having one of those days, months or years (hopefully not decades!), it’s usually hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Instead of seeing things as being against you… take the opportunity instead!

1. Take the opportunity to embrace the situation. Think of ten things you can do to make it a great situation to be in. Make it a great situation.

2. Take the opportunity to let friends support you. Now is a good time to bounce your situation off a good friend. They may have insight that can turn the whole situation around. (Note: always go to a “positive” friend… a “negative” person will only add salt to your wounds).

3. Take the opportunity to change… YOURSELF. What type of person would enjoy the situation that you’re in? Try to incorporate some of those qualities into your personality. You may find yourself actually loving your new situation.

4. Take the opportunity to lay low. The situation might be fleeting. If it still persists after a while ( the duration is up to you to decide as it would depend on the situation) then try to find a way to effectively be with it.

5. Take the opportunity to smile and go with it. Plain and simple, sometimes it’s the best tactic.

What other ways can you think of to effectively and successfully deal with “one of those days”?




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