Ode to Our Mothers


When we are small, our mothers feed us, change our diapers, and clothe us. They teach us about love, compassion, and caring. All we learn is from watching them take care of us. We see them make our clothes and take us to church. My mother taught me my first prayer. We learn not to show our panties. We are taught to chew with our mouths closed. Don’t run on gravels, look both ways before we cross the street!

As little children we are what our mothers made us. As we grow older we push away from our mothers instinctively, trying to become our own person. We think we know so much more than our mothers. we are all of a sudden to old to listen to her anymore. Then one day we wake up and adult. We get with child and call our Mom to tell her the good news. We ask her, “Do you have any idea what I should buy first?” We ask about labor and delivery, has she heard of a good OBGYN? Yes, we are beginning to think by now, that maybe mama isn’t so dumb after all.

Oh and yes! “Mama I am so sick . Can you come over and take care of my children. I am either in the bathroom or making a mess on the way!” ” I need you Mama!” Of course mama comes. She makes homemade soup. She takes care of the children. Mama cleans the house. Mama does the laundry. Mama has the household in such order when you recover that you realize she hasn’t missed a step. Mama has saved you from household disaster. “Oh Mama! My roof needs repair. We just don’t have the money right now.” And here comes Mama with a check. Maybe is is the last cent to her name. But, Mama saves us again.

We should each take a moment of our life and thank our mothers for not only giving us life but for us being the person we are today. I do not mean just on Mother’s Day, but often! Maybe you can take her out to eat. Maybe you can cook her a meal or invite her over to eat. Could you go to a movie, just you and Mom? Invite Mama over for brunch in you garden. You know, life is precious and life is short. Treasure your mom as she treasures you. Remember, chances are good that your children will treat you with as much love and caring as you treat your mom. After all children learn from watching their mothers.

Thank you, God, for my Mama.

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