Put It On Lay-a-Way

by Earlene Evans

For years I searched for a response, that my children could understand, for their mostly outrageous wants. You know the ones where a child wants a sharp looking vest that only costs $100.00 and matches absolutely nothing in their closet.

My children do not understand the word NO. They have conveniently eliminated it from their vocabulary. Last night a commercial came on the television with a beautiful dining table, chairs and a matching china cabinet.

Never mind the fact that we do not even have a dining room. I knew that someday we would. I looked at Mike, my husband, and said, “Honey, that is the style that I have been looking for.” As he kept reading, never looking up, he said, “It’s on lay-a-way. I looked at him and said, “On lay-a-way? (I laughed) Oh do you mean go lay down and hope my want goes away?”

Then it hit me. This was the response that I was going to use on the children the next time they wanted something really useless. Maybe they can understand me now when I tell them go lay down and hope your want goes away since it doesn’t contain the word NO. This is our new lay away plan, even if it isn’t proper English.


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