Animal Riddles for Kids

By: Earlene Evans
Copyright March 17, 2000

Spring is a wonderful season. There are animals every where we look. I made up these little riddles to help the children think more about animals they see every day.

I have soft fur.
I hop in bushes.
I wiggle my little nose
and thump my great big feet.
What am I?

I run in the pasture.
People ride me.
I say “Nay, Nay.”
What am I?
(A Horse)

I fly in the air.
I eat seeds and worms.
I say “Tweet, Tweet.”
What am I?
(A Bird)

I am soft and fluffy.
I rub against people.
I say “Meow, Meow.”
What am I?
(A Cat)

I slither on my tummy.
I scare some people.
I say “Hiss, Hiss.”
What am I?
(A Snake)

We live in shells.
We eat bugs and fruit.
Some of us SNAP!
What are we?

I hatch from an egg.
I swim in water.
Then I grow legs.
Soon I will hop on the ground.
I say “Ribbit, Ribbit, CROAK.”
What am I?
(A Frog)

“Hoppy” spring,

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