An ABC Thanksgiving


by Lisa Henderson, B.S. Child Development


This year at Thanksgiving, I am thankful for:

A – artwork done by my children that graces my walls

B – bubble baths at the end of a long day

C – for allowing me space to share my thoughts

D – dances with my children in the rain

E – eyesight to see the beauty in my life

F – family and friends

G – God

H – Heather, my wonderful daughter

I – insight when I’m frustrated

J – Jenny Wanderscheid, one of my dearest friends

K – kisses from my children

L – laughter that fills my house with love and joy

M – music to lift my spirits

N – national holidays that give me a day off work

O – opportunities to help people in need

P – presents made by the hands of my children

Q – quiet naptimes

R – Ryan, my wonderful son

S – strength to enable me to make it through another day

T – tickle fights

U – unconditional love from my children

V – visions that have come true

W – weekends

X – x-tra chocolate sauce on my ice cream

Y – yesteryear memories made special by my parents and children

Z – zany email list friends


Thank you to everyone who has touched my life this past year. I hope that each one of you has a wonderful ABC Thanksgiving!

Lisa Henderson
[email protected]


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