Random Acts of Kindness


Have you ever been going about the business of your life, when suddenly someone you don’t even know does something thoughtful? It feels like a bit of a wake up call on how you live life and what are your real priorities .

This week I was discussing my plight of the out-of-stock Crazy Daisy with some online friends. (you remember, it was hot, Wal-Mart had no Crazy Daisy sprinklers, my boys were none too happy, and I God appeared as (http://www.womanlinks.com/wled62699.shtml) a Swedish Pop band…trust me, it really makes sense!) Now, these women are all very friendly, and some of them I have been hanging out with in Cyber-land for awhile, prior to the creation of WomanLinks. If they walked up to me on the street, however, I wouldn’t know them. They are great women, and I love knowing they are around, but I haven’t met them in person. That’s just how the Net works.

Anyway, I just mentioned my frustration, and was about to go on with my life, when a few mailed me back offering to pick up a sprinkler at their local store and send it to me. I didn’t ask for help, I certainly didn’t expect anyone to go shopping for me, but there you have it; a random act of kindness by a group of women.

Well, I have a son with a birthday coming up, it really is a hot summer in New England, so I took Kristin up on her offer. Anyway, not only did Kristin run to her local Wal-Mart for me, she gave me a choice of colors, and investigated the cheapest way of transporting this thing from Florida to Massachusetts.

In the process, she gave me something to smile about for the whole week.

Now a Crazy Daisy sprinkler won’t bring lasting peace to Northern Ireland, or feed the hungry in Africa. It will, however, make a 4 year old smile, and give me a wonderful example of kindness to share with my children. Little things like this are important; it’s reassuring to know that kindness and thoughtfulness are still out there in these days of road rage and school shootings.

That is an awful lot of footwork from a woman I have never met. 

– Catie

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