The Plate is Hot!

By Cheryl Demas


When you’re at a restaurant, and the server tells you “the plate is hot” I’ll bet you go ahead and touch the plate anyway. Most people do. Watch them the next time you’re out. We get the warning, touch the plate, and then say, “Ouch, that is hot!” Same thing if someone says, “this tastes awful!” We pass the offending food around the table and then we say, “Ewww, that does taste awful!” It seems to be human nature, we have to find out for ourselves.

I see the same phenomenon all the time among people looking for a home business. We’ve been warned and warned about scams. But we either ignore the warnings or we go ahead and fall for the same scams all over again. Why do we have to find out for ourselves? Do we think we’re smarter than everyone else?

Or is it just wishful thinking? The claims sound so good, we really want them to be true. We want to believe that this time, someone will pay us $3 to lick an envelope, Bill Gates really will send us $10,000 for forwarding email. It would be so easy, if only it was true.

Of all of the women I know who are successful in their home business, none of them have achieved their success without a lot of hard work.

Next time you’re considering sending money to someone who is making outrageous claims, stop and think. This time won’t be different, once a scam, always a scam. Use common sense, and if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Before you get burned, just remember, The Plate Is Hot!


From the ChildFun Editor….

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