I’m a Poke Mom!

By Cheryl Demas

Call me crazy, I know the Pokemon phenomenon is causing a lot of parental grief these days, but I love Pokemon.

We’ve been into Pokemon for almost two years now. I’ve watched the Pokemon shows with my kids, we laughed together as Team Rocket blasted off again. We cried together when it looked like Ash and Pikachu would part, and when Butterfree flew off with his new mate.

Through the Internet, we’ve made friends in Japan. We’ve negotiated some great deals, trading Furbies for Pokemon. The kids have experienced foreign trade first hand.

In my Sneaky Mom way, I’m taking advantage of their interest. The kids have expressed a desire to learn more about the Japanese language. So we bought a brush and ink set and we’re practicing writing Japanese characters. Through the Minnesota Department of Education website, we followed Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura on his recent trip to Japan. We’ve learned about the climate and culture of Japan through books and the Internet. My kids, whose restaurant choices are usually limited to McDonald’s or Burger King, have recently eaten at several Japanese restaurants. Which led to the most amazing thing of all … my 5-year-old ate sushi… and liked it!

Recognize your kids’ interests and take advantage of them … you never know, you might enjoy yourself too. Besides, there are enough things in life that irritate us and keep us up nights, why look for more conflict?

Although I am a little concerned about Butterfree. Do you think he will return with his family some day?

Cheryl Demas



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