Walk a Mile In My Shoes

By Cheryl Demas

My favorite thing about summer is that because my kids wear sandals every day, they don’t need socks. Now that cooler weather is here, every morning I hear “Mom, where are my socks?”

I don’t understand why keeping track of socks in our house is so difficult. My husband never understood the problem, until I lost my patience one day. “Where do all the socks go? How hard can it be to keep track of socks?” He asked one day. Well Dear, you want to walk a mile in my shoes? I put him in charge of socks.

We set up a base camp in the hallway, I wanted to acclimate him to the laundry room environment … I wouldn’t want him to enter such unfamiliar surroundings too quickly.

“How hard can it be?” Is similar to what I hear from a lot of moms who want to work at home. From the outside it looks like working at home is the perfect solution. Making money, staying at home, taking care of your own kids, it all sounds so good. And it has been a great a solution for my family and me, but until you walk in my shoes, don’t assume working at home is the perfect solution.

A work-at-home mom has to wear the hats of a working-mother and a stay-at-home mother. There are no sick days, no vacation pay. The rewards however, have been beyond my wildest dreams. I love the time I’m spending with my family, and I love my home business.

Now, I don’t assume to understand your situation, and I’ll be happy to walk a mile in your shoes too … as soon as I find my socks!

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