Is That Your Final Answer?

By Cheryl Demas

Is that your final answer? Have you heard enough of that yet? Every few years we seem to latch onto a phrase and drive it into the ground. Maybe this one is so catchy because there are so few final answers in real life. We like the idea of being able to make a statement, then saying, “that’s my final answer,” and never having to think about it again.

When I set up my office, I thought that I would be able to work best in an isolated part of the house. Now, I’ve found that having my computer in the center of the household activity works best. I’m able to fit in work from time to time throughout the day. I don’t usually work when the kids are home or awake, but when I have to, they know that Mom is close by and available if they need anything.

The traditional home office advice of completely separating your home and home office doesn’t always work for work-at-home moms. We can’t just shut ourselves in a room and assume that the kids can take care of themselves. Working at home is no excuse for not supervising our children.

I’m working at home because I want to be a full-time mom for my kids, they always have to take priority over my business.

Some people might say that it takes a village to raise children, but I know who is raising mine.

I am, and that’s my final answer.

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