A Mother’s Fantasy Kitchen

By Brenda Hyde


I want to have a kitchen like one of the chef’s on the Food Network. When I enter the cooking area my assistant will run out and put on my chef’s coat and maybe a spiffy hat too. Then I will look over at the counter and there will be all the preparation done for my meal. The vegetables will be neatly cut up and the meat ready to go. Oh, except that I get to yell “Bam!” and throw some spice onto the meat before it goes in the oven!

The best part of all to this fantasy, is that as I am cooking the meal there is my audience, who is usually two screaming boys who think they are going to starve and pass out at any second, standing there quietly watching my every move. Their little mouths are watering at the anticipation of this feast. Finally, when the meal is done, they and their father applaud and cheer at the food before them. Wow. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

We would then eat our meal in peace, because of course they are still in awe of the food I have prepared. There wouldn’t be little voices saying things like “Did I say I wanted vegetables?” , “What is this? Do I like this?”, or of course “I ate two bites do I get dessert now?”. No, there would be none of that. We would finish our meal and I would stroll into the kitchen where everything would be put away and clean, ready for the next show, I mean meal. Yes, I think I would like to have a kitchen like on the Food Network. It only seems fair. Do you really think I could have one of those spiffy hats too?



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