Classical Music for Kids Ideas and Benefits

Classical music is great for kids – but it can sometimes be difficult to get them interested! Here we take a look at a wide range of classical music styles that are perfect for children to listen to, enjoy, and learn.


Did you know that classical music can promote positive, high-quality growth and development for your child? Many studies have shown that classical music can stimulate alpha waves in the listener’s brain, creating a sense of calmness. Child development researchers also suggest that exposure to classical music at an early age supports the development of language, reading capabilities, motor coordination, and spatial reasoning.

Susan Hallam’s study of the Power of Music suggests that there are several positive effects deriving from engagement with classical music. The benefits are especially strong when classical music is an enjoyable experience for the child. It is, therefore, important that you choose music carefully for your children. For the most benefits, you want to aim to make listening or playing a positive and rewarding activity.

Are you looking for classical-style music for your children? Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best songs, groups, and covers available online that both you and your children can listen to and enjoy.

Classical Music from Media

From cartoons to video games, there’s classical music in pretty much every type of media that your children engage with. Below is a look at classical music in various media, as well as classical covers of movie soundtracks and TV songs.


  • Pixar: Kids love Pixar movies, and luckily, the Boston Pops Orchestra has recorded a whole album of Pixar in Concert. It features classical versions of songs from Pixar movies, from Toy Story to Monsters Inc. You can find the YouTube video here.
  • Classical Music in Movies: This YouTube video is a great place to start if you’re looking for classical music used in movies. It features 10 classical tracks from composers such as Mozart, Tchaikovsky, and Beethoven, and gives details on the movie that features each piece. You can also find this playlist on Spotify here.
  • The Pirates of the Caribbean: These movies have a fantastic soundtrack that has been covered by classical bands and orchestras multiple times. You can find one version by Epica here on Spotify, or the Auckland Symphony orchestra version here on YouTube.

Video Games

  • Legend of Zelda: The popular video game The Legend of Zelda features an extended soundtrack. Classical versions many of the songs is available on YouTube here.
  • Tetris: For a more retro classical gaming soundtrack, check out Tetris! Tetris features several classical composers – such as Tchaikovsky – which can be found on YouTube here.

TV Shows

  • Vesislava Todorova: For fun covers of classical music in TV shows, check out Vesislava Todorova, The YouTube channel, which can be accessed here, showcases a range of cello covers of popular TV show songs, as well as covers of modern music and movie themes.


  • Bugs Bunny Franz Liszt: This short song shows classical music in action with Bugs Bunny! It features a classic piece by Franz Liszt played on the piano by Bugs Bunny, making it engaging for young children.
  • Tom and Jerry Classical Music: The cartoon show Tom and Jerry utilizes a mix of classical music, which has been rounded up in one convenient playlist. Kids familiar with the show will recognize songs from the show. Click here for YouTube.


Classical Versions of Modern Music for Kids

Your children may already have developed a taste for different genres of music – but did you know that they are lots of cover bands and tribute artists that offer classical versions of all types of popular music? You can help your children listen to classical music through this happy medium.



  • 2CELLOS String Covers: 2CELLOS cover all manner of pop songs in their string duo. They keep up to date with chart music, as well as cover well-known classics. Find them here on Spotify, or click here for YouTube.

Piano Covers

  • Piano Covers: Check out this album of piano versions of contemporary songs. You can find many songs from recent years arranged for the piano here.


  • Brooklyn Duo: Brooklyn Duo are a two-man band that cover rock songs on the piano and cello. Their tracks include covers of bands such as Metallica, which you can find on YouTube here, as well as Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, available here, where they are joined by a string quartet.


  • Epic Symphonic Rock: Epic Symphonic Rock play orchestral covers of rock and alternative music. Find their covers on their YouTube channel here. It features songs ranging from Michael Jackson to the Game of Thrones opening theme.

Hip Hop

  • Ember Trio: Ember Trio are a new-age trio made up of two cellists and one violinist. From Eminem to 50 Cent, they provide engaging covers of hip-hop songs past and present. Click here for YouTube or check out their Spotify.

Modern Performers of Classical Music for Kids

Kids can have a difficult time getting excited about classical music when they perceive it as a genre composed and performed by musicians from centuries ago. The best way to keep kids engaged and show them that classical music is alive and thriving is to introduce them to videos and songs played by modern performers. Here, we’ve selected our favorite performers for a variety of instruments.

Piano Music for Kids

  • Chopin: Chopin is one of the most famous pianists of the Romantic era. The compositions are accessible for children and can be found on YouTube or on Spotify.
  • Piano classics: Many children can recognize classical songs without necessarily knowing the name of the piece or composer. The Top 50 Best Classical Piano Music album is a great place for kids to become familiar with some of the most popular classical music performed on the piano. Find the album on here on YouTube.

String Music for Kids

  • Vitamin String Quartet: The Vitamin String Quartet covers songs from a wide range of genres. Kids can engage with string music that they will recognize. You can find many string instrument covers of contemporary songs: click here for Spotify or click here for YouTube.

Brass Classics for Kids

  • Classical Brass Music: The brass family includes the tuba, trumpet, and trombone. Help your kids become familiar with brass classical music by listening to the top 10 Classical Trumpet pieces, available here on YouTube.

Brass with a Funky Twist

  • Fun Brass Music: For light-hearted brass music, there are many trumpet and trombone covers of popular songs available. Listen to a trumpet cover of Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk here on YouTube.

Woodwind Music for Kids

  • Woodwind for Kids: Woodwind instruments include the flute, oboe, and clarinet – which all make great choices for kids to begin learning. Introduce them to some woodwind music with this YouTube video of woodwind music for kids.
  • Classical Woodwind: Check out Dvorak’s Serenade for Wind Instruments for a classical woodwind composition.

Music with Targeted Benefits

As noted, classical music boasts many benefits for kids. From fun music that enhances their levels of engagement and learning, to relaxing songs that boost their studying skills, there are many songs that target specific benefits. Check them out below.

Relaxing Classical Music for Kids

  • Mozart for Kids: Classical music helps babies drift off to sleep, and it can also be relaxing for children of all ages. Click here for a selection of relaxing Mozart music on YouTube, or click here for Mozart on Spotify.
  • Relaxing with Disney: Disney music is always popular with children. This YouTube video features 3 hours worth of relaxing piano covers from movies such as Aladdin and The Little Mermaid.

Story-Time Classics

  • Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf: Peter and the Wolf is a fairy-tale classical performance aimed at children. Each instrument represents a character. A narrated version of it is available here on YouTube

Fun Classical Music for Kids

  • Birthday Music: Happy Birthday Classical for Kids is a fun and engaging version of the traditional birthday song in classical style.
  • Fun music for Young Kids: This YouTube playlist features a selection of light-hearted and fun classical-style music for young children.

Classical Music for Practice for Kids

  • To encourage your child to practice playing classical music, check out this selection of easy classical piano pieces – available here on YouTube. The video features selection from well-known composers, including Bach, Mozart, and Chopin.

Classical Music for Studying for Kids

  • Music can help children focus and concentrate when they are studying, but can sometimes be distracting if it is too loud, fast, or lyrical. Fortunately, classical music offers an excellent balance of relaxing and pleasant sounds without any distraction. This YouTube playlist features compositions from a number of well-known composers, including Debussy and Beethoven, which is perfect for studying.

We hope you’ve found some classical music that’s just right for your kids. From contemporary covers to easy-to-listen composers, there’s plenty of engaging classical music out there! Make the most of YouTube videos and Spotify playlists to help your child appreciate and enjoy the beauty of classical music.

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