20 Cool Educational Websites for Kids

Today, it is easier than ever to educate yourself online. There are many cool educational websites for kids to expand their knowledge and creativity. Classroom education is beneficial, but your child can find his or her true passion when experiencing one of these valuable sites.

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We pulled together a list of the top websites to feel comfortable and confident about letting your kid use. The list is diverse and covers a variety of interests that your child may have.

1) Sesame Street

For the younger kids, they can find a genuine connection with Sesame Street’s home website. They can learn about animal sounds, colors, rhymes, and letters by partaking in the videos and games hosted by the iconic members of Sesame Street.

2) PBS Kids

PBS Kids takes the entertainment value from the shows on the PBS television channel and dedicates a section to each on the website. Your children will have a fun, interactive experience through counting games, sorting, sing-alongs, and other bonus materials.

3) Discovery Kids

Discovery Kids takes a futuristic, interactive approach to educating your kids on areas such as life science, physical science, and earth science. Your children can take an orbital tour with Sir Isaac Newton, learn about the exciting animals of the rainforest, or find out about pink dolphins!

4) Highlights Kids

The iconic kids’ magazine converts its interactive activities to digital form with its fun website. Your kids can partake in various art challenges, matching games, scientific experiments, and other artistic stories. The site even has sections for fun recipes that your children can try making in the kitchen.

5) Duolingo

You can enable your children to broaden their horizons by letting them dive into Duolingo. There are valuable foreign language lessons that your kids can try out for free. The programs are fun and interactive, and they teach Spanish through compelling stories that your kids will enjoy.

6) Google Earth

There is no better way to view the earth’s landscape than Google Earth’s website. Your children can navigate through all parts of the world from a bird’s eye point of view. From the comfort of your living room, your children can take a world tour to wherever they want.

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7) Solitaired

Solitaired stands out as an educational platform for kids, offering more than just traditional card games. Beyond its vast collection of solitaire variations, the site educates its users with custom card decks like “Women in Tech ” and “Heroes of Space and Flight”, fostering learning and inspiration while playing card games. These decks not only entertain but also introduce young players to pivotal figures and moments in history and technology.

8) Animal Jam

Animal Jam is a safe, friendly way for your kids to learn about animals from around the world. They can play exciting animated games, such as Animal Jam Classic. The website offers advantageous memberships for kids of all ages.

9) The Happy Scientist

Your young kids can receive a prime scientific education from Robert Krampf and his website, The Happy Scientist. Through compelling and informational videos, your children can learn about global science, spoon bells, cartesian divers, osmosis, egg states, and how to make a compass.

10) JumpStart

JumpStart gives your kids the unique opportunity to experience education from a free 3D lens. Your children can participate in dragon training and other fun activities. There are educational games for all ages, including preschool, Kindergarten, math academy, and the school of dragons.

11) Standard Deviants Accelerate

Standard Deviants Accelerate is a website designed for kids who are 3rd grade and older. These informative videos are suited for children who learn things at a quicker pace since most of the programs are designed for the homeschooled demographic.

12) Pottermore’s Wizarding World

Pottermore’s Wizarding World is the perfect destination for the kids who are Harry Potter fans at heart. Created by J.K. Rowling herself, this website provides kids a variety of fun-filled games that help them realize their full wizard potential. A great feature of this site is the many quizzes that your kids can take to keep them entertained and engaged.

13) Earthquakes for Kids

Earthquakes for Kids is a different website that offers everything about earthquakes. It has sections for earthquakes, hazards, data, and other interactive lessons. Some other exciting components of the site are earthquake animations, earthquake facts and photos, science fair projects, and how to become an earthquake scientist.

14) Smithsonian Education

Delivered to you by the Smithsonian Institution, the Smithsonian Education website enriches your child with interactive lessons online in science, art, and culture. You can create a free account and explore all parts of the Smithsonian Learning Lab.

15) Grid Club

The Grid Club is the ultimate learning adventure for your kids. As soon as they arrive at the homepage, they can choose from a variety of quick tiles scattered across the home screen. They can take their pick from Radius of the Lost Arc, Brain Game, Fact Gadget, Comma Castle, Mission Inedible, Zoogleburst, and many other unique interactive games.

16) Disney Jr.

If your kids are in love with Disney, they will love participating in the fun videos and coloring pages that Disney Jr. has to offer. Games that incorporate the classic Disney characters will teach your children valuable skills in color matching, memory, and hand-eye coordination.

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17) HowStuffWorks

The HowStuffWorks website will be perfect for your child if your child is bound to be an engineer or loves to work with things. This website provides valuable insights into health, science, home, and garden, auto, tech, culture, and many more. Your children can learn about exciting topics like how the computer works or how a pencil gets manufactured.

18) Exploratorium

Exploratorium provides another unique avenue for children to develop their science skills in a more hands-on approach. Children can navigate beneath the sea, go to outer space, play with gadgets, or learn about animals, gardening, organism cells, and other compelling topics.

19) Fun Brain

Fun Brain offers online math and reading courses, online books, and other fun learning games to kids in Kindergarten through 8th grade. Popular games like penguin drop, desert dive, and vine time help your kids develop hand-eye coordination and learn interesting facts at the same time.

20) Hearts Game

This engaging website introduces kids to the classic card game of Hearts. It’s a fun way for children to develop strategic thinking and problem-solving skills. The site offers easy-to-understand tutorials and the chance to play against computer opponents, enhancing memory and decision-making in a safe, educational environment.


There is no shortage of fun educational websites for kids. Your kid can learn more about his or her learning style and interests by trying out these cool, interactive learning sites. These educational online learning avenues will keep them occupied and enable them to evaluate new concepts. There is no better time to maximize online learning than now!

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