15 Inspirational and Educational TED Talks for Children

Introducing your children to new ideas helps them become critical thinkers. TED Talks for kids are an amazing resource for parents and educators.

You can use those videos to introduce new and exciting ideas, inspire children, help them expand their knowledge base, and give them positive role models. Here are some talks that kids and teens should watch.

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Inspiring TED Talks for Kids

Inspiring talks expose kids to new ideas and encourages them to try new things. Those talks can play an important part in a child’s development, ignite a new passion, or make them think about the world around them. We also think those talks are great examples for kids who are developing their public speaking skills.

</p> <h3>1. Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance</h3> <p>

Angela Lee Duckworth’s experience as a teacher has made her realize that success is about adopting the right attitude. She explains that students who possess grit and perseverance always achieve their goals.

This TED Talk has a powerful message about the concept of grit. Angela Lee Duckworth talks about what she observed in her classroom and brings up issues, and challenges kids are also facing. It’s a positive message that every child and teen should hear. There is an important life lesson in this talk that will help them become successful at school and in life.

</p> <h3>2. Teach Girls Bravery, Not Perfection</h3> <p>

Reshma Saujani draws attention to how we raise boys and girls differently in this thought-provoking talk. She explains that we should teach bravery to girls instead of encouraging them to be perfect.

Being a pre-teen or teen girl isn’t easy! There is a lot of pressure to be perfect, and this talk is a breath of fresh air that encourages us to reconsider how we raise our children. Watching this talk with your child or teen will lead to an interesting conversation about education and values. The message about the importance of bravery is something that every girl and young woman should hear.

</p> <h3>3. A promising Test for Pancreatic Cancer…From a Teenager</h3> <p>

Jack Andraka gives an inspiring presentation about his invention, a new test for pancreatic cancer. The catch is that Jack came up with the idea when he was only 16.

This talk presents medical topics in a very accessible manner, and Jack Andraka is an amazing role model for kids. He came up with a groundbreaking idea for a new method of cancer testing after a science lecture. This talk shows that kids can make a difference and will encourage them to speak up about their ideas and to apply critical thinking to the world around them.

Motivational TED Talks for Kids

A good pep talk can help your child overcome an obstacle. We recommend showing motivational talks at the beginning of a school year to encourage children to adopt a positive attitude.

</p> <h3>1. Everyday Leadership</h3> <p>

Drew Dudley mesmerizes with this funny talk about leadership. This engaging TED Talk is a great way to introduce the concept of leadership in a classroom and to get kids thinking about how they can become leaders.

We like this talk because it’s very accessible, and it makes students realize that there are countless opportunities to step into a leadership role throughout the day. It teaches kids about the power of leadership, positivity, and helping others.

</p> <h3>2. A Teen Just Trying to Figure it Out</h3> <p>

Tavi Gevinson talks about women, teenage girls, and feminism in this inspiring TEDx Teen Talk. It’s something every teenage girl should watch, and it should spark interesting conversations between students.

Tavi Gevinson launched an online magazine to create a space where teen girls and young women could talk about feminism and the issues that affect them. Her talk covers a wide range of topics, including modern feminism and finding role models. It’s a complex presentation that touches on a lot of questions young women have.

</p> <h3>3. How I Harnessed the Wind</h3> <p>

William Kamkwamba comes from a rural community in Malawi. At the age of 14, he built a windmill to generate electricity for his family.

William Kamkwamba is a great role model for teens, and his story shows how powerful innovation can be. He shares his inspiring story and explains how the windmill changed his family’s life. This talk is a great way to encourage kids to innovate and come up with new ideas, and it also develops awareness of how things are different for teens in other countries.

Thought-Provoking TED Talks for Classroom Discussions

You can find TED Talks for kids about issues children and teens can relate to. Showing them that they aren’t the only ones dealing with those issues can be life-changing, and those TED Talks are a great starting point for classroom discussions about important topics.

</p> <h3>1. To This Day…For the Bullied and Beautiful</h3> <p>

Shane Koyczan delivers this spoken-word poem about his experience with bullying. The poem is funny and touching, and it addresses bullying in a manner that speaks to children and teens.

Bullying is often one of the challenges kids have to face at school. This TED Talk is an interesting way to introduce that topic in the context of an anti-bullying program or classroom discussion. The funny aspect of the poem makes the speaker relatable, and there is a positive message about embracing uniqueness and accepting others.

</p> <h3>2. High School Training Ground</h3> <p>

Malcolm London uses a spoken-word poem to talk about his experiences in high school. The poem reflects struggles and challenges kids can relate to, and touches on issues like the pressure to fit in and growing up without a father.

We recommend this TED Talk because it shows that teens aren’t the only ones dealing with the issues that are currently affecting them. The spoken-word poem format will encourage teens to express themselves, and the powerful message of the poem will remind them that they aren’t alone.

</p> <h3>3. Depression, the Secret We Share</h3> <p>

Andrew Solomon explains what depression is in this fascinating TED Talk. He interviews people who suffer from depression and who share their unique stories.

We recommend using this TED Talk with older teens who are ready to discuss mental health. The talk addresses depression and will make teens realize that they aren’t the only ones dealing with that issue.

TED Talks for Artistic Kids

There are some amazing TED Talks from artists who discuss their projects or who explain how new technologies are changing art. Those talks are inspiring for kids who are into art and can encourage others to find new ways to express themselves.

</p> <h3>1. The LXD: In the Internet Age, Dance Evolves</h3> <p>

The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers shows off their unique style and explain how tech and the internet have influenced their style.

This talk is a lot of fun to watch, and it’s inspiring to see a group of young dancers look for new ways to do the things they are passionate about. If your child is into music or dancing, they will love this talk. Other kids will benefit from seeing young people who are rewriting the rules.

</p> <h3>2. Stories Cut from Paper</h3> <p>

Beatrice Coron creates intricate art that tells stories by cutting paper. This talk details her artistic process.

We think this TED Talk would be fun to watch in art class because it’s a great way to introduce the concept of an artistic process. It’s inspiring to see a basic technique like cutting paper turned into an art form, and this talk could be a great way to get kids to produce their own art project by using that technique.

</p> <h3>3. Why You Should Make Useless Things</h3> <p>

Simone Giertz celebrates the power of creation and innovation in this fun talk. It’s worth watching for her presentation skills and the positive message.

Your child or teen should watch this talk because Giertz shows a lot of interesting and fun innovations that are more or less useful. It’s incredibly inspiring because it will motivate your kid to create something and have fun doing it. This talk will introduce your child to a positive worldview and a unique way of thinking.

TED Talks for Scientific Kids

Whether your child wants to pursue a career in a scientific field or need motivation for science class, we think those TED Talks are worth watching.

</p> <h3>1. Science Is for Everyone, Kids Included</h3> <p>

Beau Lotto and 12-year-old Amy O’Toole explain how Amy and her class published a scientific paper in this exciting TED Talk.

This talk will change how your child thinks about science. It celebrates scientific curiosity and will get your child interested in the process of research and discovery.

</p> <h3>2. Underwater Astonishments</h3> <p>

David Gallo talks about ocean exploration and shows footage of underwater creatures.

The gorgeous footage of underwater captures makes this talk captivating. Your child is going to want to learn more about those animals and will realize how fascinating science can be.

</p> <h3>3. Hands-on Science with Squishy Circuits </h3> <p>

AnnMarie Thomas shows how to make basic circuits with homemade play-dough. This talk introduces a fun way to study electrical engineering.

This talk is the perfect way to get your child excited about science and electrical engineering. You can reproduce the experiments at home or in your classroom after watching this presentation.

Those TED Talks for kids will motivate your child or teen and introduce them to new ideas. As a parent, you should watch them with your child, so you can ask what they thought of the ideas presented. As an educator, those talks are amazing learning tools you can use in your classroom.

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