12 Fun and Functional Loft Beds for Kids

Small budgets and small spaces are big frustrations for parents when they’re looking at furniture for a child’s room. Loft beds for kids are a great alternative to typical bedroom furniture because they free up space for desks, dressers, and playtime without breaking the bank.

Kids love loft bedroom sets because flying high in a lofted bed makes them feel like they’re on an adventure every day. Plus, having space underneath their beds helps kids get creative with their décor.

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Loft Beds Buying Guide

  • Size of Space: You need to know the square footage you have, as well as the ceiling height, to determine the size bed you can buy.
  • Safety: Does the bed have guardrails? Is there a weight limit? Safety is extra important when sleeping high above the ground.
  • Type of Bed: Does your child need a workstation in their room? What about a reading nook? There are lots of options for loft beds for kids so that you can find whatever works best.

Our Loft Beds for Kids Recommendations

I. Best Loft Beds with Storage

</p> <h3>1. DONCO Kids 760-CP Low Study Loft Bed</h3> <p><span class="su-label su-label-type-success">ChildFun Favorite</span>

Donco Kids Study & Sleep Twin Cappuccino Low Loft Bed

Frame Material: Solid Pine
Size: 79” x 43” x 41”; 42lbs
Features: Three drawers, bookshelf, built-in ladder, slide-out workstation with additional storage shelves, railings high enough for a toddler on all sides
This loft bed comes with all of the bells and whistles you’d usually have to purchase separately, like a bookshelf, desk, and set of drawers. It features a railing around the outside that makes it perfect for youngsters as they transition from their toddler beds. This bed is available in a few color options to fit your home.

What Kids Will Love Potential Downsides
Easy to climb ladder Can only fit an eight-inch high mattress for safety
Workstation hides away for more play space when not in use Only holds up to 180lbs
Plenty of storage for toys or clothes making cleanup easy

We love this bed for all of the storage and versatility it provides.

</p> <h3>2. South Shore Imagine Collection Twin Loft Bed with Storage</h3> <p>

South Shore Loft, Pure White

Frame Material: Laminated particleboard
Size: 76.5” x 40.5” x 46”; 278lbs
Features: Four total drawers, beside the bed storage, cabinet with moveable shelf, under the bed nook, open storage shelves, attached ladder with metal rungs
This bed gives kids ample storage space without too high of a mount. The side cubby sets this bed apart by adding a space to keep books or phones. There is a spot to play underneath when they’re young that they can utilize to store a workstation when they’re older.

What Kids Will Love Potential Downsides
Side cubby to keep personal items close Particleboard is not as sturdy as other materials
Playspace underneath Drawers can easily come off of their tracks
Whimsical design

II. Best Metal Loft Beds

</p> <h3>1. DHP X-Loft Bunk Bed</h3> <p><span class="su-label su-label-type-success">ChildFun Favorite</span>

DHP X-Loft Metal Bunk Bed Frame with Desk - Space Saving Design - Twin, Black

Frame Material: Black metal
Size: 77” x 57” x 72”; 111lbs
Features: Long workspace or storage underneath, taller than most, any twin size mattress will do, full-length guardrails, easy-to-climb metal ladder
This futuristic-looking and functional loft bed is made entirely of metal with a pleasing X-shape on the sides. The workspace underneath is great for an older kid but functions well as storage for a younger child as well. The ladder is easy to climb for youngsters, and the rails will keep them safe as they sleep.

What Kids Will Love Potential Downsides
Grown-up looking design Metal construction can mean a slight wobble as your child moves around
Plenty of space underneath for play No storage included
Workspace for older kids to store computers or do homework

We Love the sleek design and useful workstation this bed provides.

</p> <h3>2. DHP Junior Loft with Slide</h3> <p>

DHP Junior Twin Metal Loft Bed with Slide, Multifunctional Design, White with White Slide

Frame Material: Metal (in white or silver finish)
Size: 77.5” x 41.5” x 43”; 84.5lbs
Features: Sturdy metal construction, easy to climb built-in ladder, slide, high railings suitable for all ages, 225lb weight limit
The simple metal bed provides fun for all ages with the attached slide. The minimalistic design allows you to add storage underneath with shelves or dressers or to utilize the extra space for play. You could even fit a crib underneath for a younger sibling if you’d like.

What Kids Will Love Potential Downsides
The slide Difficult to assemble
Minimalist design means customization
Comes in both silver and white
</p> <h3>3. WE Furniture Twin Metal Loft Bed</h3> <p>

Walker Edison Silver Metal Twin over Loft Bunk Bed Twin Size Bedframe with Ladder Computer Gaming Desk

Frame Material: Powder-coated steel
Size: 42” x 79” x 71”; 79.4lbs
Features: Available in simple loft or with workstation built-in, comes in silver, black, and white, sleek design with railings around whole bed
This loft is intelligently designed to free up a large amount of space with or without a workstation built-in. The ladders come built-in, so they don’t take up additional floor space, and the railings go around the entire bed to keep even small kids safe as they sleep.

What Kids Will Love Potential Downsides
Sturdy, pleasant-looking design Railings don’t stop where ladders come up, so you’ll need to climb over
Supports up to 250lbs so that friends can join them for sleepovers Assembly is tough

III. Best Wooden Loft Beds

</p> <h3>1. Discovery World Furniture Twin Over Full Loft Bed</h3> <p><span class="su-label su-label-type-success">ChildFun Favorite</span>

Twin Over Full Loft Bed in Merlot Finish

Frame Material: Solid Pine
Size: 81” x 81” x 64”; 250lbs
Features: Casters on full-size bottom bed, six drawer storage chest attached, four shelves, metal slat-supports for loft bed, full railing around loft, no box springs required
This bed has it all for more than one child or a child who frequently requests sleepovers. Your child can choose between a lofted twin-size bed and a full-size bed underneath. This unit features ample storage with shelves and drawers. The style works well for any gender or age.

What Kids Will Love Potential Downsides
Room for friends or siblings to share without necessitating additional beds or floor sleeping No space under the bed for a workspace or play
Ample storage space Assembly is a long process
Simple ladder that is easy to climb

We love that this loft comes with multiple bed options plus storage to grow with your child.

</p> <h3>2. Canwood Lakecrest White Loft Bed</h3> <p>
Canwood Lakecrest White Loft Bed
Frame Material: Solid pine and composites
Size: 77.2” x 45.4” x 72.2”; 75.6lbs
Features: Simple design with space for storage underneath and easy-to-climb ladder attached, available matching memory foam mattress, meets high safety standards
This simple bed frame is made of solid pine and comes in three colors to please any décor. The lack of storage underneath opens up the possibility of creating a space that works for your child with a desk, dressers, or play area. Canwood offers a matching memory foam mattress for your convenience, as well.

What Kids Will Love Potential Downsides
Classy look with multiple colors available Bed is quite skinny
Plenty of headroom underneath for kids of all ages
</p> <h3>3. DONCO Kids Club House Loft Bed</h3> <p>

Donco Kids Club House Tall Loft Bed, Twin, Brushed Driftwood

Frame Material: Gray pine wood
Size: 82” x 42” x 84”; 80lbs
Features: Clubhouse look to front, two ladders, windows in clubhouse-style railing, low loft
Clubhouse is the perfect bed for toddlers and young children because of its whimsical clubhouse design. It is also much safer than traditional loft beds when the back is against a wall because the clubhouse front acts as a higher-than-average railing to keep kids in bed all night. Your kids will love the fun design and space to play underneath.

What Kids Will Love Potential Downsides
Whimsical design Kids may outgrow the design quickly
Two ladders, one on each end
Space underneath to play or use as storage

IV. Best Budget Loft Beds

</p> <h3>1. YourZone Metal Loft Bed</h3> <p><span class="su-label su-label-type-success">ChildFun Favorite</span>
YourZone Metal Loft Bed
Frame Material: Metal
Size: 78.3” x 41.9” x 72.2”; 92.4lbs
Features: Two ladders, metal frame with totally open space underneath, available in black, blue, pink, or white
This metal loft bed is inexpensive but sturdy. The simplistic design means your child can customize it to their tastes, and the multiple color options mean you can get it in a shade that will match your home. The bed is six feet off the ground, which leaves plenty of space for most kids well into their teen years.

What Kids Will Love Potential Downsides
Plenty of play or workspace underneath Ladders have square footholds which can be tough on feet
Two ladders for easy access No storage or workspace built-in
</p> <h3>2. IKEA STORÅ Loft Bed Frame</h3> <p>
IKEA STORÅ Loft Bed Frame
Frame Material: Solid wood
Size: 79” x 58.25” x 84.24”; 58.4lbs
Features: Single ladder, low-profile railing around entire bed, basic wooden construction
Simple and minimalistic, this loft bed is built to last for many years while fitting into your current budget. The black frame fits in with many types of décor, and there is plenty of room underneath for storage, work, or play. This bed does require your ceiling height to be 8’10”, which is higher than average.

What Kids Will Love Potential Downsides
You can mount the ladder on either side All accessories sold separately
Simple design can be customized however your child would like Assembly will take time

V. Best Transitional Loft Beds

</p> <h3>1. Highlands Driftwood Full Loft Bed with Desk</h3> <p><span class="su-label su-label-type-success">ChildFun Favorite</span>
Frame Material: Pine and other solid woods
Size: 82.5” x 59” x 70”; 332lbs
Features: Six-drawer dresser and desk built-in, multi-position ladder, available in twin or full-size, can hold up to 250lbs, storage shelves, railing for safety
The highlands is the loft to end all lofts. It is available in both twin and full-size. It’s solid wood with a fun driftwood finish, and it has ample storage plus a built-in desk underneath. This bed can grow with your child as they transition out of their crib to a “big kid” bed through their teens.

What Kids Will Love Potential Downsides
Multi-position ladder Extremely heavy
Fun driftwood finish Expensive piece of furniture
Workstation and storage and a bed all in one

This bed comes with everything your child will need from their toddler years to their teens.

</p> <h3>2. Furniture of America Peralta Transitional Twin Loft Bed with Built-In Bookcase</h3> <p>
Furniture of America Peralta Transitional Twin Loft Bed with Built-In Bookcase
Frame Material: Hardwood and veneer
Size: 66.88” x 48.75” x 77.13”
Features: Built-in bookshelf also acts as ladder, comes in three colors, three-shelf guard rail to act as nightstand, lots of storage or workspace underneath
This loft bed is functional and easy to transition with your child as they grow. The railings are high enough to be safe for toddlers, while the staircase/bookshelf combo is easy for kids of all ages to climb. We love the storage this loft offers without taking over space underneath for a specific purpose.

What Kids Will Love Potential Downsides
Functional bookshelf ladder design Low weight limit
Railing that acts as a nightstand
Storage, play, or workspace underneath


Loft beds for kids are a great solution for a small space or a small budget. If you’re struggling with having enough space for your child’s furniture, you should look into the loft option. All of the options that we have mentioned here could work for a variety of spaces and age ranges.

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