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You have come to the right place if you are looking for fun, engaging and exciting Frog themed activities to do with toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners. Our activities are used by teachers, moms, dads, child care providers and more!

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Frog Arts and Crafts

Bean Bag Frogs
Cut green felt out in the shape of a double sided frog, glue together with hot glue, leaving an opening to fill with sand or beans or popcorn or whatever. then glue up hole, decorate the top side to look like a frog (add eyes, mouth etc…)You can paint sewing stitches around edges of frog to look like it has been sewn.

Paper Plate Frog Craft
9 inch paper plate
Green construction paper (or white paper if colored green)
Green and black crayon

What to Do:
Color paper plate green.

Cut out frog legs – imagine the letter L, only make it a little puffier, kinda like you used to draw “bubble letters” when you were a teenager.

Color the legs green if you used white paper instead of construction paper. Cut out legs. Draw a few misshaped black circles on the legs. Cut out 2 oval shapes from green construction paper, or color white ovals.

Color a black circle at one end of the oval. These are the frogs eyes. Glue eyes onto plate, and glue legs onto plate. (cut out legs should be about 4 inches long, and 4 inches across. Make sure about 2 inches of the leg is glued onto plate.

Glued legs should face this way on plate: __| |__ Draw a mouth on the frog like this: ////////

Cork Frogs
Take corks & color them green with crayon or marker. Then take a green pipe cleaner & wrap it around the cork, twist it, then bend the long ends into frog shaped legs. A string that had been tied to the pipe cleaner can be used to pull the float-able frog through water.

Stuffed Frogs
Cut two frogs from construction paper. Children can draw on features. Staple around the frog leaving an open space. Children can stuff them with cotton and staple the opening closed.


Frog Games and Activities

Lily pad Jumping
Cut out some large lily pad shapes from green poster paper or newspaper. Place them around the room and have children jump from lily pad to lily pad.

Lily Pad Sit-upons
Out of white poster board, cut 1 lily pad (big enough to sit on) for each child. Allow them to paint green (you can sponge paint- gives a nice effect), then after green paint is dry they can add white, pink, or yellow flowers (painted), if desired. Laminate if you wish.

For circle times during this theme, arrange a blue sheet or blanket on the ground in a circular or “uneven” shape (whatever suits your needs and space). This is the “pond.” Have all your little “froggies” hop on over with their lily pad sit-upons, and you’ll have a croaking good time!

Parachute Play
Blow up a green balloon and draw a frog face on it. During play with the parachute (a sheet or blanket can be used in place of a parachute), place the balloon on top of the parachute and tell the children the parachute (or sheet, etc.) is a lily pad, and the ground is the pond. As the lily pad “waves” around, try to keep the frog on the lily pad and out of the pond!

Musical Lily Pads
(You can use the children’s sit-upons — see above — if you made them). Cut out at least one lily pad (out of construction paper or poster board) for each child. Arrange in a circle, and turn on some music. Children hop around the outside of the circle until the music stops, then try to get to a lily pad. As with “regular” musical chairs, you can play several different versions: One lily pad per person so no one is eliminated, the “classical” game where there is one less lily pad than child so one person is eliminated each time, or take away one lily pad each time (but not children) so the froggies have to share lily pads, until eventually all the froggies are trying to stand on one lily pad!

Witness Metamorphosis
Purchase a frog hatchery kit of some sort and actually allow the children to witness the metamorphosis from tadpole to frog. These frogs are not suitable for releasing, so you would want to make sure you want the commitment of caring for a frog! One common type lives 3 – 5 years, and another well over 10! (So do some research before you order!)

The Frog Prince
Tell the story “The Frog Prince” to the children, then add props to the dramatic play area for them to act it out: crown and long dress for princess, frog mask and maybe green clothes for frog, crown and maybe bathrobe for prince, other “royal” garb for other members of royal family, ball for Princess.


Frog Recipes and Snacks

Frogs In A Pond
Make up some green jello, allow to partially set then drop in some chocolate frogs and return to fridge until fully set – a yummy treat!

Frog On A Log
Clean celery and cut in short pieces for a log. Add cream cheese that has been tinted green with food coloring. Children can add raisins for the frogs.


Frog Songs, Poems and Finger Plays

Five Little Frogs
Five little frogs
Were down at the pond
Down at the pond at play
Along came a hungry ________,
And chased one frog away.
Four little frogs
Were down at the pond
Down at the pond at play.
Along came a wiggly ________,
And chased one frog away.
Three little frogs
Were down at the pond
Down at the pond at play
Along came a giant ________,
And chased one frog away.
Two little frogs
Were down at the pond
Down at the pond at play
Along came a purple ________,
And chased one frog away.
One little frog
Was down at the pond
Down at the pond at play
Along came a flying ________,
And chased one frog away.
Then no little frogs
Were down at the pond
Down at the pond at play
Where do you think the little frogs went
When they all hopped away?

Five Little Frogs
Five green and speckled frogs
Sat on a speckled log
Eating some most delicious bugs (mmm, mmm!)
One jumped into the pool
Where it was nice and cool,
Then there were four green speckled frogs. (glub, glub)

4 green and speckled frogs…
3 green and speckled frogs…
2 green and speckled frogs…
1 green and speckled frog…

Five Little Froggies
Five little froggies sat on a shore
(children crouch in a row like frogs)
One went for a swim then there were four
(First frog leaps, swims off)
Four little froggies looked happy as can be
One went swimming and then there were three
Three little froggies said “What can we do?”
(Children repeat)
One jumped in the water then there were two
Two little froggies sat in the sun
One swam off and then there was one
One little froggie said “This is no fun!”
(Last frog repeats)
He dived in the water and then there were none.

Little Tadpole
(tune: Frere Jacques)
Little tadpole, Little tadpole
Lost his tail, lost his tail.
Now he has two feet
Now he has four feet
Look a frog! Look a frog!

Six Little Frogs
(tune: “Six Little Ducks”)
Six little frogs that I once knew,
Green ones, brown ones, red ones, too.
But the one bullfrog with the freckles on his throat,
He ruled them all with a croak, croak, croak.

Down to the blue pond they would go,
Hop, jump, hop, jump, to and fro.
But the one bullfrog with the freckles on his throat,
He ruled them all with a croak, croak, croak.




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