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You have come to the right place if you are looking for fun, learning and engaging Christianity and Bible themed activities to do with toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners. Our activities are used by teachers, moms, dads, child care providers and more!

All our activities are available at no cost and are free to print and share. Select below to get started.

Christian Arts and Crafts

God Made Me! I am Special!
Collect some juice can lids or baby food jar lids, some doilies, some yarn and take Polaroid pics of the kids. Cut circles from doilies to fit the lids and glue on. Glue a picture of the child in the center. Decorate around the photo with sequins, pretty small beads or glitter. Attach a small piece of magnetic tape to the back for a special fridge magnet highlighting the child!

Jesus Loves me plate

Materials needed
Paper plates,markers or crayons,paper punch ,and yarn.

give each child a paper plate on which you have written the words Jesus Loves at the top.Have each child write there name at the bottom of the plate.Then have them draw pictures of themselves above the name and decorate the plate using the crayons or markers (I think Glitter would be AWESOME on these:) )Punch a hole in the center top of each plate add a piece of yarn to hang.

Stained Glass Candleholder 

Paint water/glue mixture over a glass, and cover with torn pieces of tissue paper. Continue to cover until has about 2 layers of tissue paper, then cover with 1 more layer of glue. Allow to dry. Use a marker to write “Jesus is the light”. Place baby food jar lid in bottom of glass as holder for votive candle.

Glue Hangings

Color white glue with food coloring, and put in squeeze bottle. Give each child a pattern, and place under wax paper. Squeeze glue onto wax paper, following lines of pattern. Allow to dry 24-48 hours, then gently remove design from wax paper. Trace around design on tissue paper or cellophane. Cut the shape and glue to design. Attach yarn and hang in a window. (can write bible verse on tissue before attaching, or on a tag which can be attached).

“God loves his children” pull apart pictures 

Choose a magazine picture. Cut the picture into narrow, curving strips or other interesting shapes. As you cut the picture apart, keep the pieces in order. Glue the pieces onto background paper leaving spaces between each piece, but assembling them so the whole picture is recognizable. Back this sheet with a larger piece of construction paper to serve as a frame.

Plaster paperweights 

Mix up plaster and pour into sturdy plastic bags (one for each child). Children squeeze it to create an interesting shape (do not twist-tie bag, simply hold it closed). Hold the plaster in place until it begins to harden. When set – remove from bag. Sandpaper to remove any rough edges. Use paints to decorate. Write on it “Jesus is the rock”. Spray with acrylic spray or shellac.

Weaving mobile 

Cut shapes from cardboard to fit in with the day’s bible story theme. Cut small slits around each shape, each approx. 1/4″-1/2″ apart. Begin wrapping the shape with sparkling yarn or metallic thread. Use the slits to hold the yarn in place. Punch a hole in the top of each figure and tie the shape to a 12″long dowel with yarn attached to both ends to make a hanger (or use metal coat hanger).

Thank You, God, for My Family!

Make “finger” puppets of the families. Use large craft sticks and glue the pictures you have cut out that the children drew of everyone in their family.

God Made a Beautiful World for Me!
Make *binoculars* out of two empty toilet paper rolls. Glue or tape together. Punch holes on outside edges of each roll at one end to thread in yarn to make necklace. Let children decorate binoculars with markers and stickers. Take with you on a walk to look at God’s beautiful world!

Make a stuffed whale with two big whale shapes, let children paint with brushes/finger paint, or sponge paint, staple most of whale together leaving an opening to stuff with crumpled newspaper and staple closed.

Baby Jesus
Glue some hair (felt scrap) to top of cut-off clothespin, glue on some clothes, provide soft scraps to wrap baby Jesus in …

Shredded Wheat Wreaths
Materials: two large shredded wheat biscuits per child; lids from plastic
margarine tubs (one for each child); a large bottle of white glue; green food coloring and one bag of red cinnamon candies.

Directions: Begin the project by pouring white glue, green food coloring, and a little water into the bottom of a large mixing bowl. This mixture
should be the consistency of cake batter. Add the shredded wheat until the mixture is green and gooey. Scoop a glob of the mixture onto each child’s margarine tub lid.

Have each child use his fingers to make a wreath shape, pulling the shredded wheat away from the center. Have the children wash and dry their hands and then give each child 5 cinnamon candies to decorate his wreath. The candies will stick to the wreaths if they are pushed in gently. Allow the wreaths to dry at least two days. Remove the margarine lids and tie a yarn bow on each one. The wreaths can be displayed on your bulletin board and sent home before Christmas to be used as a tree ornament. As an alternative activity, the wreaths can be used as Advent wreaths by adding four candles. Leave them on the plastic lids.

Jesus Loves Me!
Heart shapes with pictures of the children in the middle!

Joseph and his coat of many colors

Cut out body shapes (4-8 inches) from tag board. Supply rick rack and colorful cloth scraps (different textures) cut into clothing shapes to fit bodies. Let children select and glue (glue sticks or painting with glue) and decorate with trim.

Palm Sunday
Time to make palms. Let older toddlers try fringing with safety scissors. Or bring in some real palms. Have a parade.

Various Ideas
* Use plastic bread tags to make a cross pattern on a piece of contact. Put contact over top, and cut out to make cross bookmark.

* Daniel in the lions den – make lion masks using paper plates. Use yellow crepe paper strips glued around the outside for the mane.

* The loaves and the fishes – make a card basket. Draw and cut out fish to put in basket, and make small loaves of damper.

* Sharing game – discuss how the boy shared his lunch. Play pass the parcel with 3 of something edible in each layer. When the music stops a child unwraps the layer, and gives one of the snacks to the child either side of him and keeps one for himself. Have a bag on the middle with enough for everyone – the last child shares with everyone.

* Easter – on a large sheet of paper write – Jesus is alive! – peg it to the fence outside and give the children spray bottles with colored dye in to spray on the mural. Kids love it and it looks great!!

* Moses in the bulrushes – melt chocolate and mix in wheatbix. Spoon into patty pans, pushing mixture up around the sides, to make a hollow in the middle for baby Moses. Give the children some molding icing to make baby Moses, and put in the chocolate basket. This is a very successful and popular activity too.

* Make fruit loop necklaces and add a circle tag that says “smile, God loves you” and has a smiley face drawn by child.

We do one with taking all the junk from a pumpkin (great for fall) and we make a cross and lay the junk at the cross……shows them that God took all our junk at the cross.There are more like doing bookmarks and writing a story about Jesus that we really like and the children draw a page a piece . We make crosses.

Love One Another Mural — Have the children draw pictures of someone they love and then cut them out. Then paste them on a long sheet of paper hung as a mural. You may have to help the youngest children by labeling them such as “Jane loves her mommy.” Talk about ways you show people you love them.


Christian Games and Activities


We go outside for a walk after reading the story of creation. We point out things (ANY THING) and talk about God making it. The older kids you can ask, “why do you think God made this?”

Transition Time
I use this a lot. I will use the serving of snack as an example. After all the children are seated I break the kids into “categories”. “All the children who have purple on today may get their snack.” ” All the children that have the number two in their address may get their snack.” I do this until all the kids have their snack. Then I pour all the drinks and tell the kids everyone who has Jesus in their heart can line up for their drink. They love to play this and actually ask me to do transitions this way.

The Lost Sheep Parable
This works well with groups of 10 or more and children at least 5 years old. One child leaves the room and hides their eyes. The teacher chooses another child to leave the room and go where they cannot be seen. The remaining children can stay in place, or to make it harder, they move around. The original person that hid their eyes comes back in the room and tries to figure out who is missing. You can give clues if they cannot figure it out. After we have finished, we talk about how God knows where we are at all times and can always find us.

I am Growing!
Make (or purchase) a growth chart and measure everyone! If you are already using one, take time to remeasure everyone.

Introduce creation
All the things that God made!

The Good Samaritan
Let the children put real band-aids (the tiny ones) on a figure of a person and talk about what ways even children can help people.

The Lost Coin
Make a fairly good-sized coin out of cardboard (6 inches, maybe) and hide and find it all morning over and over again!

Jesus helps his friends catch fish!
Make small paper fish and attach a paper clip to each one. Put in a big box or basket and let children take turns (or have a couple poles so several can fish at once) *catching* fish with a short stick to which a string has been tied, with a small magnet tied as a hook.

The Mustard Seed
Plant some seeds!

Prodigal Son
Plan a little celebration party! Add a few balloons to bounce around and some streamers! Parties are ALWAYS fun!

Creation: Genesis 1 & 2
Let there be light: Day and Night Sun and Moon:
Use paper plates color or paint with orange, yellow and red.

Also stars: Twinkle Twinkle little star.

For the sky use cotton balls to make clouds.

Water play for river and ocean.

Plants: Hug a tree. Plant some beans in milk carton and watch them grow.

Birds: make a bird feeder put peanut butter all over pine come and then put bird seed all over it hang it in a tree and watch the birds come.

Fish: snack idea give child a bowl of goldfish crackers using celery dip it into cream cheese or peanut butter then dip in to fish. Count the number of fish you can catch.
Animals: What’s your favorite animal? have them draw, color, or paint there favorite and tell why (if can talk).

God created Adam and Eve. God made you and me. He made our eyes so we can see. Also explain that not everyone can see. You can do this with other body parts as well.

* Make a creation book – 1 page for each day of creation. Children do one page a day: Ex. land and water page – glue on sand for land and blue cellophane for water. -sea creatures page – collage fish picture or create underwater scene. animal page – cut and paste animal pictures…..etc…..

Tower of Babel: Genesis 11
Talk about all the different languages that are spoken today.
Also build towers with blocks and see who can build the tallest.

Jacob’s Dream: Genesis 28
Esau is angry for Jacob getting the blessing. Jacob sleeps on a rock as a pillow. Go on nature walk to find rocks. Also in Jacob’s dream there is a ladder with angels going up and down form heaven to earth. God said, “I will take care of you” Make ladder out of toothpicks or popsicle sticks.

Joseph the Dreamer: Genesis 37
Joseph’s coat of many colors.—using large groceries paper bag. Cut out into a vest and have children paint or color it and pretend to be Joseph.

 Baby Moses: Exodus 1&2

Babies are special. We are nice to Babies. Dramatic play with baby dolls and take care of baby Moses.

David and Goliath: 1 Samuel 17
Opposites: BIG and small. Have items that are the same and have them pick the BIG or small. David was small but with God he was a GIANT too.

King David: 1 Samuel 23 – 2 Samuel 8 and Psalms 23 &148
King’s crown: cut out of construction paper or paper let child color or decorate crown. Praising God through song: Singing Bible Songs

 Daniel in the Lion’s Den: Daniel 6
Lions: using paper plate make a mask of a lion’s face use strips of yellow paper and glue all around plate to make mane.

 Jonah and the Whale: Jonah 1 to 4
Whales: Give children a Large piece of paper and let them paint or color with gray to make a whale.

*Inside a clear plastic sandwich bag put a couple of fish shaped candies, a pipe cleaner person, and pieces of colored tissue paper the kids have ripped up. Put elastic band around end to make whales tail. Use markers to draw eyes and mouth.

 Jesus is Born: Luke 2
Babies: Dramatic play–using dolls and talk about how we treat babies.
Also have children bring a picture of when they were a baby.
Using magazines cut out pictures of babies and glue them on paper.

 The Wise Men: Matthew 2
Stars: Cut our a Large star shape. Let children decorate it with bright shinny things. (glitter, sequence etc.)
Camels: “Sally the Camel” Have camels with 1,2,3,4,5, humps and have children count them.


Christian Recipes and Snacks


Jesus Loves Me!
Heart shaped cookies for snacking.

The Lost Coin
Make a paper pouch for vanilla wafer *coins* to take home!

The Fish & Bread
Make a paper basket with crumpled paper bags. Fill with oyster crackers (the bread) and fish crackers.


Christian Songs, Poems and Finger Plays


Ten men healed of Leprosy:
Read the story to the children,Then have the children sing this song
Ten Poor Ailing Men:
(sung to “Kookaburra”)
Ten poor ailing men were in a misery
hobbled up to Jesus so he could see
Please loving Jesus please
wont you help us end our misery?
Jesus saw the men looking tired and sore
cured them with a word so they’d hurt no more
Ten Jesus cured all ten
Cured them so they would hurt no more
Nine of the sick men walked away that day
never looking back to give thanks or praise
Sad Jesus was so sad
Selfish men would not give their praise
Then the final man walked to him and fell
down upon his knees raised his voice to tell
Thanks Blessed Jesus Thanks!
Said the Lord your faith has made you well.

My ABC Bible song:
(melody:Green Bottles)
A is for Adam the first one God made
B is for Bethlehem where Jesus lay in the hay
C is for commandments the ten that God gave
I read the Bible each and everyday

D is for Daniel in the lions den
E is for Exodus when the people fled
F is the frankincense a gift from the wise men
I read the Bible before I go to bed

G is for Gabriel an angel sent from God
H is for heaven where the angels trod
I is for Isaac Abraham’s dear son
I read the Bible a book for everyone

J is for Jesus he prayed “thy be done”
K is for kingdom we say “kingdom come”
L is for Lazarus,the friend that Jesus loved
I read the Bible it comes from God above

M is for Mary the mother of our Lord
N is for numbers Old Testament book four
O is for oil on Saul’s head it was poured
I read the Bible I love it more and more

P is for Peter disciple and good friend
Q is for the Queen ,who went to Solomon
R is for Rainbow Gods promise to all men
I read the Bible from beginning to end

S is for Solomon the wisest of all kings
T is for Thomas the one who didn’t believe
U is for unleavened-bread without yeast
I read the Bible;I read it faithfully.

V is for vow a promise that you keep
W for the wedding where Christ made wine to drink
X is for Xerxes the famous Persian King
I read the Bible Gods word is everything.

Y is for the young ones Jesus loves them so
Z is for Zacheus who lived in Jericho
These are the words that were written long ago
I read the Bible the greatest book I know.

God so loved the world:
(sung to  “I’m a Little Teapot”)
God so loved the world he gave his son
These are the words in the gospel of John
God so loved the world He gave His Son

Busy Bee
(sung to “Row Row Row Your Boat”)

Sweep, sweep sweep the floor
Be a busy bee
help awhile you’ll bring a smile
To all your family

Rake, rake , rake the yard
Be a busy bee
help awhile you’ll bring a smile
To all your family

Wash, wash, wash your hands,
Be a busy bee
help awhile you’ll bring a smile
To all your family.

The Prayer Song
(sung to  “Jesus Loves Me”)

You can talk to God each day
When you bow your head and pray
God will always answer you
He hears your Prayers and loves you too

Please Pray to God
Please Pray to God
Please Pray to God
And tell God, “I LOVE YOU”

Assorted Blessings
God is great
God is good
Let us Thank Him for this food
By His hands
We are fed
Thank you Lord for our daily bread.

Dear Lord,
We thank you for this food and our many blessings
In Jesus name we pray

Thank You God for Bread,
Thank You God for Butter,
But Mostly God,
Thank You For Each Other!

Here’s a table grace song that we sing:
(sung to “Old Gray Mare”)

I give thanks for good things over us,
good things under us,
and good things besides us.
I give thanks for good things in front of us,
and peace all over the world…..

(you can do hand motions to so that even the little ones can be involved…..)

Oh the Lord’s been good to me
So I thank the Lord
For giving me
The things I need
The sun & the rain & the apple seed
The Lord’s been good to me.

Little hands are folded
While our grace is said.
Father in Heaven we thank thee
For our daily bread!! : )

Thank you
(sung to the tune of “Twinkle Twinkle”) we also use sign language
(from Mailbox Magazine)
Thank you for the sun so bright.
Thank you for the moon at night.
Thank you for my family.
Thanks for friends who play with me.
Thanks for everything I see.
I am thankful, yess sirree!

 Happy Hearts
We thank thee Lord for happy hearts
For rain and sunny weather
We thank thee Lord, for this our food
And that we are together
In Jesus name Amen

Thank you Jesus (sing gaily)
Thank you, Thank you Jesus, Thank you Thank you Jesus,
Thank you, Thank you Jesus, from my hearrrrrt

Thank you ,Thank you Jesus , thank you ,thank you Jesus
Thank you , thank you Jesus from my heart!

Humpty Dumpy sat on a wall
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
Don’t be like Humpy who fell and cracked up
Let Jesus be your king as you grow up.

Twinkle twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are
God has set you up so high
He has reached beneath the sky
He made you
he made me too
I’m his diamond just like you.

Jack and Jill went up the hill
to fetch some living water
drank it down and saw they’d found
joy and life ever after.

* Rhyme:
All the big fish like to be
Underneath the wavy sea.
God made swimming fish I know
Just because he loves me so.

Big whit horses gallop fast
Through the fields of tall, green grass.
God made all of them I know
Just because he loves me so.

* Rhyme:
God will always love me,
No matter what I do.
He will take good care of me,
And take good care of you.

Color Me, Color You
(Sung to “Mary Had a Little Lamb”)

Color me and color you
color red and color blue
I love God and I love you
color color me

Color you and color me
color yellow and color green
I love God and he loves me
color color me

Color your and color me
color orange and color purple wheeee
I love God and God loves me
color color me

Jesus is our Friend
(sung to “London Bridges”)

Jesus is our friend today
Clap your hands, shout hooray
Jesus is our friend today
We love Jesus!

Jesus is our friend today
Stomp your feet, shout hooray
Jesus is our friend today
We love Jesus!

Jesus is our friend today
Turn around, shout hooray
Jesus is our friend today
We love Jesus!

God’s House!
Fingerplay: This is the church and this is the steeple! Open the doors and see all the people!

Sing and dance to Father Abraham – slowly, then faster


Other Resources

Contact your local church and see if they have leftover Sunday School and Vacation Bible School materials. This would be one of the best resources I can possibly think of. Along those same lines, save the papers and information your children bring home from Sunday School and VBS and expand on them. One of the greatest things about these is that they usually don’t call for extensive supplies.

The Bible
One of the greatest challenges in teaching children about Bible facts and principles is that the youngest children are not able to think in the abstract. Telling them to “love one another” is very difficult to show in a concrete fashion. Stories like Jonah and the whale, Noah’s ark and Zaccheus are so popular because they are stories children can relate to and there are concrete props that can be used to make it all come alive.

When Jesus Was 4
There is a book “When Jesus was 4” It is a great book to help relate that Jesus was their age at one time.
External Links
ChildFun’s Noah’s Ark Activities
Bible-Based Coloring Pages for Kids
DLTK’s Bible crafts
Bible based coloring pages & activities:




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