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You have come to the right place if you are looking for fun, engaging and exciting White color activities to do with toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners. Our activities are used by teachers, moms, dads, child care providers and more!

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White Color Arts and Crafts

Soap Flake Paint
Materials: Soap Flake Finger paint, Heavy Sheet of Black paper, Plastic squeeze bottles
What to Do: Put soap flake paint in squeeze bottle. Squeeze out interesting white lines of different shapes and thickness on black paper. Arrange them in a bold pattern.

Paint With Salt
Give each child a small Dixie cup 1/2 full of white tempera paint. Allow the child to spoon in as much table salt as they want and mix it into their paint. Next they take a piece of colored paper and paint anything they want on the paper. When dry the paint will have a rough texture and sparkle from the salt.

As the children paint with this salt mixture they LOVE the gritty, bumpy, noisy texture and sounds that occur. Some will paint designs, but most enjoy it so much they paint the entire paper.

Water Color Surprise
Lay out white paper, water colors, paint brushes, water cups and masking tape. The teacher rips off different lengths of masking tape and sticks it to the edge of the table.

The children take these masking tape strips and tape them any way they want on their white construction paper.

You can have the children just randomly lay the tape down or you can have the children form the tape into letters and create their entire name. Whatever they come up with is fine. Once they have taped down all the tape that they want, tell them to watercolor their entire paper, tape and all.

It is important that they paint the entire paper, otherwise the results are disappointing. When done hang them up to dry. Tell them to CAREFULLY pull their masking tape pieces off of their pictures. What appears?

The WHITE spaces that were hiding under the masking tape that did not get painted.

These are very striking, a fun surprise for the children and you can talk about HOW did this happen!!


White Color Games and Activities

At The Easel
On WHITE day as a “side”, put up black paper and lay out WHITE chalk.

Sensory Ideas
salt/sugar/flour/icing sugar, Styrofoam balls, white yarn, streamers, white paper shredded up (Let children use scissors to cut it up),snow in the winter time, white finger paint.

White Box
Fill with white items from the house.

Kiddie Candles
Help the children melt a white crayon and a colored crayon on a warming tray. Pour into a soap or candle mold. Let cool. Now the children made there own pastel crayons. This is a good opportunity to teach the children that white, mixed with other colors, blends to a lighter shade of the original color (pastels!).


White Color Recipes and Snacks

Mashed Potatoes
Cream cheese (cheesecake!)
Cookies decorated with white sugar icing


White Color Songs, Poems and Finger Plays

Color Song
(Tune: If you’re Happy and You Know It)
If there’s white on your shoes stand up quick
If there’s white on your shoes stand up quick
If there’s white on your shoes,
If there’s white on your shoes,
If there’s white on your shoes stand up quick!

Of course you can change the article of clothing and the action you do to extend the song or to include others that have white somewhere else.)




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