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You have come to the right place if you are looking for fun, engaging and exciting Letter S activities to do with toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners. Our activities are widely used by teachers, moms, dads, child care providers etc. for learning and teaching while being fun for the kids!

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Letter S Arts and Crafts

This project incorporates a special “signature” from each child — their individual hand print shapes. Not only are the little hands in the craft cute, but using a special item that reflects each child’s personally fosters self-esteem and sparks a sense of ownership.

They can see themselves clearly reflected in the craft. This large sunflower “reaches” to the sun and has real sunflower seeds on its face, an extra tactile dimension to the creation.

Paper plate
Paper towel tube
Paint brush
Sunflower seeds
Eight cutouts of child’s closed hand print
Two green construction paper leaves
Green tempera paint

STEP 1 Paint paper towel tube with green paint. Let the tube dry.
STEP 2 Staple the eight hands around the lip of the paper plate.
STEP 3 Place glue in the center of the plate and pour sunflower seeds on top. Discard the ones that did not stick… and eat them!

It’s also fun to scatter different things for “seeds” into the center of the flower — buttons, sparkle beads, pebbles, dried beans, peanut shells.

FINALE – Staple the painted tube to the back side of the paper plate. Glue the two leaves to the green “stem” of the flower.

PROJECT CHALLENGES – The main challenge with this craft is the stapling part. When stapling the tube to the plate, you may wish to staple one end of the tube shut first and then staple the plate to the tube. A heavy duty stapler will work best for this, however, the handheld one will work with a few tries.

Scribble Art
Have the children scribble on a piece of paper with black crayon. Then have the children use other colors to color in the sections between the scribbled lines. They will be surprised at the colorful picture they end up with.

Straw Painting
For each child place a small drop of tempera paint in the center of a large piece of paper. Give each child a straw and have them blow (lightly) the paint around the paper to make a design.

Tie Snakes
(especially appropriate for the rain forest theme)
Take one of dad’s old/ugly ties- the busier the print the better. Cut open on of the ends, and fill 2/3’s all the way will fiber fill. Then, insert either a hanger you have made straight or a length of medium-light gauge wire. fill the rest of the way, and sew/glue/web-iron the tie closed again.

The wire or hanger seems pretty important to giving the body some shape and letting you give it that “S” shape, but you could skip that part if you had to. Now, add googly eyes and the long tongue with the “V” shape at the end, and you have a rain forest anaconda!

Young ones should be able to do most of the project! When making your snake leave the tag on the underside, the children put the snake around their neck and put their finger through the tag to make them move.

Paper Towel Roll Snake
This would be good for Earth Day. Recycle those paper towel rolls! Start at the end of the paper towel roll & cut in a circular or spiral line like the one that is already on it.When you get to the end cut out a head shape. Now cut the tail into a tapered shape .Now the snake can be put on your arm, it will wrap around. Let the kids paint.

“S” with stickers
1 “S” cut out of black construction paper, labeled star stickers
Directions: Have child decorate their “S” with stars.

Spider Webs
1 sheet of black construction paper per child, labeled
white paint
cup for paint
Directions: Place black construction paper in a box top. Dip marble into white paint. Place the marble in the box top and have child move the box top around to form the “web”. Have the child glue a spider onto the web.

Snowman Head Chain
3 6″ Paper plates
felt pens
hole punch
colorful ribbon
Black felt for hats
Children make snowmen faces for each plate, glue on hats. Hole punch at ‘ear’ place on each head. (Through the hole punched holes) Connect the heads with the ribbon, tied in pretty bows. The outer two ribbons should be left longer to tie to whatever to display your happy snowmen faces.

Sock Snowmen
With a clean white tube sock, insert a juice can lid, or any other metal lid (flat side down, so Snowman sits upright) stuff with a little fiber fill (Bottom of body), tie off with white thread/yarn/string, more fiber fill (Middle of body), tie, and still more fiber fill for ‘head’ & tie off.

Stuff the top of the sock into a little black hat you’ve already purchased. Finish off by adding the button eyes, whatever for nose, mouth, buttons. Little fabric rectangle for scarf around the neck.

Salty Surprise
paint brushes
salt shaker
1) Let the child paint a picture using regular watercolors.
2) Allow the child to shake salt on his painting while it is still wet.
3) When the painting dries it will sparkle!!

Make cloud pictures with white chalk or cotton on blue paper.

Make strawberries for art. Cut 2 large strawberries from red tissue paper. Glue or staple around the edges, leaving the top opened. Stuff with shredded scraps of paper. Use green paper to make the leaves on top.


Letter S Games and Activities

Teach the children how to skip. Show them how to jump and kick on alternate feet or to step and hop on alternate feet.

Have a Silly Sandwich Social

Use Sandpaper to cut out the letter S so the children can feel the shape.

Have a graphing activity to graph favorite Sandwiches.

Make a Spider String painting

Play Simon Says

For Sensory Time
Shaving cream
Scrub brush
Sour cream

Number: Seven

Shape: Star

Activity: Scavenger Hunt

Slithering Snakes
Pretend to be Snakes and make the SSSSSS sound and slither on the carpet.

Sing N Swing
Sing silly songs while playing on a seesaw or while skipping. Let everyone take a turn.

Smelly Scents
Put different scents (strawberry, lemon, vanilla, peppermint extracts) on cotton balls and then put them in plastic containers with tops. Have children guess what they are.

Sliding S
Make a big letter S on the carpet using masking tape. Have class take off their shoes and slide on the letter S in their socks.

Sports Day
Tell the children a day before to think of their favorite sport and why so they can talk about it at class the next day. Have the children wear something to school that day that is from their favorite sport or sport team).

When they come in, form a circle and have each child tell about their favorite sport. You can elaborate on the topic by joining in and telling the class various sports facts. That day for snacks have bite sized hot dogs, popcorn and pop to drink.

Shapes Treasure Hunt
Prior to class, hide various shapes around the room. When you begin your lesson show the children the various shapes they are to find. Give each child a copy of the shape they are to find, and a clue. Then set them loose to find their shape.

As a reward, have snacks of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that are cut out from various different shaped cookie cutters.

Draw a tree in all four seasons.

Plant seeds.

Make silhouettes of each child. This makes a nice gift for a holiday.

Sun Pictures
Place an object on a piece of colored construction paper and place it in the sun for several hours. The paper will fade around the object. Leaves work really well.


Letter S Recipes and Snacks

Make Sun Tea

Slippery Snakes
1 1/2 cups apple juice
one 3-ounce package any flavor gelatin
1 envelope unflavored gelatin
5 ice cubes
2 self sealing plastic bags

1. Pour half of the apple juice into a saucepan. Heat until boiling. Remove from heat. Add flavored gelatin and stir. Pour remaining apple juice into mixing bowl. Sprinkle it with unflavored gelatin.
2. Stir gelatin and juice in mixing bowl. Add to hot juice, add ice cubes. Stir until ice cubes melt. Refrigerate about 10-15 minutes. Put half of the apple gelatin into each plastic bag. Close and seal.
3. Cover a baking sheet with foil. Cut about 1/4 inch off one corner of the bag. Hold the bag over the baking sheet, slowly squeezing the bag to form snake shapes. Repeat with remaining mixture. Chill for 2 hours.

Other S Snacks
Sugar cookies
Strawberries (Be SURE to check for allergies, many children are allergic!)
Sour cream (good on baked potatoes or in a cake!)

Bears in the Snow
Spread cool whip dessert topping onto a graham type cracker. Add gummy bears or bear shaped cookies. ENJOY!!!
This activity provide a great sensory experience as well as fine motor control for the assembly.


Letter S Songs, Poems and Finger Plays

Little Skunk’s Hole
I stuck my head in a little skunk’s hole ,
And the little skunk said “Oh bless my soul”
Well I did not take my head out of the little skunk’s hole
And the little skunk said “Oh bless my soul ,
I removed it tooooooo late!

Mr. Lion and his sneeze
Mr. Lion said, “I am going to sneeze!”
(Point to self)
So he put his head down between his knees!
(put head down between knees)
He opened his mouth and out it flew
(open mouth)
(kids sneeze loudly)
The jungle floor jiggled and the trees all wiggled
(kids wiggle and jiggle body)
And the birds were flown to Bombay
(make flying motion with hands)
And the elephants were tossed every which way
(slap hands on knees)
Mr. Lion looked up and roared at the sky
(have kids pretend to look up)
“Oh my, a windstorm just passed by!

Swans In The Park
(tune:”rock-a-bye baby”)
Swans glide across the pond in the park,
With feathers so white and beaks that are dark.
They spread out there wings and take to the air.
The swans fly away, but I don’t know where.

A Salamander
I saw a little creature that was slimy, smooth, and wet.
I thought it was the oddest thing that I had ever met.
It was something like a lizard, but it had no scales at all.
It was something like a frog, but it didn’t hop- it crawled.
So I took it to my teacher and she told me right away,
” I see you brought a salamander into class today.”

Gray Squirrel
Gray squirrel, gray squirrel,
Swish your fluffy tail.
Gray squirrel, gray squirrel,
Swish your fluffy tail.
Wrinkle up your little nose,
Hold a nut between your toes.
Gray squirrel, gray squirrel,
Swish your fluffy tail.

Sally The Camel
(Tune: Dem Bones )
Sally the Camel has two humps,
Sally the Camel has two humps,
Sally the Camel has two humps, so
Ride Sally, Ride! Boom, Boom, boom.

Sally the Camel has one hump,
Sally the Camel has one hump,
Sally the Camel has one hump, so
Ride Sally, Ride! Boom, Boom, Boom.

Sally the Camel has no humps
Sally the Camel has no humps,
Sally the Camel has no humps, so
Sally is a HORSE!

(Tune: Mary Had A Little Lamb )
Snowflakes falling from the sky, from the sky, from the sky,
Snowflakes falling from the sky, to the earth below.
Watch them as they dance and whirl, dance and whirl, dance and whirl,
Watch them as they dance and whirl, soft white winter snow.

Sing, Sing, Sing
(Tune: Row, Row, Row Your Boat )
Sing, sing, sing with me.
Sing out loud and clear
To tell the people everywhere
That music time is here.




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