Letter C Activities & Fun Ideas for Kids

You have come to the right place if you are looking for fun, engaging and exciting Letter C activities to do with toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners. Our activities are widely used by teachers, moms, dads, child care providers etc. for learning and teaching while being fun for the kids!

All our activities are available at no cost and are free to print and share. Select below to get started.

Letter C Arts and Crafts

Cotton Counting
Glue corresponding number of cotton balls onto paper labeled with a number.

Cookie Jar
Make some pretend cookies out of cardboard or construction paper. On one side color the cookie in and on the other side place a picture of things that begin with the letter C. Place these pretend cookies in a plastic container and label it “Cookie jar.” Have each child pick a cookie and go over the C word on that cookie, by saying it and listening for the C in the word. Also, you can give each child a blank cookie & have them draw something that begins with the Letter C.

Have each child bring in a picture (they may also draw their own picture) that begins with the letter C. Then, on a big poster board draw the letter C and glue all the kid’s pictures around it to make a classroom collage.

Candy-Eyed Calico Cat
Give each child a cat pattern, glue, small scraps of patterned material, toothpicks, flat candies (two for each cat and a few to eat). Give children these directions: Apply a light layer of glue to the cat. Cover a as much of the cat as possible with material scraps. Glue on toothpicks for whiskers. Glue on two flat candies for eyes. Allow to dry.

Cloud prints
Put a couple drops of white paint in the center of blue paper, fold, and squeeze the paint around. Then open them up and write on them what each child thinks they look like.

Crayon Melting
Cover old heating or warming try with aluminum foil and heat up. Let children lay their papers on the tray and draw with crayons. The wax melts and soaks into the paper. Let wax dry. These are fun to hang in windows for a stained glass effect.

Provide art supplies for children to make pretend candles. Use toilet-paper tubes for the candle. Help the children paint the tubes with tempera. Show them how to stuff red, orange and yellow tissue paper in the top of the tubes for the flame then glue a strip of construction paper around the base for the candle holders. Help them glue the tubes to small paper plates.

Candy Cane
Make a candy cane with pipe cleaners – use one white and one red – twist the pipe cleaners to make a striped stem. Bend them into a candy cane shape.

Make paper clocks on paper plates – Attach construction paper hands with brads. Identify the big hand and little hand and the number on the clock -if the children are old enough use the clocks to tell the time and hour.

Painting with Carrots
Cut real carrots into 2-3″ pieces. Use them like a rubber stamp – dip in orange tempera and print to make a letter C.

Invite the children to cut out pictures of cars from old magazines and make a collage.

Draw a simple cat shape on a large piece of paper. If the kids are old enough have them draw it. Have the children paint their cats black and cut them out when the paint is dry. Have them add eyes and whiskers.

Cats again
Let them draw pictures of their favorite story book cat or make paper doll cats.

Have an assortment of catalogs available. Let the children browse through and cut out five favorite items. Glue them on construction paper.

If Clover is in season have the children pick some. Cut a large Letter C and glue the clovers on.

Paint clown faces on all interested children. Take pictures of your cute clowns. Note: Be sure to use hypoallergenic paint or costume makeup designed for sensitive skin.

Clown Face
Make a clown face out of a paper plate, construction paper, and an inflated balloon. Have the children color a clown face, then punch a small hole in the center of the face. Help the kids pull the knot of the balloon through the hole and tape the knot in the back.

Clothesline Art
Ask children to color, cut out, and clip “C” objects to a clothesline stretched across the room. Pictures could also be cut from catalogs. Use clip clothespins. You might want to limit their pictures to things they would find on a clothes line.

Encourage the children to play with clay. Use cookie cutters to cut out shapes in clay, and let them set and dry completely, then paint.

Make coal or charcoal crystals. put coal or charcoal briquettes in a tray. Mix together 2 TBS each – salt, water, bluing (available in the laundry section), and pour over coal or charcoal. Add drops of food coloring wherever, and coat each piece with a few drops of ammonia. The next morning you should see crystals beginning to form. If not repeat the process.

Glue pictures of hot and cold foods on index cards. Help the children sort the pictures into hot and cold categories.

Give the children construction paper circles – one for each of the eight basic colors. Tape one circle to a classroom wall. Let the children draw various shapes on each circle, and attach to the circle on the wall. See how long they can make the caterpillar.Add eyes and antenna to make the caterpillars head.

Comic strips
Save the Sunday comics and daily comics. Cut the comic strips into separate frames, and cut out a large construction paper C. Glue comic frames on the letter C – if they are old enough have them sequence them.

Use paper towel and toilet paper rolls to make a castle. Cut slits in the tops to attach to other rolls to make varying heights. Paint the tubes goldish and use sponge squares in red paint to make it look like a stone castle.

Clown Bank
Tape a round piece of cardboard to each end of the paper towel tube. Cut a slot for the clowns mouth. (make it big enough for coins to fit through). Paint the tube white. Glue yarn hair and clown features cut from paper.

“C” Box
Decorate a box with the letter C. Inside the box place items that start with C such as: camera, can, card, candle, corn, car, canoe, carrot, coat, comb, cookies, cotton, cat.

Decorative Cans
Collect empty cans, wash them and smooth over any rough edges. Let the children decorate the cans with colorful self-stick paper or by gluing on wallpaper, felt, fabric, shells or magazine cutouts. Then let them use their decorated cans as holders for straws, buttons, puzzle pieces, games, or crayons.


Letter C Games and Activities

Match my coin
Give each child a penny, a nickel, a dime and a quarter. Hold up one coin and have the children hold up a matching coin.

Tongue Twisters
Ask children to repeat in unison after you. Then ask if anyone would like to try to say a tongue twister as fast as possible alone. Now ask the students to add one or more “C” words to the following to make tongue twisters: “Cassie cooks……..” “Clifford counts……” “Carl caught……” “Cliff climbs……..” etc.

Coat race
Divide children into 2 teams. Each child is to put the coat on and race to the child at the other end, they took the coat off and the other child had to put it on and race back. The team that finishes first wins. Then make crowns and have a parade.

Go outside and look at the clouds, and use your imaginations to “see” things.

Sort Bottle Caps or Milk Caps

Show the children a cactus plant. The Christmas cactus is especially nice and blooms around December. Help the children compare the cactus with other plants. Point out that since a cactus needs less water than other plants, it can live and grow in hot, dry areas.

Remind the children that calendars help us keep track of the days, weeks, and months of the year. Make a calendar for each month. Review the day of the week and the date each day. Practice saying the days of the week from memory.

Discuss why cake, candy, cupcakes and cookies should not be eaten often. Help them make a list of some foods that are healthier (carrots,cucumbers, etc)

Grow a carrot
Choose a carrot that still has green leaves and stems attached. Cut the carrot 2″ from the top, and place in a shallow bowl. Place pebbles around the carrot then fill halfway with water. Set in a sunny window. New sprouts will appear in about a week. Once the carrot has sprouted, plant it in some soil and enjoy watching it grow.

Kids love to make car noises. Let them follow you along a imaginary road and pretend to be cars. Go fast and “zoom”, go slowly, stop quickly and “eek” as brakes work, go around lots of curves, putt-putt-putt with engine trouble, etc.

Emphasize putting toys away when finished playing. Give out best cleaner buttons to children who help. Set up a Cleaning Center – include a small broom, mop, dustpan, sponge, apron, feather duster, vacuum, etc. Demonstrate the proper use then encourage the children to try.

Explain that cotton grows on plants. Cotton is made into thread, the thread is woven into cloth and the cloth is sewn into clothing. Cut cotton cloth into strips. Invite the children to feel the cloth and decide whether warm or cold weather clothing should be made from cotton.

Discuss why we wear coats. Cut pictures from magazines and make a closet for the coats by folding a piece of construction paper the long way. Glue a small construction paper circle on the closet for a doorknob and write “My Coat Closet” glue the pictures of the coats inside.

Demonstrate how to crack a coconut. Cut the coconut into little chunks, and invite the children to sample the coconut and the coconut milk.

Coin Fun
Put one coin inside a feelie bag. Invite the children to reach inside and see if they can guess which coin it is.

Color Cards
Write color words on flash cards for older children and practice reading the words aloud.

Coloring Center
Set up a Coloring Center – place crayons, coloring books, drawing paper, tracing paper, markers, colored pencils, etc. Let the children go wild!

Teach them a computer game.

Make a cave in one corner of the play area by draping sheets or blankets over some tables. Let the children pretend to be caterpillars crawling in and out of the cave. Ask them to make the hard sound of C as they crawl around.

Catch It!
Cut off the tops of plastic milk jugs with handles to use as receptacles for catching balls and beanbags that the children can “toss” to each other. Remind the children to be cautious when doing this activity.

Sort a deck of playing cards according to suits then sequence. Play card games such as “War”, “Uno”, “Old Maid”, “Fish”. use the cards just under 5 for the younger children.

Stand in front of the group and demonstrate a movement such as shaking your arm, making a funny face, standing on one foot, etc. Challenge the children to copy you. After you have acted out 4-5 movements invite the children to take turns being the leader.

Sponsor crawling relays. Draw two large letter C’s on the floor with chalk or tape – have the children crawl along the C.


Letter C Recipes and Snacks

Make Chocolate Chip Cookies with the kids – a triple C word.

Make Corn on the Cob
Have the children list other foods that are yellow or that begin with C.

Have several carrots on hand – clean and cook some of the carrots. Invite them to taste raw and cooked carrots, and ask how they are alike and different. Take a survey – graph the results.

Crazy Caterpillar Critters
Provide a variety of vegetables that begin with the letter C, such as celery, carrots, cucumbers, cabbage and cauliflower. Cut these into small pieces and rounds. Have them assemble a caterpillar in the shape of a C by sticking the vegetables together with peanut butter or cream cheese. Give each child a piece of cabbage to be the “grass” under the crazy critter.

Chicken Pox Pancakes:
Strawberries, Pancake mix, Bananas, Powdered sugar
Chop the berries into small chunks, allowing one or two per pancake face. Set aside.
Prepare the pancake mix according to package directions. When the pancakes are done, place each serving in a stack on a separate plate. For every two stacks of pancakes, you need to peel one banana. Carefully slice off the two ends and put one on top of each stack for a nose. Then cut two thin slices from each end for eyes. Then cut banana in half for a long curved mouth.
Arrange the strawberry chunks chicken pox all around each face. Drop a pinch of powdered sugar on each pox for a tasty bit of puss. Serves as many little polka dotted people as your heart desires.

Other Snacks
Carrot sticks
Cucumber slices
Celery sticks
Cinnamon rolls
Carrot juice
Cranberry juice
Cottage cheese


Letter C Songs, Poems and Finger Plays

C is for Cookie

C is for cookie
That’s good enough for me,
C is for cookie,
That’s good enough for me, C is for cookie,
That’s good enough for me.
Cookie,Cookie, cookie.
Cookie starts with C!

The Runaway Cookies
The cookie jar people Hopped out one night
When the cookie jar lid was not on tight.
The gingerbread man opened raisin eyes
And looked about In great surprise.
The frosted bunny twinkled his nose
And danced around on his cookie toes.
The sugary duck began to quack
And shake the sugar off his back.
The cinnamon bear could only grunt
For he was too fat to do a stunt.
The coconut lamb jumped up so high
That his little white tail flew toward the sky.
They were all so happy to be at play
That they danced and danced
And danced away.
They danced away
So very far
That they never came back
To the cookie jar.

C Song
(Skip to my Lou)
Carrots, castles, candy canes,
Cucumbers and clouds with rain.
Cats and cookies, crayons too.
I think C is cool. Don’t you?

I’m a Little Cat
I’m a little cat,
Soft and furry
I’ll be your friend,
So don’t you worry.
Right up on your lap I like to hop.
I’ll purr, purr, purr and never stop.



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