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You have come to the right place if you are looking for fun, engaging and exciting Letter E activities to do with toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners. Our activities are widely used by teachers, moms, dads, child care providers etc. for learning and teaching while being fun for the kids!

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Letter E Arts and Crafts

Egg Shell Art
You will need:
crushed egg shells
food coloring
construction paper
You will need a large amount of crushed egg shells for this activity. Sending a note home to parents asking for leftover shells will help. Soak egg shells in a solution of food coloring and water. Prepare a number of different colors. When shells are the color you desire, remove and spread on paper towels to dry. Direct children to make a large, simple drawing or design and to glue on the crushed egg shells wherever they wish. Allow artwork to dry before displaying.

Fun With “E”
Cut out large letter E shapes. Make a collage of pictures of things beginning with E. Let the children cut out the pictures and glue them on.

Place several pieces of white paper between two pieces of grey paper and cut out an elephant shape. Teach a lesson on elephants that are an enormous size. You can talk about sizes big/little. Glue on pictures of elephants and other enormous animals.

Decorate egg shapes cut out of wrapping paper or construction paper. You can also play a matching game if you cut out 2 egg shapes out of each type of wrapping paper, wallpaper sample, or construction paper.

Decorate envelopes and let the children draw an elephant, or decorate a paper egg to mail to a friend or grandparent.

Easter E
Draw a large block capital and lowercase ‘E’. Color, paint, or decorate the “E” with stripes, polka dots, or some other Easter egg design. Stay inside the lines!

E is for Eggs
Distribute an empty egg carton and twelve small paper eggs to each group. Have children cut E-pictures from magazines, glue the to the eggs, and place the eggs in the egg carton. Help the children label the backside of the eggs with the picture name.

Use a large sheet of paper on which is written the following statement, “I have two ears to hear with”. The children can paste pictures of things, which make a sound that they can hear.

E Practice
Invite children to form the capital letter E using craft sticks. Glue to construction paper.

Pattern Eggs
Draw and cut out six large cardboard eggs. Glue a different pattern of fabric or wallpaper to each egg. Cut the eggs in half .Let the children take turns matching the egg halves.

Patterned Egg Match-Ups
Cut 6 to 10 egg shapes out of cardboard. Cover each shape by gluing on a different pattern of wallpaper, wrapping paper or fabric. When the glue has dried, cut each egg shape in half. Mix up the halves and give them to your children. Let them take turns putting the egg shapes back together by matching the patterns on the egg halves.

Eight spider leg hats
Make bands that will go around each student’s head. Cut eight black strips of paper for each student. Have the student count the strips. Staple four legs on each side of the hat. On eight small circles write or trace the numbers one to eight. Glue the circles to the end of each leg. Eyes can be added to the band. Color a spider and number/trace a number on his legs.

E gross motor Elephants
Make enormous elephant ears. Using gray paper make a hat with enormous elephant ears. First use one or two sheets to make the headband. Fold the paper in half the long way a couple of times to make it stronger. Measure the hat size on the child’s head. Staple to secure the hatband in place. Use an entire sheet for each of two fan shaped elephant ears. Attach them to the side of the hatband. Expand to a large muscle skill movement game.

Have your children put their hands in front of their face like an elephant’s trunk. Start the game with a simple elephant walk. Then go through the elephant’s day. Have the children stretch and do what elephants do. Stretch and pick leaves from high in the trees or grass from down low on the ground. Try having your elephants hold trunks or try an elephant hug.

Get out all your easels and different kinds of paint, chalk, etc.

Use plastic eggs (from Easter) and have the children glue Easter-egg grass in half of an egg. Show them how to make a chick by gluing two cotton balls together and making a tiny face on the top ball. Have them put their chicks in their eggs and use stickers to decorate the outside of the eggs.

Ask the children to cut out a large round shape for the face of an Eskimo. Show them how to glue white cotton balls around the face for the fur of a hood. Have them glue or color on other features. Talk about why Eskimos need to be dressed in warm clothing.

Egg yolk painting
Take egg yolks and add food coloring. Makes a very pretty and shiny picture.

Paper Plate Elephant
The children paint paper plates gray. Add construction paper ears, eyes (the BIG wiggly ones look cute), then cut out a circle from the center of the plate – this is where the children stick their arms through to make the trunk!!

Easy Elephants
You can make elephant trunks by painting paper towel rolls gray and when dry the children can put them on and pretend to be elephants.

E Collage
Have each child bring in a picture from home of something that begins with the letter”e”. Then, after each child says what they brought in, make a class collage of all the pictures.

Egg Carton
Make an egg carton nursery by placing empty eggshell halves in the cups of an egg carton. Fill with potting soil and plant a couple of radish seeds or carrot seeds in each shell. Try putting under a grow-light or in a sunny window to hasten growth.

Plastic Eggs
Write sentences on writing paper, cut them apart, and insert a sentence in a plastic Easter egg. Students draw an egg from the basket and write their sentence on paper. When finished, they can trade egg for a different one.

Use a heavy piece of paper shaped like Elmo’s head and then tear and glue on red paper so it looks like Elmo’s fur, then of course add the rest of the features, they look adorable.

Number 8 books
For each student staple 5 half-sheets of paper together. On the front write “book of 8s.” Using various stamps the students will stamp 8 prints for each page. Squares may be used as guides for stamping. On the last page color the number eight.

Eyes and Ears
Have children draw a face on a piece of paper minus the eyes and ears. Have them look through magazines to find pictures of eyes and ears to glue to their picture.


Letter E Games and Activities

Tongue Twisters
Elmer Elephant has enormous ears. Ella Eagle laid eleven eggs. Elsie eats eight eggs. Ernie eel enjoys exercising. Ernie easily erases errors. Every evening Eric Elk escapes.

“E” Questions
Tell the children to answer “yes” or “no” to these questions and to explain why they answered as they did. Can an envelope be empty? Is eleven more than eight? Is an easel elastic? Would an elevator eat eggplant? Are earmuffs electric? Can you hear an echo? Is an evergreen a type of tree? Are some elephants enormous?

Enormous Box
Decorate an Enormous Box and fill it with things that begin with “E”such as egg, egg beater, egg carton, earmuffs, earphones, earrings, elephant, elf, engine, envelop, erasers, elastic, easel, etc.

Print the letter E on several index cards and also print previously taught letters on other cards. Have the children wave their elbows in the air when they see the letter E on a card.

Exercise with the children. There are a lot of video tapes out there designed for exercise activities for children. See Exercise link at bottom of this page.

Egg to Bird
Talk about the process of an egg becoming a chicken or other bird – Have pictures or laminated cards depicting the various stages of a baby bird hatching.

Egg Relay
Have an Egg relay race using plastic eggs – see who can get all the eggs in the basket first.

Cut out pictures of things that do and do not use electricity. Ask children to sort the pictures. Discuss how some of these devices are used. Invite an electrician in to talk about his/her job.

Egg Cartons
Provide egg cartons for counting and making sets. Write numbers in the bottom of the cups. Have the children count the correct number of beans, buttons, etc. into each cup.

E’s in the Eggs
Label stickers with E’s and attach them to large plastic eggs. Inside each egg put a picture of something whose name begins with E. Place the eggs in a basket. Have the children sit in a circle with the basket in the middle. Let each child in turn take an egg from the basket and name the letter on it. Then have the child open the egg and name the picture inside.

E Practice with grids Invite children to form the capital letter E using available large blocks. Talk about the different number and sizes of blocks the children used to make the letter. Have children trade blocks and form the letter E again.

Emergency Talk about and then practice with the students what to do in case of a emergency. Explain that the best thing is to go get help from a grown-up. If no one is around, they should dial the emergency number they learned and tell what happened, give their name, say their telephone number, and give their address. Stress the importance of staying on the phone to take directions and to answer any further questions.

Number Eggs
Collect five plastic eggs that are all the same color. (Or use eggs of different colors and mix up the tops and bottoms.} Using a permanent felt-tip marker, write the numerals 1 to 5 on the top halves of the eggs and draw corresponding numbers of dots on the bottom halves. Place the egg tops and bottoms in two separate boxes. Then let the children take turns finding the matching numbered halves and putting the eggs together.

Extension: When the children have correctly matched the egg halves, let them fill the eggs with corresponding numbers of dried beans, if desired.

Feed the Elephant
Draw an elephant face on the side of a large cardboard box and cut a hole for its mouth with a knife. Give each of the children several unshelled peanuts and let them take turns “feeding the elephant” by tossing the peanuts into the elephant’s mouth. Add more peanuts to the box at end of the game and let each student reach in and grab a handful. Let the children keep and eat as peanuts as they can hold.

Pass the Egg
Have the children sit in a circle. Give each child a plastic spoon. Have one child be the starter and give them a plastic egg. Have the children pass around the egg using the spoons

Egg Carton Toss
Give each child an empty egg carton. Ask them to open their egg carton and lay it on the floor. Take a few steps back and toss, one at a time, a handful of beans or other small objects. When they are finished, have them count how many objects landed int he sections of the egg carton.

Elephant Soccer
Ask the children to form a circle, each child standing with feet wide apart. Ask them to hold their arms down in front of them with their hands clasped for trunks. Let them roll a ball across the circle trying to get it through someone else’s legs. They may use only their trunks to stop the ball. If the ball does go out of the circle through someone’s lets, that person must run and get it and bring it back. Add more balls to the circle as the children become proficient.


Letter E Recipes and Snacks

E is for Egg
Have scrambled eggs for breakfast, or scrambled egg sandwich for lunch.

English muffins
Egg drop soup
Hard-boiled eggs
Egg plant
Eskimo pies

Egg Boats
Hard-boil one egg for every two children. Have the children work in pairs to peel the shell from the egg. Slice the egg in half and carefully remove the yolk and put into a small paper cup. Have each pair mix the yolk with 1-tsp. Mayonnaise, 1/2 Tsp. Mustard and a dash of salt and pepper. This mixture is scooped back into the hollows of the white. Have each child make a sail for the boat with a toothpick and a paper flag with the letter E on it. Stick the sail into their “boats” before they eat.


Letter E Songs, Poems and Finger Plays

Poem: “The Elephant”
He’s ever so big and ever so fat. (hold hands high and then apart)
He has no hands, he has no toes. (shake finger and head for no)
But goodness gracious, (hands on cheeks)
Such a nose! (put right fist on nose and go down, making an imaginary trunk)

One Little Elephant
One little elephant went out to play, (Make an elephant trunk with your arm held in front of your face)
Out on a spider’s web one day. (Pretend to walk carefully on a spider’s web)
He had such enormous fun,
That he called for another elephant to come! (Motion for the other “elephants” (kids))
(Yell) Too many elephants! There goes the web! (Fall down with the kids)




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