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You have come to the right place if you are looking for fun, engaging and exciting Letter W activities to do with toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners. Our activities are widely used by teachers, moms, dads, child care providers etc. for learning and teaching while being fun for the kids!

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Letter W Arts and Crafts

Watermelon Fun
Let the kids eat a piece of watermelon; have them save the seeds on a paper towel and then show them how to rinse them off. glue on the “W” made of heavy paper or cardboard.

Cut out a “W” from wallpaper samples; or, use wallpaper sample 1×1 inch precut squares to fill up the W-shape.

Use an uppercase “W” in white construction paper as the teeth of a walrus!

Glue on frosted mini-wheats (cereal) onto the “W”. The kids will love to eat this as a healthy snack!

Wet W
Use white cutouts of the letter for this project. Place as many little jars of colored water (use food coloring) as you can out for the children. Provide cotton swabs or cotton balls and tell the children to make their letter “W” all Wet (and beautiful!)

Give the kids chenille things (“pipe cleaners”) and googly eyes, and lots of other imaginative doodads. Tell them to make a pet/monster/whatever that has Whiskers using the “W” anyway they want. Get fake fur remnants from a clothing or department store.

Make a wheelbarrow from a laundry scoop and two black buttons/circles. add some dirt and and a gummy worm!

Use the “W” cutout from green or yellow construction paper as the worm body. Let the kids go crazy with finger paint, doodads, etc. You could even hide the worm in green grass (fringed green art paper)!

Wood Sculptures
Gather as much “odds and ends” wood as you can find. Make colored glue by mixing a little tempera paint (powder paint works too) with white glue. Cover your work table with plenty of newspaper. Give each child a cardboard base to work on. Let the children make wood sculptures. Use paint brushes with the colored glue. Let the children glue wood pieces together.

The neat thing about this, is that the children don’t have to paint the sculptures because the glue already has color in it and the children can see where they have put glue. The glue will keep for a couple of days if it is covered. Glue will wash out of paint brushes with hot water. Use many different colored glues at once.

Wheelbarrow Planter
Laundry detergent scoop
2 plastic milk jug lids
6″ length of ribbon
Potting soil
Flower seeds (seeds)
Craft glue

Glue a milk jug lid to each side of the scoop to form the “wheels”. Allow the glue to dry. Tie the ribbon to the handle of the scoop. Fill the scoop with potting soil, and plant the seeds. Sprinkle the soil with a few drops of water. You can have the child make these planters as gifts.

Water Paint
Go outside on a warm summer day with a bucket of water and paint brushes. Let the children paint on the sidewalk with the clear water. The picture will stay for a while, but slowly dry away so they can start all over with another creation.

Wallpaper Pictures
Let the children cut out shapes and pictures from wall paper books. Have them glue their designs to construction paper.

Wind Sock
Children draw pictures/decorate a white 6 X 18 piece of paper. Cut tissue paper strips of different colors about 1″ by 20″ long. On the back of the drawing glue the strips so they hang down and move. Roll the paper in a circle and staple. Add a yarn hanger at the top and hang the windsocks around the room. When our windows are open and the wind blows the windsocks move with the breeze.

Wheel Painting
Pour small amounts of tempera paints in shallow containers. Give the children toy cars and pieces of construction paper. Let them run the wheels of their cars in the paint, then all across their papers to create designs.

Make candles with beeswax sheets. You can also do wax resist pictures for art. Let the children draw pictures using wax candles or wax blocks on finger paint or some kind of thick paper. Then, let the children use water paints to paint over their picture. The paint won’t adhere to the wax and will make a neat open-ended art project.

Paper Bag Whales
Have children stuff small paper bags with crumpled sheets of newspaper.Tie the tops of bags to make the tail. Children then can paint the bags grey.Allow to dry.Cut out shapes for eyes (black) and glue to the sides of the whale. Water shapes can be cut from blue paper to make spouts of water coming from whale’s blowhole.

Dark green paper
Light green paper
Red paper
Black paint

Cut a large watermelon shape out of dark green, cut one slightly smaller out of light green, and a still smaller red one. Glue these to resemble a slice of watermelon. Use black thumb prints on red part to represent seeds or use blacks circles from a hole punch and glue them on.


Letter W Games and Activities

Make boxes of different “weights” and ask the children to tell you which one weighs the most (is heaviest) and which one weighs the least (is lightest).

W is for wishes
Make a wishing well and let the children toss coins (or use poker chips for coins) into the well and make a wish. Have an adult write down the children’s wishes and secretly send those home. Parents might have a fun time fulfilling wishes of their children.

W is for water
Spray water on W after they have been sprinkled with powdered tempera or chalk dust.

Have the children pretend to be wiggly, crawly worms. Have them slide across the floor.

Go for a wagon ride.

Talk about the season.

Get up and wiggle.

Water play OR have the kids bring a swim suit. Get wet in the tube or the pool.

Can you?

Talk about jobs. Have the children talk about what their parents/grandparents do.

Lacing Letters
Make a twelve inch cardboard set of several letters. Punch holes in the outline of each letter about one inch apart. Attach a two foot piece of yarn to the letter. Allow children to lace the outline of the letter.

Washing Windows
Let children use a squeegee and some water to wash car windows or windows in your home or center. Sneaky, eh?

Take the kids outside and fly a kite together.

Make a web with glue on black construction paper and sprinkle with silver glitter. Read The Itsy Bitsy Spider and then sing the song.

Wonder Walk
Take the children on a “Wonder Walk.” Have each child take an egg carton along and fill the compartments to match the poem below. Reproduce the poem and glue it into the egg carton lid.
Something green
Something brown
Something for a fairy crown.
Something hard
Something yellow.
Something shiny, my young fellow.
Something long
Something wide
Something with something else inside.
Something smooth
A bit of down.
Something that should have stayed in town. (litter)


Letter W Recipes and Snacks

Wheaty Wonders
1 C. White Flour
1 C. Whole Wheat Flour
4 Tsp. Baking Powder
1 Tsp. Salt
1/3 C. Oil
3/4 C. Milk
Have the children help measure and mix the ingredients. Divide into 20 parts and have the children knead the dough for about a minute. Have them press the dough flat to about 1/4 inch thick. Place butter in an electric skillet heated to 350 degrees. Place the dough patties into the skillet and fry on each side for about 4 minutes, until brown. Serve with butter, peanut butter, honey or jelly.

W Snacks
Whipped cream


Letter W Songs, Poems and Finger Plays

Ooey Gooey
Ooey Gooey was a worm
A mighty worm was he
He crawled upon the Railroad track
The train he did not see
Ooey Gooey!!

The Watermelon Song
(Tune: Frere Jacques)
Watermelon, watermelon,
Tastes so yummy, tastes so yummy,
Green on the outside,
Red on the inside,
With black seeds, with black seeds.

Wiggle Worm
(Tune: Did You Ever See a Lassie?)
Did you ever see a wiggle worm.
A wiggle worm, a wiggle worm?
Did you ever see a wiggle worm
Move this way and that?
Move this way and that way,
Move this way and that way,
Did you ever see a wiggle worm
Move this way and that?

Have the children wiggle their fingers, arms or entire bodies as they sing the song.

(Tune: The Wheels on the Bus)
The wheels on the bus go round and round,
Round and round, round and round.
The wheels on the bus go round and round,
All over town.
Continue adding other vehicles with wheels:
The wheels on the car go round and round…
The wheels on the taxi go round and round…
The wheels on the motorcycle go round and round…

I See The Wind
(Tune: Hush Little Baby)
I see the wind
When the leaves dance by.
I see the wind
When the clothes wave “hi.”
I see the wind
When the trees bend low.
I see the wind
When the flags all blow.
I see the wind
When the kites fly high.
I see the wind
When the clouds float by.
I see the wind
When it blows my hair.
I see the wind
Most everywhere!

Welcome, Little W
(Tune: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star)
Welcome, little W,
We like you we really do.
Waffles that we love to eat,
Watermelons, oh, so sweet.
W, we’ll wave today,
When we see you come our way.
Welcome, little W,
We like you we really do.
Worms and wagons here and there,
Walls and windows everywhere.
W, we’ll wave today,
When we see you come our way.

I’m a Great Big Whale
(Tune: I’m a Little Teapot)
I’m a great big whale,
Watch me swim.
Here is my blowhole,
Here are my fins.
See me flip my tail as down I go,
Then up I come and “whoosh” I blow.

I’m a Writer
(Tune: Frere Jacques)
I’m a writer, I’m a writer,
I write stories, I write songs,
I can make you laugh or cry
I can make you dream, that’s why
I’m a writer, I’m a writer.

The Wind
The wind has blown the clouds away
And brushed the sky with blue.
It stirred up mischief yesterday
And still is at it, too.
It has done its best to shake
The leaves from our old tree.
And now it’s trying hard to make
A windmill out of me.

(A Finger play)
The wind blew through my ten tall trees
(fingers up)
And made them bow and bend.
(sway hands back and forth)
It raced about and picked them up
And made them straight again.
(fingers straight up)
Five tall trees reached for the sky
(one hand up)
Five bent in an arch
(bend at wrist)
And round and round they blew around
(alternate up and down)
In the windy month of March.




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