Getting Grounded

This weekend, I was fortunate enough to make a business trip to Chicago. I have not gone on a business trip in over 6 years, since I became a work-at-home Mom. While the trip was exciting, the flight home was a reminder of how I eventually got to a point of making some tough decisions in my life.

I reach a point of such discomfort that I make a change out of an unhealthy routine. Because of bad weather, my return flight was delayed 2 hours, and I flew home in the dark, through some pretty heavy clouds. It seemed that we were flying through rain clouds for an eternity. It was impossible to tell in what direction the plane was flying. I was tired, cramped in a small seat, breathing recycled air, and longing for home. As I looked out the window, it was impossible to see the ground below, although we were preparing for a landing.

Once the first glimmer of the lights of Boston appeared, my heart leapt. Although I still had a ways to go before arriving home, I had hope. There is no better feeling then crawling into your own bed, in your own house. It is safety, security and peace in one neat little package. When you are where you are supposed to be, every fiber of your being lets you know.

I thought how much my flight resembled the feelings I have when I am in an unhealthy situation. I can’t tell where I am going, I feel uncomfortable and long for some resolution. It irks me to no end that we are not born with a “Guidelines to Life” documentation set. It would save so much time and heartache. Instead, we have internal signals to guide us through the stickiest of decisions. By stopping for a minute, and paying attention to feelings of discomfort, distress, and resignation, it is possible to put the brakes on unhealthy situations. It is all a case of listening to your Self.

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