Single Mothers: Pamper Yourself

By Tammy Jones of Single Rose


Who is more deserving of a little special treatment on Mother’s Day than a hard-working single mom like you (or me)? It’s nice to be treated special, even if it is only ONE day a year! So drop hints if you have too!

My nine year old daughter is now old enough to operate the coffee pot and the toaster. So, this Mother’s Day I am going to strongly suggest that I would very much appreciate having breakfast in bed. If you’re kids are not yet old enough to cook or run electrical appliances, they can still make you feel special. They can pour you a bowl of cereal and glass of milk and have your breakfast waiting for you on the table. Wild flowers from the front yard would be a nice touch too! (My youngest child’s favorite way to decorate our table is with wild flowers picked from the yard and placed in a coffee cup filled with water on our kitchen table.) Perhaps you could just convince your kids into letting you get a little extra sleep on Mother’s Day without the constant early morning complaints of “I’m hungry Mommy; when are you going to get up?” I think I’ll try that one too!

I TRULY AM looking forward to hearing my kids cries of “Happy Mothers Day!” this May 9th, as they proudly present me with their special hand made Mothers Day cards AND MY BREAKFAST and I hope they let me sleep late too.

One more suggestion. Get a baby-sitter Saturday morning. Go to the salon and treat yourself to a fresh hair-cut and maybe an outfit. Some time away from the kids can rejuvenate you and the new hair-do and outfit will make you feel like a new woman.

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