Christmas Wreath Crafts for Kids

Pretzel Wreath
Use the little pretzels (the ones that are shaped like a heart with a cross in the middle). Glue 1 layer of them in a circle like a wreath, then glue a second layer on top of the first joining the pretzels together over the middle of a pretzel on the first layer. You can weave ribbon between the holes if you would like. Hang with a ribbon.

Pasta Christmas Wreaths
Small paper plates, variety of different shaped pasta, craft glue, silver or gold spray paint, tinsel bow. Cut center out of the paper plate. Glue pasta noodles around the outer ring. Try to completely cover the paper plate. Let glue dry and then spray paint the desired color. Embellish with a bow of tinsel.

Shredded Wheat Wreaths
Shredded wheat (crumpled up), Glue, Green tempera paint, Red Hots, and Cool Whip lids. Mix glue, shredded wheat and green food coloring together. Spread around the cool whip lid, making it hill up, and leaving a hole in the center. Press in the red hots for the berries and let dry overnight. Decorate with ribbons, etc.

Paper plate or cereal box, glue, crayons, misc craft items – such as fabric scraps, beads, ect. If you are using cardboard, cut it into a circle about the size of a paper plate. Cut the center out of the paper plate or cardboard to make a wreath shape. Use various craft supplies to decorate.

Hand Print Wreath
Thick white fabric (cloth napkins work well), red and green paint, wooden dowel, ribbon or yarn. Lay fabric flat on some newspapers. Using one hand to dip in paint, form a circle on the material to look like a wreath. Let the green dry. Dip one finger in the red paint and make holly berries on the wreath. Fold over the top of the material to form an opening to slide the dowel through. Tie the ribbon or yarn onto the ends of the dowel to hang it from.

Wreath Ornaments
Use green tempera paint to paint seven 2 1/2 in. wide pieces of paper towel or toilet paper tubes. When the paint is dry thread a pipe cleaner through all the tubes and twist to secure them together. Cut out a red paper bow, and glue it to the wreath. Thread a piece of red ribbon through the tube on top and tie to make the hanger for the ornament or wreath.

Child’s Hand Prints Wreath
Any size muslin, green and red tempera paint. Cut muslin square to desired size. Trace circle in pencil for size of wreath. Paint green paint onto child’s hand and randomly place around wreath. Continue until you have a nice full wreath, but not so much as to cover the hand prints. Using red make berries with fingertips.

Embroidery Hoop Wreaths
Take large wooden embroidery hoops & unbleached muslin fabric. Spray paint the hoop red. Paint child’s hand green, have child make hand prints in a circle (a little smaller than the hoop). Have hand prints overlap.When dry, paint child’s finger tip red. Have child make finger prints in groups of three here and there on the green hand prints. When dry put tightly in hoop, trim excess fabric from outside, and hot glue eyelet trim to bottom of hoop. Very nice keepsake gift for parents.

Popcorn Wreaths for birds
Cardboard, Glue (Non-toxic!), Popcorn, Ribbon. For each child cut out a cardboard wreath shape (about 7 inches across) and punch a hole in the top. Provide the children with glue and popped popcorn. Then have them glue the popcorn all over both sides of their wreaths. When the glue has dried, string ribbon or yarn through the holes in the tops of the wreaths to hang.

Sandwich Bag Wreath
1-2 boxes of sandwich bags with gold ties, wire green wreath. Cut 1/4″ off bottom of bags. Hold bag horizontally so that both open ends are now on the sides. Gather to make a bow. Tie to the wire wreath until full.

Baggie Christmas Wreath
1 wire coat hanger, box of “baggie” brand sandwich bags, hot glue gun, misc. mini size decorations/bows. Bend the coat hanger to look like a circle with a hook on the top of it. Tie the baggies around the coat hanger. Tie as if you were tying your shoes, but without the bow part – or kind of like half a knot. Squish the baggies together and cover the entire hanger except the hook. It should look like a wreath – all fluffy. Glue on decorations or bows.

Trace about ten hand wreaths on green paper. Glue them onto a wreath shaped chunk of cardboard. Decorate with glitter, fake berries, a bow, whatever…they are adorable. You can also use the same hand prints and shape them into Christmas trees with the fingers pointing down, and then let them decorate with beads, sequins, popcorn, whatever to make a cool tree.




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