Christmas Crafts for Kids

You have come to the right place if you are looking for fun, engaging and exciting Christmas crafts to do with toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners. Our activities are widely used by teachers, moms, dads, child care providers etc. for learning and teaching while being fun for the kids!

All our activities are available at no cost and are free to print and share.

Santa Christmas Crafts

Santa Face
Paint center of palm down to where the fingers start a flesh color. Paint from the center up toward the wrist and onto the thumb red. Paint the remaining four fingers white. Hand print with fingers pointing downward. Use fingertips to decorate the Santa face with black for eyes. White dots at the base of the red for the hat fuzz and a white dot on tip of the thumb.

Santa Hat
Red Construction Paper, Glue, Cotton Balls
Cut out a large triangle out of red construction paper. Glue on the cotton balls to make a white ball on one of the triangle tips, & glue cotton balls along the bottom edge to form the brim. You can also cut out two triangles & tape or staple them together to make a hat to fit the child’s head.

(Fill with candy or what ever you want) Wrap a baby food jar in red felt, put on some black eyes (you can make it as fancy as you want) made out of felt. The beard can be made out of white felt or you can use cotton. The pattern I use has the mustache and the beard together.

I just use elmers glue but you can use what ever you want. For the hat take some red felt cut it into a triangle, glue it together, put a cotton ball on the tip and glue on a white piece of felt for the band.

Santa Collage
Put a big picture of Santa and his sack or sleigh on the bulletin board or wall. Have the children cut out magazine pictures of toys to go into the sack and paste onto the picture.

Snowman Crafts

Glitter snow globes
Get some baby food jars. Glue a small plastic snowman or other figure to the inside of the jar with waterproof adhesive. Let it dry. Fill the jar with water. Add glitter. Use plastic shavings as “snow.” Fasten the lid. Melt some wax to seal the lid or use hot glue. Vary the globes by changing the figures & colors of glitter.

Snow person
Put a jar lid in the toe of a sock. Crumple newspaper into three balls. Put the largest one in the sock on top of the lid. Tie string around the sock above the ball. Add the other balls, tying string above each one. Cut off the rest of the sock above the last piece of string. To make a hat brim, trace around a water glass onto paper. Cut out the circle. Set an empty film canister in the center of the circle and trace around it. Cut out the small circle to form a ring. Slide the paper ring over the canister and tape it in place. Glue the hat over the cut end of the sock. Glue on button eyes and buttons on the body. For a scarf, tie a fabric strip around the neck. Place twig arms under it. Glue on a sequin mouth. Glue on a button nose.

Take a styrofoam ball and place on an egg carton or other stand to prevent rolling. Paint the surface that is showing with thinned white glue. Then put white and blue tissue paper squares into the glue. Sprinkle sparkles sparingly. Then turn the ball over and complete the other side with glitter, stickers, paint, or small candies.

Sparkle Snow people
Snowmen can be painted using a mixture of white glue, water, and paint and then sprinkled with sparkles to let dry. Creates an interesting effect.

Doily Snow People
One Large Doily for body, One Small Doily for head, One Small Doily, cut in half for arms, black construction paper for eyes, 3 buttons and mouth. Glue to colored construction paper.

Make snow paintings using Ivory soap snow (1 cup Ivory Snow powder and 3/4 cup water). Have the children help mix this up using hand beaters & then paint on black paper with small brushes.

Snow people
Make snow people out of white toilet paper tubes…cut them into sections & then the children can glue 2 or 3 sections together to make a snowmen…add buttons for eyes or what ever, yard for a scarf, etc…

Snowman Kit
Include in a cute bag 2 charcoals (for eyes)–can put in baggie, plastic or wood carrot for nose, and a cute pipe and scarf if you like. Receiver can use this kit to make a snowman–unless living in the south, lol. Here is poem to go with kit:
There is nothing like a snowman
To make a person smile.
His eyes of coal, his carrot nose,
His pipe with so much style.
We all have special memories
Of fun in the snow and slush
And this will be renewed
With a little help from us!


Christmas Bell Crafts

Days Till Christmas Bell
Use a smaller “Chinette” type paper bowl, turn the bowl upside down and paint the entire outside with red paint, or whatever color. Allow to dry. Cut strips of paper to make a paper chain. Have the children glue the strips together to make the paper chain for however many days are left till Christmas(reserve one strip to attach chain to bell).

Place the painted bowl upside down on the table. Bring two ends of a pipe cleaner together. Stick ends down through a hole in the center, bottom of the bowl, until half of pipe cleaner is below bottom of bowl and half is above. (you should have a loop on the top to hang your bowl(bell) with. To keep the pipe cleaner in that position, twist it on each side of the bottom of bowl.

Squeeze a drop or two of glue between the pipe cleaner and hole in bowl to help keep in place. Add your paper chain to the top of the bell and they can tear one loop or chain off each day and count down the days to Christmas.

Welcoming Bells
Greet visitors with the sound of bells by slipping this two-tone felt star over the knob on your front door. Older kids can handle the cutting and gluing; young ones will prefer gluing on buttons & sequins.
Thin cardboard, pencil, scissors, 2 felt squares, small jingle bells, 1 yard ribbon, glue, buttons, sequins & glitter.

Help child draw a five-point star (about eight inches across) on the cardboard and cut it out. Lay the star on a felt square, trace around it with a pencil, then cut it out. Using a drinking glass as a guide, trace, then cut a circle, large enough to fit over your doorknob, in the center of both stars. Once you are certain of the fit, glue the felt and cardboard stars together.

From a different color of felt, cut out a star about a half inch smaller. This time, make the hole in the star’s center about half the size of the one in the first star. Carefully cut small slits around the hole so that it will pass over the doorknob, then glue the smaller felt star to the larger one. Tie jingle bells to three 12-inch strands of ribbon and glue or sew the ends of the ribbons to the bottom of the star, as shown.

Now, the decorating: glue buttons, sequins, or glitter onto the star. To hide the glued ends of the ribbons, cover them with a button or other decoration.

Glitter Bells
Light weight cardboard (cereal box), glue, glitter, ribbon or yarn, misc craft items (fabric scraps, beads, ect.) Cut bell shapes out of light weight cardboard. Put the glitter in a plastic sandwich bag. Paint the bell shape with glue, put it in the bag with the glitter and shake until it is coated.

Make as many as you want. Let the bells dry. Poke a hole in the top and tie bells together, letting each one hang down about 5-6 inches. You can also decorate with misc. craft items.




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