Easter Activities and Crafts for Kids

Did you want to do some fun, educational and engaging Easter Day activities with children?  If so, you have come to the right place!  Our activities are widely used by teachers, moms, dads, child care providers etc. for learning and teaching while being fun for the kids!

Find activities for all ages including toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners.  All our activities are available at no cost and are free to print and share.

Easter Games & Activities

Egg Science
Talk about the parts of an egg – Shell, membrane, albumen, yolk, and germ spot. Crack open some real eggs into plastic bowl and find all the parts. Try some simple egg experiments such as spinning an egg to find out if it is raw or hard-boiled. You might also try floating an egg in plain water and then in salt water (salt water makes the egg buoyant so it floats).

Who’s Hatching Today?
Display a large egg shape and each day hide a picture of a different animal underneath. Give the children three clues about the animal and have them guess the animal of the day.

Egg Guess
Put several small objects in different plastic eggs. Tape them closed and set them on a tray. Encourage the children to shake the eggs and listen carefully to the sound in each one. Try to figure out what is in each one. After several days talk about the possibilities and then open them up to see the real objects.

Surprise Egg
Send each child home with one plastic egg and the following note:

Dear parents,
Your child is bringing home an activity which requires your participation. Your child received one empty “surprise” egg and needs to do the following with you:
1. Find a single object to put in the egg.
2. Have your child tell you three clues about the object. Write the sentences on the clue sheet.
3. Place the clue sheet and the egg in a plastic baggie and return it to

Below is the clue sheet. Fill it out with your child by (Date here).


CLUE #1_________________________________
CLUE #2_________________________________
CLUE #3_________________________________
Child’s Name: _______________________________

Easter Bunny “Skipping Game”
Materials needed:
1 Easter Basket (A lightweight, DEEP basket works best)
1 Dozen Plastic Eggs (The fillable kind, but leave them empty)
1 Bunny Ears Headband (I make a white headband, and attach 2 pink “ears” made from construction paper)
1 Record or Tape of any Easter Bunny song (such as “Here Comes Peter Cottontail”)

How to play the game: All children stand in a large circle. Choose one child to be the “Easter Bunny”. This child puts on the “ears”, and gets the Easter basket which is filled with the plastic eggs. While the record or tape is played, the “Easter Bunny” skips around inside the circle of children, and hands out the eggs. As a child receives an egg from the Bunny, he/she joins the Bunny in skipping in the circle . The Bunny continues to pass out eggs,and is joined by the recipients, until the record is over. If the Bunny passes out all of the eggs before the song is done , the Bunny and egg holders just keep skipping to the music until it is over.

The children love playing this simple game , and it is great for practicing the gross motor skill of skipping. The Bunny could also hop, if you prefer to practice that skill, but the egg recipients should skip to keep the game moving. Variation: This same game can be played for other holidays as well. Only the record/tape and the props have to be changed to fit the new holiday theme.

Bunny Buzz
To Play: All players sit in a circle. Players take turns counting off numbers in turn: 1,2,3,4…. When the number seven is reached, that player must say, “I love the Easter Bunny”, instead of seven. When she fails to do so and says seven, she is out of the game. The game continues until only one player is left to be declared the winner.

Bunny Flop
Equipment: 10 stiff paper rabbits. To play: This game may be played individually or in small teams. Cut 10 rabbits, about 8 cm in size, from stiff paper. Leave about a 3 or 4 cm tab at the bottom so the rabbits will stand when the tabs are bent. Space the rabbits out in a long row on the floor. Each child gets on her hands and knees and sees how many rabbits she can blow over with one breath.

Button Bunnies
Make paper rabbits with numbers on their stomachs and cover with clear adhesive plastic. Pass out rabbits to children and have them put as many buttons on the stomach as shown by the numeral. Pass rabbits to the left and repeat.

Number Guess
Say “I’m thinking of a number that tells me how many ears a bunny has….a number that tells me how many paws a rabbit has…..” Have children answer the questions.

Matching Baskets
Set out baskets filled with straw or grass, clipping a number on the front of each basket. Children place appropriate number of plastic eggs in each basket.

Bunny Game (like Cootie)
Make bunny faces for four children out of construction paper. The bunny needs a white head, two white ears with pink inside, and two eyes made of any color. The nose is a black circle on a pink oval with black whiskers drawn on. The mouth is a black smile shape with two large white teeth. You can make a bow tie for each bunny out of yellow. Laminate all pieces.

The object of the game is to make a bunny face. Using a die, for each number rolled you get a piece of the bunny’s face. For example, roll a one and get a head, roll a two and get an ear, roll a three and get an eye, roll a four and get a nose, roll a five and get a mouth and roll a six and get the tie. Keep rolling until all have created a bunny.

Cardboard Egg Hop Game
Draw and cut out two large cardboard eggs. Decorate them with paint, markers, or crayons. Have each player choose a partner and give each pair of players two eggs. To play: In each pair, there is a hopper and a helper. Starting at one end of the room, the helper places an egg on the floor in front of the hopper, who hops onto it with both feet. The helper then places the other egg a little way ahead and the hopper jumps onto it.

This continues until the pair gets to the end of the room. Now players change roles. The first pair back to the starting line wins. If you don’t want it to be a competition, young children have fun just hopping.

Chant Eggs
Have enough plastic eggs for each child in the class and one for yourself. In each egg, put a small rubber or plastic animal or insect that hatches from eggs. ie. fish, snake, turtle, ant, bee, chicken, spider, etc. At circle time, give each child an egg and ask them to open it secretly and see what’s inside but not tell anyone.

Next begin chanting in rhythm with the children helping you: An egg, an egg, what kind of egg? (still in rhythm say what kind of egg you have) A spi-der egg. (Everyone echos this) A spi-der egg. Continue chanting: An egg, an egg, Jenny, what kind of egg? (Next child says: a chick-en egg (everyone echos) a chick-en egg. Well, I think you got the idea. Continue chanting, inserting childrens’ names until all the children have shared the contents of their egg.

My big thing now is to hide a plastic egg full of jellybeans (1 egg for each child) around my home. The little ones get the easiest eggs to find. When the child finds his egg, he can eat the jellybeans inside. I plan to do this nearly each day, until Easter.

Match the Sounds
Put the same object in two or more eggs. Put them all in egg cartons. Let the children match the sounds and put them near each other in the cartons.

Basketful of Eggs
Have a big basket full of large and small plastic egg halves. Set it on a table. Let the children put the eggs together and take them apart. After several days collect small objects that will fit inside the eggs. Put them in a container and set them next to the basket. Let the children mix and match the objects and eggs as they choose. Later, add several empty egg cartons to the activity. Get several large spoons. Use masking tape to make start and finish lines. Let the children put eggs on their spoons and walk as quickly as they can from one line to another.

Pin the tail on the bunny
Just like the donkey birthday game, we played the bunny version, and blind folded the kids , (good for 4’s and 5’s) spun them around, and using a cotton ball with tape on it, they tried to put the bunnies tail on. We didn’t do any type of reward to the one getting the closest, just had fun watching the kids try to put it on!

Another version of an Easter egg hunt
Since the children are searching always for eggs and candy, and by Sunday are usually up to their noses in it, I came up with an idea a couple of years ago to have a color crayon hunt. We decorate plain lunch sack bags for our baskets, and then I go out and sprinkle the ground with new color crayons, (there are generic brands out there that you can purchase at a good price and get quite a lot of crayons) .

The children have fun going out and searching for the crayons. Then I make up coloring books. Each child then gets to take home an Easter coloring book and new crayons to color from me. I usually do this late Friday afternoon.

Easter Crafts & Activities

Easter Necklace
Fun art for any season. You will need a bobby pin to use as a needle, colored yarn approx. 14 inches long, and colored straws cut into 1-inch pieces. Also have egg shapes cut from paper with a hole punched at top. String straw pieces onto yarn and intersperse egg shapes until yarn is filled. Tie ends to form a necklace. Substitute shapes for different seasons or holidays.

Easter Egg Stands
Toilet paper rolls cut into 1-inch long pieces make great egg stands. Have children decorate with stickers, paint, confetti, etc before using.

Easter Party Invitations
Draw and cut out a basket shape and eggs from construction paper. Glue the eggs and some plastic grass to the basket. Write your invitation on the outside of the basket.

Easter Bonnet
Decorate a paper plate with tissue paper flowers and leaves. Staple or glue decorations on bonnet. Poke a hole on each side. Put a ribbon through from the top and tie under chin. Have an Easter Parade wearing the bonnets.

Easter Bonnets
Paper Plate
Styrofoam Plates
Crayons or Markers
Misc Supplies Make
Easter bonnets from styrofoam soup bowls stapled to paper plates that have the center cut out of them. Let the children decorate them as desired. Supply them with cut out flowers, ribbon, and anything else you like.

Puzzle Wreaths for Easter
Old puzzle pieces
Green good coloring
Paper plate or cardboard
Plastic wrap
Various craft supplies

1. Mix four drops of green food coloring with a cup of white glue. Mix the green glue with all the puzzle pieces in a large bowl. If the mixture seems too drippy add more puzzle pieces. Stir until the pieces are evenly coated with glue.
2. Cut the center out of a paper plate or cardboard to form a wreath shape. Punch a hole in the edge of the rim and tie a piece of yarn through it to make a hanger.
3. Set the rim on a piece of plastic wrap on a flat surface where the wreath will be able to dry for several days without being moved. Pile spoonfuls of the puzzle-piece mixture around the rim to form a three-dimensional wreath. You may not need to use all of the mixture. Add or subtract pieces until the wreath looks right to you.
4. When the wreath has dried completely, you can decorate it by glueing on some artificial flowers. I used little easter decorations like eggs and bunnies from the craft store.




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