Easter Bunny Crafts

Easter Bunny Crafts

Springtime Bunny
You will need : green, blue and white construction paper – scissors and paste
Trace around 1 hand on white paper. cut it out. Fold the middle finger under. Fold the thumb and the pinky finger forward. Cut out a strip of grass. Paste the hand print (w/fingers folded) fingers up – and the grass on blue paper. draw a face on the bunny, draw paws on the bunny, color the inside of the ears pink.

Easter Bunny
Draw around a child on butcher or white bulletin board paper. Draw in ears and bunny paws and feet. just don’t draw too thin. Cut out and decorate. Let child decorate with rickrack, buttons, etc. They do like to paint them, but they don’t have to. Add wiggle eyes and pipe cleaner whiskers..Sometimes I double the paper and stuff and staple the bunny. Great on the front door!!

Juice Can Rabbits
frozen juice cans (glue white paper around)
construction paper ears (white outer & pink inner), nose (pink), eyes (or use googly eyes), and feet (white)
cotton balls (for tails)
black construction paper strips for whiskers
tissue paper or Easter grass
Easter goodies

Procedure: Children assemble rabbits by gluing rabbit parts onto juice can. Put some tissue paper or Easter grass and goodies into cans for children’s Easter treats.

Cotton Ball Rabbit
Draw and cut out a rabbit shape from cardboard. Cover the ears with pieces of pink felt. Outline them with glue and cotton balls. Spread glue over the rest of the rabbit, and completely cover it with cotton balls. From felt, cut out and glue on eyes, a nose and a bow tie. Glue buttons onto the body. Glue on black yarn for the mouth. Attach a short string to the top of the rabbit for a hanger.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Pins
To make these pins, start with a large cotton ball and glue on two wiggle-eyes. (these can be bought at craft stores for pennies) Basic fuzzy-wuzzies can be turned into different creatures by adding paper ears, yarn, whiskers, and whatever else you would like to add. Use safety pins to attach the fuzzy-wuzzy to your shirt.

Bunny Ears Headband
Similar to Indian headbands made from paper to fit around child’s head. Attach bunny ears decorated by children.

Paper Bag Bunnies
Materials needed:
2 paper lunch bags
paper paste
felt tip pens
one pink 1 1/2 pom pom
crepe paper or ribbon
white & pink construction paper
white pipe cleaners

Stuff newspapers fully into one lunch bag, Slightly into other. Tape open ends together, smaller bag on top for head. Cut features and ears out of construction paper or draw them in. Add pipe cleaner or ribbon whiskers and pom-pom nose. Draw bunny feet with pen along bottom of bag, or make from construction paper and tape to bottom. Add cotton ball tail. Tie crepe paper or ribbon in bow around neck.

Foot Bunnies
Materials needed:
Construction paper, White and pink.
Crayons, felt-tip markers or colored pencils
pipe cleaners
curling ribbon
1/2 inch pink pom-pom.

Remove one shoe; leave sock on. Bunny’s head and body are made by tracing your foot onto white construction paper with a pencil. Cut out. Turn tracing upside down. Cut out 2 long ears from white & pink paper. Glue pink pieces on white pieces. Then glue on top of heel outline. Color in bunny features with crayons, felt-tip markers. You can glue on pipe cleaners or curling ribbon make fine whiskers, pom-pom for nose and bunny needs a cotton tail!

Bunny Spoon Puppet
Using a white plastic spoon. Draw two buck teeth on the back of the spoon on the bottom section. I use a sharpie permanent marker. Above the teeth hot glue on two 1/4 inch white pom poms for the cheeks. Now above the 2 pom poms I glue on a 5mm pink or white pom pom. This will become the nose. These 5mm pom poms are tiny. I can never find them in pink so I just use white & then I touch them with a pink marker after they have been glued on. The marker will turn them pink. Now glue on 2 wiggle eyes above the nose. Now using fun foam in the color of white cut out two ears. Then color the middle area of the ear with pink marker. Let dry.

Now hot glue these two ears to the top inside or back of the spoon. Now I put a dot of hot glue to the upper handle of the spoon & press a lollipop into the glue. The top of the lollipop will rest in the dip or back of the spoon & the handle or stick of the lollipop will run down the handle of the spoon. Only apply a dot of glue or your kids won’t be able to pull of the lollipop.After the kids take off the lollipop they can use these as puppets. These are really cute.

Circle Bunny
Trace circles on white or pink paper. Cut them out. Cut ears from the sides of one circle leaving an hour glass shape in the center – use that as a bow tie – Draw a bunny face on the other circle. Glue ears and bow on rabbit face. Color – place on large sheet of construction paper.

Puffy Bunny Paint
You’ll need:
Shaving Cream White Glue Food Coloring (or I prefer Liquid Temepra)
Margarine Containers (or similar with covers)

Mix Puffy Paint with the children: Squirt shaving cream in the small containers until full. Use as many containers as you want colors. Squirt in one big blob of white glue in each container. Stir in small amounts of color until you get desired color. Please note: stirring will not deflate shaving cream. Cover until ready to use.

Paint with PUFFY PAINT: You can use assorted size brushes, q-tips, or hands and have children paint as they want. The puffier the better! Let dry. Your children will love the experience! Great smell too!

Bunnies in the Grass
White Paper
Pom-poms or cotton balls

Have child color a white sheet of paper all green (scribbling is just perfect), then have them glue on 10-15 1/2″ pom poms or pieces of cotton balls – Voila you now have “Baby Bunnies Hiding in the Grass!!”

Tuna Can Bunnies
Collect tuna cans until each child has one. Cover them with felt. Cotton balls can be used for tail. Use paper, markers, any combination can be used to make face and whiskers at the opposite end of the can. Put on paper ears and you have a bunny that can double as a jelly bean holder.

Bunny Mask
You can make a bunny mask out of a paper plate. Cut holes out for the eyes. Draw on the nose, add felt strips or yarn for the whiskers, make a mouth and glue on 2 chicklets for the teeth. Add ears that you have precut. Attach elastic to tie around the child’s head.

Make The White Rabbit
Challenge the kids to make the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. You can give them: white balloons (4 long and 2 round), sticky tape, string, scissors, felt pens, crepe paper, cotton wool and card. See if they remember themselves that he has a stopwatch and a waistcoat.

Ping-Pong Finger Puppet Bunny
Draw a circle on your ping pong ball large enough to put your finger through. Carefully make a small hole in the middle of this circle so that it fits your finger. Cut out two ear shapes which should be 1cm wide at the bottom. With a paper knife cut two 1cm slits in top of ball and insert ears. Draw in rabbits face with felt-pens. Make whiskers by threading 3 or 4 lengths of waxed thread through each side of the nose. Use a small ball of cotton wool for the tail at the back.

Bunny Card
Fold a piece of card in ½ and open out again. You can now see the fold line. Draw a picture of a bunny on both parts of the card – the neck of the bunny should be on the fold. Make sure the ears are at least 1cm from the top edge. Cut around the head carefully – possibly best with a craft knife . Press the head out then fold the top ½ backwards along the line so that the card stands up.

Lollipop Easter Bunny Card
Fold a piece of card in ½ . Draw a rabbit on the front and colour in. Stick on buttons or felt for eyes. Make 2 slits between rabbits paws and thread lolly stick through the slits. Write message inside.

Bunny Mask
What You Need:
Paper Plates
Paint (and perhaps sponges for painting)
Paper or Felt
What You Do:
Give the children the materials and let them create a bunny mask. Cut holes out for the eyes.. Use yarn for whiskers. Pompoms for teeth and either construction Paper or felt ears. Finally, use either elastic or yarn to tie around child’s head.

Fine Motor Bunny
1 paper plate per child; 2 ears per child cut out of brown construction paper; 3 black whiskers per child

Fold paper plate in half and staple it together. Have the children color the rabbit brown. Attach the ears with glue to the one end of the curved plate. Glue on 3 black whiskers. Have the children draw on eyes and a nose with crayons. Glue on a cotton ball to the opposite end of the face.




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