Easter Chick Crafts

Easter Chick Crafts

Swimming Duck
yellow, blue, white and orange construction paper – scissors and paste
Trace around 1 hand on white paper, cut it out. Cut out a yellow duck body and yellow duck head, orange feet and an orange bill. Glue them on blue paper – using the hand print sideways as the ducks wings. Draw an eye on the duck and water lines around the duck.

Handprint Chick
Trace around 2 hands on white paper – cut them out. Cut out a yellow circle (chicks head) and a large yellow egg shape (chicks body). Cut out 2 orange feet, 2 white eyes and an orange beak. Using the handprints (fingers down) for wings glue the body parts on green paper. Glue white or yellow tissue paper onto chicks for feathers

Chicken in a Shell
Cut a large oval egg form wall paper or white paper. Draw jagged line across half of egg and cut. If white paper is used, it should be decorated. Make a chick’s head out of yellow or white construction paper. Color beak and eyes black. Paste chick to bottom half of egg shell. Fasten top and bottom shell together with paper fastener so top half of shell can be moved to reveal chick.

Easter Chicks
2 Cotton Balls
Orange and Black Construction Paper
Dry, Yellow tempera Paint
Empty, Clean Egg Shell

Put some of the paint in a Ziploc Bag, put in the 2 cotton balls and shake until they are yellow. Glue together to make chick’s body. Feet, eyes, and beaks can be cut from orange & black construction paper and glued on. Then you can glue the chick into half of the egg shell.

Barefoot Chick
Yellow Paint
construction Paper

Paint (giggling allowed!) the bottom of the child’s foot with yellow washable liquid paint. Have him press his foot onto a sheet of construction paper. When the child’s foot is clean and the paint is dry, have him use crayons to add an eye, beak, and legs to his chick. Finally have him spread glue along the bottom of the paper, then sprinkle the glue with cornmeal.

Chick Stick Puppets
Glue a yellow pom pom to a craft stick and add eyes and beak.

Barnyard Chicks
Have the children create a barnyard scene to decorate. Use a sheet of blue construction paper for the background and add green and brown for the grass and ground. Children can do some sponge painting on white paper with yellow paint; when the paint is dry, cut out a chick shape.

Use construction paper to add eyes, beak and feet. Glue on some yellow feathers to add realistic effect(available at craft stores). Glue the chicks on the background paper and add a barn and other details to create a farm scene.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Pins
To make these pins, start with a large cotton ball and glue on two wiggle-eyes. (these can be bought at craft stores for pennies) Basic fuzzy-wuzzies can be turned into different creatures by adding paper ears, yarn, whiskers, and whatever else you would like to add. Use safety pins to attach the fuzzy-wuzzy to your shirt.

Fluffy Pinecone Chick
From Crafts for Easter

(I am hooked on her books…they are fabulous…
and this one is only $5.56 when you buy it through Amazon!)

by Kathy Ross
Text © Kathy Ross, Art © Sharon Lane Holm
Used by permission of the Millbrook Press

Large, fat pinecone
Yellow paint/brush
White, orange, blue and white felt scraps
Green construction paper
Easter grass

1. Paint the pinecone yellow and let it dry.

2. Wrap the pinecone in a thin layer of fiberfill, using the pencil to poke the fluff between the scales of the pinecone.

3. Cut wings, a beak, and eyes from the felt scraps and glue them on the pinecone body.
4. Cut a 4 inch circle out of green construction paper. Glue the easter grass on top of the circle. Then glue the pinecone chick to the middle of the grass.

Makes an adorable table decoration!!




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