Easter Basket Crafts

Easter Basket Crafts

Egg Carton Baskets
One plastic foam egg carton will make three baskets. Cut off top of carton. Cut the carton into three sections, each containing four cups. One section makes a basket. Make small holes on 2 opposite sides of each basket. Twist 2 pipe cleaners together to form a handle. Push the ends of the handle into holes. Fill basket with cellophane grass. Decorate handle with ribbons.

Egg Basket
Have children cut strips of colored paper and weave them in and out of tomato or strawberry basket. (the small, green ones) Fill with Easter grass and put in candy or a couple eggs. Use pipe cleaners for handle and decorate with ribbons.

Cone Basket
1. Fill an empty ice-cream cone with assorted candies.
2. Cut a circle from plastic food wrap, and lay it over the top of the cone. Tie 2 ribbons around the top rim of the cone, and knot at the opposite sides.
3. Bring the 4 ends of the ribbons up, and tie them in a bow to make the handle. Hang the cone basket on someones doorknob.

Take two sheets of large construction paper and cut in circles the size of a large record or dinner plate. Take a paintbrush and paint liquid starch generously on one of the circles. Take the other circle and place neatly on top of the starched circle. Then center the stuck-together circles over a mayonnaise jar with the lid on and pull down the sides and put a rubber band around the lid and the circles. Flare out the edges of the circles and leave them on the jars over night. They will look like lampshades.

After the night, take them off and turn them over. You will have a frilly-looking basket, and it is sturdy too. Then the children can decorate it. You can use wadded up pieces of tissue paper that they dip in glue and stick to their baskets. You can make the baskets two tone by using two colors of paper. You can also use large drinking glasses for a mold. The handle can be a long pipe cleaner.

Woven Baskets
Pastel colored construction paper two colors
Glue or stapler

Using one piece of paper cut horizontal straight lines about one inch in from side to side across paper, about 1/2 inch a part from each other. The paper should be covered from top to bottom with these slits. Next take the other color of paper and cut 1/2 strips. Weave these strips in and out of the slits in the first paper. When completed with all the strips glue the ends of the strips to the first paper to hold in place.

Next fold up the sides to make a basket shape. Staple or glue in place. With a contrasting color make a handle on your basket and staple or glue. Basket can then be filled with shredded paper to make a nest in the bottom.


Easter Grass Baskets
Plant grass seed in saran wrap lined berry baskets.

Another Easter Grass Basket
You can use the bottom of 1/2 gallon milk jugs-cut them off 3 or 4 inches from the bottom, line with colored saran wrap, and plant as you were going to- a little more sturdy.

Paper Bag Bunny Basket
At open end of bag, draw bunny ears along outside edges and cut. Decorate bag on one side with face of bunny. Staple ears together at top. Stand bag up and open. Fill bottom with cellophane grass and fill!

Paper Mache Easter Basket
Blow up a large balloon – cover with paper mache – when dry pop the balloon and cut a handle into the paper mache to form a basket – paint and fill with grass and goodies!!!!


Bunny Baskets
Empty, Clean Small Milk Carton
Construction Paper
Crayons or Markers

Cut off the top 1/3 of the milk carton. Staple a 1″ strip of paper across the top for a handle. Cut out bunny shapes; sitting up bunny – ears on top, round head and fat body. Make sure it is the width of the milk carton (a bit like the traditional cat drawing).

Decorate the basket with paper chips (small pieces of paper cut or torn) and draw on bunny’s face. You can also paint the basket with glue and dip it into a container of confetti. Glue on a cotton ball on the opposite side of basket for bunny’s tail.

Bunny Pop Basket
2 Lt. Pop Bottle
Wiggle Eyes
Pom-pom or cotton ball

Take a clear 2 lt. pop bottle take off the bottom support if there is one. Cut the bottle in half so you remove the opening. Next cut down on the bottle till there is about 3-4″ left which will be the body. Move left or right about 4-5″ and cut down the same distance. Remove this section that is loose.
Go to the opposite side and diagonally cut two pointed ears (don’t cut them off).

Cut out pink felt and glue on to the plastic ears. Glue on eyes (wiggle or paper), pink triangle felt nose (or paper) with little strips of white paper to resemble wiskers. Don’t forget the cotton ball or white pompom for the tail! Fill with easter grass.




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