23 Upbeat and Popular Graduation Songs for Kids of All Ages

A graduation ceremony is something students will remember forever. You can make this moment special by planning a meaningful speech, playing some graduation songs for kids, and making sure every student gets the chance to celebrate their achievements. Here are some songs you can play between speeches, use to create slideshows, or play before the ceremony begins.

Preschool Graduation Songs

A preschool graduation ceremony should be short, fun, and meaningful. We like these songs because you can turn them into sing-alongs or play them as the parents watch slideshows of their kids’ favorite activities.

</p> <h3>1. Thank You - Patty Shukla</h3> <p>


We like “Thank You” because the lyrics are simple and meaningful. It’s the perfect song for a sing-along, and the song is about thanking the teachers, staff, and parents. It’s a great way to end a graduation ceremony on a positive note!

</p> <h3>2. What I Am - Sesame Street with Will.i.am</h3> <p>


This fun song features Will.i.am singing with some Sesame Street characters. You can play the YouTube video for a fun interlude since the children will recognize the Sesame Street characters. We like this song because there is a beautiful message about being the best person you can be.

</p> <h3>3. We’re Moving up to Kindergarten - The Orchard Enterprises</h3> <p>


This song lasts a little under two minutes. It’s an excellent choice to get the ceremony started or to conclude it. It celebrates what the children have achieved in preschool and helps them get excited about going to kindergarten.

</p> <h3>4. With a Little Help from My Friends – The Beatles</h3> <p>


This fun and upbeat version of “With a Little Help from My Friends” is a classic that parents will love. The children will appreciate the message about friendship.

</p> <h3>5.Teach Your Children – Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young</h3> <p>


This classic song is relaxing and a little bittersweet. It’s a great way to end a graduation ceremony. This song will make the parents stop and reflect for a minute. We think this song is a great way to celebrate education and remind us of what matters.

</p> <h3>6. The Bare Necessities – Phil Harris & Bruce Reitherman</h3> <p>


This fun song from the Jungle Book is sure to get everyone singing and dancing. You can use it as a sing-along, or create a slideshow to reminisce on the fun you had together. We like this Disney song because it’s about finding joy in the little things, an important life lesson for everyone!

</p> <h3>7. Time in a Bottle – Jim Croce</h3> <p>


This dreamy song is about treasuring the moments that matter. It will make a lasting impression on the parents and emphasize the importance of this milestone.

</p> <h3>8. You’ve Got a Friend in Me – Randy Newman</h3> <p>


Children know this song from Toy Story and will probably want to sing along. Children typically form their first friendships at preschool, and this song is the perfect way to celebrate that!

Kindergarten Graduation Songs

Children who graduate from kindergarten are usually excited and nervous about first grade. Here are some graduation songs for kids to celebrate that milestone and encourage them to face the future with a positive attitude.

</p> <h3>1. A Whole New World – Lea Salonga & Brad Kane</h3> <p>


This song from the Aladdin soundtrack is about the excitement of discovering something new. It’s a great way to help students see the next step as an adventure!

</p> <h3>2. Celebration – Kool & The Gang</h3> <p>


Playing “Celebration” to get the ceremony started is ideal if you want to get everyone excited. This upbeat song will remind everyone that this milestone is an occasion to have fun.

</p> <h3>3. Go the Distance – Roger Bart</h3> <p>


This motivational song from Hercules has a powerful message about courage and perseverance.

</p> <h3>4. Make it Happen – Mariah Carrey</h3> <p>


“Make it Happen” is a powerful song about overcoming obstacles. There is a positive message about finding success through hard work.

</p> <h3>5. You’ll Be in my Heart – Phil Collins</h3> <p>


This motivational song from Hercules has a powerful message about courage and perseverance.

</p> <h3>6 How Far I’ll Go – Auli’i Cravalho</h3> <p>


This song from Moana is about wanting to go on an adventure. It’s a fun way to get the kids excited about first grade, and most of them will probably know the lyrics.

</p> <h3>7. Fly – Avril Lavigne</h3> <p>


“Fly” is an inspirational song about spreading one’s wings and flying. We think the song is a beautiful metaphor for growing up.

</p> <h3>8. On My Way – Phil Collins</h3> <p>


This upbeat song is about the excitement of discovering new things and making new friends. Children will probably know it from Brother Bear and will get excited for first grade when they hear it.

Elementary School Graduation Songs

Graduating from elementary school is a major milestone. Children are becoming pre-teens and are about to start a new chapter in their lives. The graduation ceremony is an occasion to have fun and to look back on the memories the children created together by playing these graduation songs for kids.

</p> <h3>1. I Gotta Feeling – The Black Eyed Peas</h3> <p>


Add this classic party song to your pre-ceremony playlist. It’s a great way to set the mood and get everyone dancing.

</p> <h3>2. The Climb- Miley Cyrus</h3> <p>


This inspirational song is about going after one’s dreams. Play it between speeches or use it for slideshows to encourage students to reflect on what comes next for them.

</p> <h3>3. I Will Remember You – Amy Grant</h3> <p>


This meaningful song is about saying goodbye and remembering the people who matter to you.

</p> <h3>4. Don’t Forget to Remember – The Bee Gees</h3> <p>


We like this song because it has a powerful message about looking back fondly on the people who played an important part in your life.

</p> <h3>5. Never Grow Up – Taylor Swift</h3> <p>


“Never Grow Up” is about being a teen. It encourages children to stay young a little longer.

</p> <h3>6. Fly Like an Eagle – The Steve Miller Band</h3> <p>


This dreamy song has some beautiful imagery about growing up and moving to the next chapter of one’s life.

</p> <h3>7. Have it All – Jason Mraz</h3> <p>


End the graduation ceremony by playing “Have it All.” It’s the perfect way to wish nothing but success and good things to the students!

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