9 Exciting Indoor Playgrounds for Kids of All Ages

When you have kids in your home, the great outdoors can be your best friend to help them get some energy out. Unfortunately, the outdoors isn’t always accessible. What do you do when you can’t let the kids run and play to their heart’s content outside? You bring the play equipment inside!

We’ve scoured the internet and beyond to find the most exciting indoor playgrounds for kids out there to help you create an indoor wonderland for your kiddos all year long.

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Things to Consider

  • Age: Consider the age range on the equipment you’re looking at to ensure it’s safe but exciting for all the kids who will use it.
  • Space: Make sure you check ceiling height as well as length and depth of your space.
  • Cost: Your budget will determine the type of indoor playgrounds for kids you can get as well as how much you can buy.
  • Personal Preferences: Do you like swing sets versus slides or soft equipment over wooden pieces? Take those preferences into account when shopping.

A) Indoor Play Equipment for Toddlers (Ages 2-5)

</p> <h3>1. Step2 Play Ball Fun Climber (with Slide)</h3> <p><span class="su-label su-label-type-success">ChildFun Favorite</span>

Step2 Play Ball Fun Toddler Climber, Indoor/Outdoor Playground Set, Slide, Ball Drop Wall, Climbing Stair, Easy to Assemble, Backyard Playset, Kids Ages 1.5+ Years Old

Recommended Ages: 1.5 and up
Dimensions: 38.25” H x 53.25” W x 35.75” D
Product Weight: 25lbs
Weight Limit: 43lbs
 Unique Features: Ball drop game, stairs and side climber, short slide, primary colors
The Step2 Play Ball Fun Climber is perfect for toddlers who are still mastering standing and walking and those who are skilled in those areas. The ball drop feature allows older children to learn about STEM skills like physics, while youngsters can practice their fine motor skills by picking up and dropping the balls into the maze.

What Kids Will Love Potential Downsides for Parents
Climbing and sliding fun for a variety of skill levels Need a softer surface underneath to reduce chances of injury
Ball maze feature adds excitement and motor skills practice Can’t utilize sand/water feature of ball bucket indoors
Several kids can play at once

With features that help to promote motor skills, STEM learning, social skills, and more, this Step2 activity center is perfect for several toddlers to enjoy at a time.

</p> <h3>2. ECR4Kids SoftZone Climb and Crawl Activity Play Set</h3> <p>

ECR4Kids SoftZone Climb and Crawl Playset, Building Blocks, Assorted, 5-Piece

Recommended Ages: 9 months- 3 years
Dimensions: 16” W x 24” L x 9” D
Product Weight: 9lbs
Weight Limit: None
Unique Features: Put it together however you like, soft foam and vinyl construction, available in three color palettes, 5-piece set, Greenguard certified
The SoftZone Climb and Crawl Playset by ECR4Kids is a soft and simple play set that you can set up however you like. Kids love the ability to change up the look and feel of their play equipment several times a day. As a bonus, it’s easy to clean when kids are done playing.

What Kids Will Love Potential Downsides for Parents
Easy to reassemble however you want Takes up a lot of room
Soft for extended crawling, tumbling, and climbing Pricey compared to other toddler play equipment
Large pieces each with multiple uses
</p> <h3>3. Panda Playground Indoor Jungle Gym</h3> <p>
Recommended Ages: 18 months plus
Dimensions: 4’ H x 36’ W x 36’ D
Product Weight: 60lbs
Weight Limit: 100lbs
Unique Features: Climbing net, two ladders, rings, platform with slide, and swing all in one; foldable, eco-friendly, and easy to assemble
The Panda Playground offers a true outdoor experience inside your home but takes up very little space. This product is foldable so you can utilize your space for other things, but folds out easily for playtime. It has six play features in one to keep your little ones interested as they grow.

What Kids Will Love Potential Downsides for Parents
Colorful design with multiple ways to play Need soft foam mat for underneath to stop potential injuries
Fun for all ages starting at just over one-year-old Assembly is required
Multiple kids can play at once, so sharing isn’t a problem

B) Indoor Play Yards for Older Kids (Ages 5-12)

</p> <h3>1. Step2 Play Ball Fun Climber (with Slide)</h3> <p><span class="su-label su-label-type-success">ChildFun Favorite</span>

Wooden Indoor Foldable Climbing Playset | Playground for Kids | Gym Sets Up with Hammock Climbing Ladder Swing Slide and Rings (Colored)

Recommended Ages: 3-14 years
Dimensions: 63” H x 73” W x 37” D
Product Weight: 74lbs
Weight Limit: 180lbs
Unique Features: Climbing net, ladder, rope climb, monkey bar platform, swinging ladder, hammock, swing, and gymnastics rings.
This playset is made from splinter-free ash wood and comes in either a natural wood finish or bright colors. The playground is perfect for a wide age range because it allows kids to climb at their level and pace utilizing any of the multiple available climbing options. The height of the set is also adjustable to your needs.

What Kids Will Love Potential Downsides for Parents
Dynamic play for a large age range utilizing climbing and swinging features Safety can be an issue if you don’t have proper mats underneath
Bright and bold colors Must be mounted to a wall; not freestanding
Multiple activities to keep them busy
</p> <h3>2. Comet-1: Kids Indoor Home Gym</h3> <p>
Comet-1 Kids Indoor Home Gym
Recommended Ages: 5 years and up
Dimensions: 7’ 8”- 9’ 11” H x 42” W
Product Weight: 62-65lbs
Weight Limit: 220lbs
Unique Features: Swedish bar, rope ladder, gymnastic rings, climbing rope, and trapeze bar
The Comet-1 is a climbing and gymnastics gym that encourages active play in school-age children. This set comes in multiple colors and features several ways to play, including a climbing rope, Swedish wall, and more. The set does not come with gymnastics mats, which may be necessary for safety.

What Kids Will Love Potential Downsides for Parents
Exciting set that allows kids to climb, swing, and play in multiple ways Need to buy mats separately
Work on strength, speed, and motor skills Must attach to ceiling and possibly a wall for security
Tall set makes it feel like you’re outside on regular playground equipment
</p> <h3>3. Plum Large Climbing Dome with Slide</h3> <p>

HearthSong Indoor/Outdoor Climbing Dome and Play Set, Includes 4' Slide, 7¼'L x 5½'W x 2½'H Dome, Holds up to 175 lbs.

Recommended Ages: 3 years and up
Dimensions: 87” L x 29” H x 66” W
Product Weight: 52.3lbs
Weight Limit: 175lbs
Unique Features: Climb on or inside of dome, platform and slide inside are only accessible by climbing the dome; no stairs
The Plum Large Climbing Dome is made from metal to ensure it’s sturdy, no matter how many kids try to play at a time. Its geometric shape is attractive to kids of all ages, and the fun of climbing up to slide will last for hours. This product helps to develop motor and cognitive skills.

What Kids Will Love Potential Downsides for Parents
Imaginative play will come alive as they swing, climb, and crawl Must anchor into floor
Not your typical playset or a simple stairway to a slide Takes up a lot of space and isn’t foldable for storage
Sturdy for use with lots of friends

C) Indoor Ball Pits For Kids

</p> <h3>1. KidWise Zoo Park Bouncer with Ball Pit</h3> <p><span class="su-label su-label-type-success">ChildFun Favorite</span>
KidWise Zoo Park Bouncer with Ball Pit
Recommended Ages: 2-7 years
Dimensions: 10.5’ L x 6’ H x 9.8’ W
Product Weight: 48lbs
Weight Limit: 225lbs
Unique Features: Bouncer area, ball pit, slide, ball hoop, comes with 50 balls, inflates in mere minutes, easy to clean surface
What Kids Will Love Potential Downsides for Parents
Slides both into the ball pit and out of the bouncer On the pricey side for an inflatable
Multiple activities for hours of fun Fumes from the product require a warning label in the state of California, so you shouldn’t use it until you air it out
Up to three kids at a time can play
</p> <h3>2. Triclicks Deluxe Kids Ball Pit</h3> <p>
Triclicks Deluxe Kids Ball Pit
Recommended Ages: 12months and up
Dimensions: 90” x 30” x 5cm
Product Weight: 5.2lbs
Weight Limit: None
Unique Features: Velvet and elastic sponge, removable and washable liner, multifunctional pit/playpen, non-toxic

This ball pit/ play yard is perfect for babies and toddlers. It comes in a variety of colors to match your décor and allows your child to learn fine and gross motor skills. The lining is easy to clean for you and soft to the touch for your child.

What Kids Will Love Potential Downsides for Parents
Large space to move around Must purchase balls separately
Excitement of a ball pit, but other toys can come in too Takes up a lot of space when stored away
They can be in the room with you while you work
</p> <h3>3. Playz 5pc Kids Playhouse Jungle Gym Ball Pit</h3> <p>

Playz 5pc Kids Play Tent Jungle Gym, Ball Pit, Pop Up Tents & Play Tunnel for Toddlers, Babies, and Kids Indoor & Outdoor Playhouse Bundle with Dartboard and 5 Sticky Balls, Gift for Boys & Girls

Recommended Ages: 3 months- 8 years
Dimensions: 38” H x 130+” W
Product Weight: 3lbs
Weight Limit: None
Unique Features: Fold-up/Pop-up tents and tunnels, triple secured ends for damage resistance, five unique pieces with for fun throughout

A unique ball pit and activity center for young children, the Playz 5pc Kids Playhouse features multiple activities from basketball to ball-darts to tunnels. The ball pit can fit up to 1000 balls, and the tunnels and various activity tents will keep your kids busy for hours.

What Kids Will Love Potential Downsides for Parents
Multiple activity centers Takes up a lot of space
Bright colors
Large area to play and enjoy


Finding ways to curb boredom when you have young kids can be tough. Getting your older kids away from screens and into physical play can be tougher. Try some indoor playgrounds for kids to watch your children enjoy some physical activity in the safety of your home.

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