13 Must Read Science Books for Kids

There’s no better time than now to begin inspiring the love of science in your kids. Children love adventures, and science can be one of them! There are so many topics in science to encourage your child, no matter his personality.

Science Books for Kids

From learning the basics of life to exploring space, there’s a science book that your child will love. Science will teach your child to ask questions, be inquisitive, explore his surroundings, and learn about things that aren’t necessarily right in front of her. In our guide below, we offer our favorite book from each category and a few more top choices.

If you’re still not convinced that science is for your child, check out this Ted Talk for more inspiration. If you’re ready to help your child develop a love of science, flip through our guide below for age-appropriate science books for kids.

Below you’ll find our favorite book noted with a ‘ChildFun Favorite’ label in each category and a few more top selections. Don’t forget to check our guide for age-appropriateness and what content you’ll find in each. Some books will be great to read along and explore with your child, while others may offer some self-guided learning.

Recommended Science Experiment Books For Kids

If you’d like to set your child free on some experiments or help her along the way, go for one of these fun experiment books!

</p> <h3>1. The 101 Coolest Simple Science Experiments</h3> <p><span class="su-label su-label-type-success">ChildFun Favorite</span>

The 101 Coolest Simple Science Experiments: Awesome Things To Do With Your Parents, Babysitters and Other Adults

This book is great for kids ages five to six years. Some photographs document the experiments for kids to follow along to. Think of a Pinterest-worthy guide to science experience that is centered around natural household items. Experiments are organized in categories like Physics, Kitchen Chemistry, and Making Things Move.

What Kids Will Love

  • Photographs make it easy to follow along
  • Experiments are easily organized to choose from
</p> <h3>2. 101 Great Science Experiments DK</h3> <p>

101 Great Science Experiments: A Step-by-Step Guide

We love this book that will quickly engage your kids who are aged seven to 12 years or older. Fun categories of experiments include Hot and Cold, Senses, Water and Liquids, and more. Kids will be able to follow along the step by step instructions with or without some parental guidance.

What Kids Will Love

  • Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions
  • Bright photographs to follow along with
</p> <h3>3. The Slime Book by DK</h3> <p>

The Slime Book: All You Need to Know to Make the Perfect Slime

This book comes packed with everything you need to know about making slime at home. It’s not your typical science experiment book, but it’s a great introduction to science ideas that will engage kids five years and older.

What Kids Will Love

  • Easy to follow recipes for slime with simple, easy to understand instructions
  • Most ingredients are easy to find at home without needing to purchase more

Recommended Chemistry Books for Kids

If you’d like to introduce your child to the concepts of chemistry and support their love of learning, you’ll love any of these top chemistry book options for kids.

</p> <h3>1. All About Matter (Science Builders)</h3> <p><span class="su-label su-label-type-success">ChildFun Favorite</span>

All about Matter (Science Builders)

This short book is great for kids ages four to eight years. Little ones will learn all about matter – solids, liquids, and gases. Kids will get to learn about each with bright illustrated photographs.

What Kids Will Love

  • Illustrated with bright, easy to digest photographs.
  • A great introduction to complicated ideas for young minds
</p> <h3>2. Molecule Mayhem (Pop-Up) Chemistry Chaos</h3> <p>

Molecule Mayhem

This book is perfect for kids ages five to seven years and older as an introduction to chemistry concepts. The book combines pull tabs, pop-ups, and booklets to engage your child and answer questions like “Why do onions make us cry?”

What Kids Will Love

  • Bright, engaging illustrations
  • Easy to follow experiments
</p> <h3>3. The Solid Truth about Matter (LOL Physical Science)</h3> <p>

The Solid Truth about Matter (Fact Finders) (Lol Physical Science)

Kids ages eight to ten years can easily follow along with this book that teaches all about matter in an easily understandable way. Some topics your kids can explore are viscosity and friction.

What Kids Will Love

  • The jokes and humor included in the book make science fun and engaging
  • Illustrations make complex ideas easier to understand

Recommended Computer Science Books for Kids

Of the many topics in science, you can’t leave out computer science books for kids! Our society is ever-evolving, and technology is a much-needed skill of the future, check out these ideas for introducing computer science to your child.

</p> <h3>1. Coding In Scratch by DK</h3> <p><span class="su-label su-label-type-success">ChildFun Favorite</span>

DK Workbooks: Computer Coding: An Introduction to Computer Programming

Computer science can be dry if it’s not written correctly for kids. You don’t have to worry about that with this book; here, you’ll find interactive lessons to help your child develop an interest in coding and computer science topics. Each interactive lesson gets your child to work hands-on, giving them the ability to reinforce the concepts they’re learning. Kids ages six to nine years will be able to follow along in this book.

What Kids Will Love

  • Interactive projects to work on
  • Pairing these guides up with other guides mentioned below (Coding Games in Scratch)
</p> <h3>2. Coding Games in Scratch</h3> <p>

Coding Games in Scratch: A Step-by-Step Visual Guide to Building Your Own Computer Games (Computer Coding for Kids)

This step-by-step guide gives a visual representation of building computer games. This book is aimed at school-aged kids; this guide uses Scratch – a free program that many schools use to introduce kids to the basics of coding. They’ll be able to create a few types of primary games.

What Kids Will Love

  • Easy to follow guide lets children follow along and keep up with ease
  • Uses a real, free program that students may also use in school
</p> <h3>3. HTML for Babies</h3> <p>

HTML for Babies: Volume 1 of Web Design for Babies

It may seem a little strange to introduce your young baby to the world of coding, but this board book will grab the attention of your little with ease. Your little one will learn about HTML markup code with topics like open tags and close tags.

What Kids Will Love

  • Bright, colorful text for learning colors and grabbing attention
  • Board book style for grabbing and chewing
</p> <h3>4. Python for Kids: A Playful Introduction to Programming</h3> <p>

Python for Kids: A Playful Introduction To Programming

If you’ve got a kid that is interested in coding, Scratch isn’t the only programming language available for free. There’s also Python, but it’s at a little higher level, for older school-aged kids. For kids new to computer science, this book goes the whole nine years in engaging kids and making information easily digestible.

What Kids Will Love

  • Easy to understand information with visual representations
  • Content is made appealing to break up the monotony of coding

Recommended Space Books for Kids

There’s no topic more explore-worthy than outer space. Kids from young to old love to learn all about the depths of space that are too far to see.

</p> <h3>1. Exploring Constellations</h3> <p><span class="su-label su-label-type-success">ChildFun Favorite</span>

Exploring Constellations (Discover the Night Sky)

Kids ages six to 9 years will enjoy this book that features constellations of both the southern and northern hemispheres. Kids will learn about the constellations in groups of seasons. This excellent guide features the definitions to new terms both on the page and in a glossary at the end of the book.

What Kids Will Love

  • Constellations are grouped so that kids can find them in the real night sky
  • Terms explained so kids can learn along the way
</p> <h3>2. Rocket Science for Babies</h3> <p>

Rocket Science for Babies: A Fun Space and Science Learning Gift for Babies or White Elephant Gift for Adults from the #1 Science Author for Kids (Baby University)

Along the lines of space is rocket science, and because children are never too young to start learning about complex ideas, this is a great book to get the process started. Children ages one to three years will love this board book that explains Newtonian physics, general relativity, quantum entanglement, and more.

What Kids Will Love

  • Simple explanations and illustrations to introduce new ideas
  • Pair the book with physical representations easily to show your child the concepts in action
</p> <h3>3. Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System</h3> <p>

Professor Astro Cat's Solar System

This book will intrigue the minds of kids aged five to eight years. Using fun cat characters like Professor Astro Cat, your child will be able to explore the solar system. The illustrations pair familiar concepts with complicated ideas to help your child learn concepts about space.

What Kids Will Love

  • Space exploration and physics topics become easily digestible with helpful illustrations
  • Fun, exciting characters to grab attention

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