30 Inspiring Random Acts of Kindness for Kids

People do not often remember you for all your accomplishments, but they do not forget how you made them feel. There are a variety of ways you can spread happiness to others daily. You never know how someone else’s day might be going, but a small, inspiring random act of kindness for kids could make the most significant difference.

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Inspiring Random Acts of Kindness for Kids

  • Teach your younger or older sibling a new concept or lesson – knowledge goes a long way, and you can help make your sibling smarter by teaching them something they might not know.
  • Read an article or story to someone else – sharing insights through an inspiring book or article can influence someone else to improve their life in some way.
  • Assist Mom or Dad in cleaning the kitchen – not only does this show maturity on your part, but it will also help save your parents time and stress.
  • Be consistent about keeping your room clean – when you clean your room without being asked, it communicates to your parents that they have raised a disciplined child.
  • Write a thoughtful note to a friend or family member – you could text them or go the extra mile in writing out something that you are thankful for or appreciate in that person.
  • Bake a treat for your bus driver – there is no better way to show gratitude to the person who gets you to where you need to go every day than FOOD.
  • Help your classmates with their homework – if you are skilled in a subject, you can show kindness by sharing your knowledge with one of your peers.
  • Gain permission to visit a nursing home – many people who live in a nursing home just want someone to talk to. If you spend time and listen to someone share their story, that will mean the world to them.
  • Sweep high-traffic areas in your house without being asked – if your parents are gone for the day, you can deliver a beautiful surprise and vacuum your home.
  • Draft a loving poem for your parents – whether it is for Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, a unique gift to them could be a poem about what you love most about each of them.
  • Assist the teacher in organizing the classroom – since you utilize the class, you can sacrifice time to help your teacher organize desks and other belongings in the school. You might even influence some of your other classmates to do the same!
  • Donate food or clothes to a local shelter or food bank – there is no better way to show kindness than giving gifts to people who are less fortunate than you. Research local shelters and food banks in your community where you could make a huge difference!
  • Create a picture or work of art and give it to someone – people will not care about the quality of the photograph or artwork that you give them, but they will think highly of you for putting in the effort to make them feel special.
  • Bake a cake for your grandparents – you can strengthen the bond between you and your grandparents by baking and sharing a meal with them. This kind deed will also make your parents proud because they have raised such a thoughtful child.
  • Thoughtful sticky note activity – think about what you love most about all your family members, and then write down your kind thoughts on sticky notes. You can stick them around the house in unexpected places and brighten someone’s day!
  • Bake cupcakes for your school custodian – janitors- are not as appreciated as they should be, so make their day special by baking delicious cakes.
  • Do your part in helping prepare dinner – whoever makes dinner in your home might get tired of doing all the work after a while, and it shows maturity on your part to lend a helping hand. This deed could be something small, such as setting the table or preparing a side dish.
  • Pay for someone’s meal at a fast-food restaurant – when you are ordering your food, you can mention to the cashier that you want to cover the lunch of the person behind you. If you are going to make this even more fun, you could make it anonymous and watch the other person’s reaction!
  • Dedicate your time to helping at a soup kitchen – you can volunteer your time to help distribute meals at a soup kitchen, and you can meet some engaging other volunteers and people in the process.
  • Make a thoughtful sign for healthcare workers – you can put your creative skills into practice and sign for doctors and nurses you can display in your yard. You can make someone feel very special when they drive past your house and see your sign.
  • Give your toys to the Toys for Tots program – there is a good chance that you could do with fewer toys, so think of someone else and give your gadget to a child who would enjoy it a lot more than you do.
  • Invite someone from your class to play at the playground – you could make someone feel special by scheduling time in the future to strengthen your friendship with them through playtime.
  • Prepare a meal for your local fire station – firefighters are a group that helps make the community safer, so you could show your gratitude by baking a tasty meal for them.
  • Shovel someone’s driveway for them – depending on where you live and what time of year it is, and you could offer your services to shovel snow off someone’s driveway or weed their yard. You could gain their goodwill by just dedicating a small chunk of your time to making their house look better.
  • Create a lemonade stand or bake sale for charity – you could set up your store in your yard or at the grocery store, and then sell your baked goods or lemonade. You can promote your favorite charity and donate 100% of the proceeds to that organization.
  • Washing someone else’s car for them – an automobile is an exclusive possession to a lot of people. If you give your time to helping someone wash their car and make it clean, this is a very inspiring deed.
  • Pick up litter at the park – when you make your community a cleaner, more beautiful place, and this is an excellent way to influence someone else to perform a similar deed.
  • Return someone’s cart for them at the store – if you see an older person trying to take back their cart at the store, offer to push it for them. This deed will make them very happy and save some of their energy.
  • Hold the door open for someone else – this act of kindness takes minimal effort, but your thoughts will make someone else feel happy and thankful for you.
  • Take dogs for a walk at a local animal shelter. This deed is fun because not only do you get to hang out with cute furry friends, but you also provide valuable volunteer work for a local organization in your community.


As you can see, there are a ton of random charitable acts of kindness for kids that will make someone’s life better. Inspirational gifts are what send positive ripples throughout the world. When you take a small amount of time to perform any of the acts above, you and others will automatically feel better. Be a changemaker today!

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