24 Birthday Ideas for 10-Year-Old Girls

Finding and planning the best birthday theme for a 10-year-old can be challenging. You need to plan about what party games everyone will enjoy or what food you should bring so that everyone has fun.

Whether your little girl is more into girly stuff or sports, we’ve compiled a list of the best birthday party ideas that every 10-year-old girl should have on their day.

24 Birthday Ideas for 10-Year-Old Girls

Birthday Party Ideas for 10-Year-Old Girl at Home

You can’t go wrong with an indoor birthday party. When you have a ten-year-old girl, they know a thing or two about birthday party activities because they’ve already attended their friends’ birthday parties.

There are plenty of ideas that you can use at home, so why not try some of our ideas?


The most obvious and safest choice for a 10-year-old girl is a sleepover with some of her best friends or classmates. At ten years old, your girl will most likely love the idea of a sleepover, though it’s suggested to invite just a few friends for organizing issues.

When hosting a sleepover, you can line up some movies, bring some of their favorite snacks, and a few board games if they get bored. If you want to make the sleepover a bit fancier, you can host an at-home spa which basically is a nail-do for the birthday girl and her friends while wearing slippers and robes.

Slumber or Fashion Party

Similar to a sleepover, you will be safe to host a slumber or fashion party for your 10-years-old daughter. However, this time they will be in their pajamas, and you will hear many screams and laughter coming from the room.

But, if you want to spice it up a little, a fashion parade is a safe choice when hosting lots of girls. You can ask each girl to bring some extra clothes for the party, and then make them parade them in a make-shift fashion show in your living room.

Cake Decorating Party

A cookie or cake decorating party is ideal if you want to get the kids’ hands dirty. This brings some extra fun at home, and all you need are some sprinkles, icing, or other decorations, and your guests will go for it.

We recommend inviting fewer guests since it’s easier to do this activity. If you want to be extra, you could also help them bake cupcakes or cookies themselves, and you’re guaranteed they’ll have more fun.

When they eat something they’ve made, the joy on their faces will be priceless.

Karaoke Party

With a karaoke party, your birthday girl will feel like an absolute rockstar.

A Karaoke party is another at-home party idea for smaller groups of guests. It can be entertaining if you access some of your girl’s favorite songs. A karaoke machine would add more to the fun; however, if you don’t have one, Youtube and a Bluetooth microphone can work too.

Also, don’t forget to prepare some snacks as they will probably spend a lot of energy while singing and dancing.

Hot Tip: To pep up the party use a variety of decorations that fit the theme. Good decorations will immerse the guests (kids!) in the theme of the birthday. Some examples of decorations include colorful lights, custom neon signs, garlands, balloons, party poms and more!

Outdoor Birthday Ideas for 10-Year-Old Girl

Outdoor parties can be the most fun if done correctly. Whether you want to throw a party outside your house or somewhere else outdoors, we have some options that you might like.

The possibilities are endless; you need to be creative with your activities, and your guests will be impressed, and most importantly, the birthday girl will feel thrilled with her party.

Outdoor Cinema

If your girl enjoys watching movies, imagine how happy she’ll be when you arrange an outdoor cinema. The setup is simple; you need a projector in the garden and a bedsheet instead of an actual screen. This creates a cozy atmosphere, but it will also bring a laugh to everyone. Add some popcorn, juices, and candies, and the kids will have a real cinematic experience.

Plus, the kids love going out in the garden, and if you want to elevate their experience, you could grab some tents and let them ‘camp’ during the movie.

Beach Party

Who says you can’t bring the beach to your backyard?

You only need essentials like beach chairs, umbrellas, towels, and beach balls for your beach-themed party. If you have a pool, you know the joy kids have while jumping in and out of the water. However, you can get a kiddie pool if you don’t have one. You can create a sandbox, bring some beach toys, and inflatables to make it extra.

Some extra activities for the kids to play are water balloon toss or Frisbee, decorating seashells, or making necklaces that they can keep.

Nerf Gun War

For 10-years-old, if an activity makes them scream and run, they consider it fun. Such is a nerf gun war which girls and boys alike will enjoy much, especially during hot summer days.

Pick up some nerf guns for every guest and set up obstacles in your backyard for them to hide or dodge while trying to attack each other. Don’t forget to get a nerf gun for yourself; you might play along too!

The Zoo

If your backyard won’t do it, the zoo will definitely be the fun your kid needs. Most 10-year-olds are If your backyard doesn’t do it, the zoo will definitely be the fun your kid needs. Most 10-year-olds are obsessed with animals, and they would enjoy a trip to the zoo.

This is ideal if you want your kid to spend quality time with their friends and have a fun-filled day out. For this activity, it’s better to keep fewer friends, so nobody gets lost. Otherwise, you can ask for a parent to tag along and help you manage the kids.

Garden Party

Every 10-year-old girl wants to feel more grown-up at some point, and what better way to fulfill their wishes than a garden party with a picnic and your girl’s favorite foods. The layout is simple: picnic blankets, tablecloths, and balloons. Or, if you have extra budget, you can try a bouncy castle; almost all kids go crazy for jumping up and down in it.

Birthday Gift Ideas for 10-Year-Old Girl

10-year olds are entering their teen years; it’s only natural that they want to feel more independent but still want to have fun. You can give plenty of gifts to them at this age, either to help with their cognitive development or just for fun.

‘Just Dance 2022’

If you want to have your kid’s entire friends on their feet, ‘Just Dance’ will do that. It includes 40 tracks and a free trial of ‘Just Dance Unlimited.’ This is a great way to engage all friends, so they have a blast.

Nail Stamper

At ten years old, a girl’s dream is to get her nails done with colorful designs. What better gift than a nail kit that stamps patterns on any of her nails? Plus, it comes with everything that she needs to get started.

Sports Gifts

If your girl is a sporty type, then she might enjoy any of these:

  • A jersey of her favorite team
  • A game ticket to watch her favorite sports team
  • Trainers
  • Cool water bottle

Artsy Gifts

On the other hand, if your girl is someone who enjoys spending time crafting and designing, then the best gift should be something art-related. A few things we recommend are:

  • Watercolors pens and artbooks
  • Art kits
  • Marbling kit
  • DIY jewelry making kit
  • Doodle and Color Art Set
  • Custom keychains

Pictionary Air

Everyone has played Pictionary before, but have they seen Pictionary Air? This utilizes technology and body movements to capture drawing, but it looks so cool, and any 10-year-old would love it. The game usually comes packed with light-up pens, lots of clue cards, and links to smart devices such as phones and tablets.

Birthday Ideas for 10-Year-Old Girls

10-Year-Old Birthday Party Ideas Girl Summer

Your 10-year-old girl’s birthday calls for a celebration, especially if it’s in summer. When planning parties during the summer, we have some cool ideas that you’ll like.

Water Park

There’s nothing more refreshing than a water park party at home. You need inflatable pools, water balloons, a slip-n-slide, pool floats, and some sunshine. Bring some fizzy drinks, sunglasses, popsicles, and fruit salads, and you’re good to go.

Water Play Piñata

The best cool down during the summer is a DIY water play piñata, and we think this will be an absolute splash at the party. Get some balloons, a cardboard mailing tube, and a plastic bat to whack it.


A DIY slip-n-slide is an excellent idea for throwing a birthday on a budget. A heavy-duty drop cloth, buckets of water, and U-shaped garden stakes are all you need to keep the slide in place, and it’s easy to set up. Your 10-year-old girl and her friends will have so much fun.

Birthday Ideas for 10 Year-Old Girl Winter

Winter birthday parties can still be fun, whether indoors or outdoors. Here are our best choices for a 10-year-old winter party.

Ice Skating

The perfect winter activity is ice skating. Gather some of your girl’s closest friends and have them go to an outdoor ice rink late in the afternoon because the ambiance is phenomenal, and that’s when the rink gets lit up with twinkly lights.


A sledding party will be ideal if you live in a snowy area. You can build a snowy jump at the hill, get some sleds, and tell the guests to dress in snowsuits, gloves, boots, and hats. A hot cocoa bar is the perfect cozy treat.

Gingerbread Themed Party

Anyone born around the holidays would enjoy a gingerbread-themed party. Invite some friends and let them build their own gingerbread house on a table filled with goodies to guarantee some good fun.

10-Year-Old Birthday Party Ideas During Covid

Some party ideas are off-limits when your kid’s birthday falls during a pandemic. So, what do you do at such times?

Game Night

Nothing beats a good game night with your whole family. You can’t go wrong with board games like charades or Pictionary; make sure you pick out the birthday girl’s favorites and gather as a family to play.

Movie Marathon

A movie marathon doesn’t sound bad when you’re stuck at home and need some birthday ideas. Have your child pick their favorite movies for the day, get some snacks, and relax on the couch.

Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is the easiest and most fun idea for an at-home birthday idea. Just buy your 10-year-old girl some presents and hide them around your house. You can give her clues to find them, making this a fun birthday.

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