24 Birthday Party Ideas for 5-Year-Olds

All parents want their kids to experience a memorable 5th birthday party. Although all their birthdays are important and meaningful, you’ll try to do your best to see your kid smiling and having fun in their fifth year around the sun.:

24 Birthday Party Ideas for 5-Year-Olds

Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas for 5-Year-Olds

If your kids are big nature enthusiasts or just enjoy not being enclosed within four walls, these outdoor birthday ideas can be incredibly memorable for them.

Trampoline party

Putting a trampoline in your backyard and inviting your kid’s friends is a fantastic idea for a fun physical activity. You could serve fresh drinks and delicious food when they need to take a break. 

Garden party

If your kid is up for a nice relaxing day, invite their friends and have them decorate flower pots and plant flowers together. The larger the pots, the more space the kids will have to paint on and have fun sharing ideas. You could finish it all off with a delightful picnic. 


Camping, an activity for the most adventurous kids, will be a welcome change from the daily routine, and they’ll be closer than ever to nature. Spending a day collecting mushrooms and looking at small wild animals, coupled with an exciting night of sleeping in a tent, will be an experience you kid will want to tell everyone about.

5-Year-Old Birthday Party Ideas at Home

Having a birthday party at home can be just as fun, if not more, for a 5-year-old kid. We’ll be going over some budget-friendly birthday ideas your kids will adore.

Game party

A great birthday party idea is to gather your kid’s friends and have them play classic games like hopscotch, freeze dance, musical chairs, Simon says, tug of war, and anything that might come to the children’s mind. These games are a great way of socializing and having an astonishing 5th birthday.

Cooking party

All five-year-olds love helping in the kitchen with their little hands, so organizing a party around cooking could be a banging idea. They could wear cute aprons and chef hats as they help shape cookies and cupcakes, make fresh juices, and run around with flour in their hands. Just get your broom ready for a good cleaning workout afterwards.

Movie party

Five-year-old kids absolutely love movies and would be more than happy watching some with their friends. Simply put on an entertaining animated film, make popcorn, and watch the magic unfold as a bunch of kids have their eyes wide open while staring at the TV.

Fun Birthday Parties for 5-Year-Olds

Here are some enjoyable birthday parties all five-year-olds will go crazy about.

Pizza party

What food do kids love more than anything? Pizza, of course! Organize a little party of chefs, get the pizza dough ready, and let them choose their toppings. They could play in the living room or the garden until the pizzas are ready and then come back to taste the most exquisite of foods.

Chocolate-making party

The next best thing for kids, after pizza, is chocolate. They’ll have plenty of fun playing around with melted chocolate and putting it into different shapes. Let them explore their creativity and enjoy some sweet treats for their 5th birthday.

Water games party

If your kid’s birthday falls in summer, there is no better way to celebrate it than water games in the garden. They could splash around with water guns, and if you can afford it, get them a small pool to jump in from time to time.

Birthday Party Ideas for 5-Year-Olds

5-Year-Old Birthday Party Ideas for Boys

Here are some great ideas to help your little boy’s imagination and playfulness.


What better way to celebrate a birthday than to hit each pinball at a bowling alley? Taking your boy and his friends bowling would make for a fun competition, as they’ll try to best one another and look small and cute at the same time.

Monster & superhero party

A monster & superhero party will make them feel like their favorite cartoon/movie character. This birthday idea is even more fun for boys that have their birthdays around Halloween, as you could decorate the house with spooky pumpkins and have kids dress up as little monsters. 

Pirate party

Aye, aye captain! Make your little boy feel like Captain Jack Sparrow with a pirate-themed birthday party. Pirate hats, eye patches, and hand hooks are unique ways to help their imagination and make them think they’re roaming the endless seas looking for treasures.

5-Year-Old Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

Below you’ll find some great birthday ideas for your little girl.

Painting party

Call all of your daughter’s girlfriends and have them splash around with paint on canvas for hours on end. Yes, it’ll be a mess, but you’ll be left with adorable handprints and colored noses for the rest of the day.

Puppet party

A puppet show is a tremendous creative outlet where kids can create their puppets from various materials. They’ll have their time in the spotlight as they come up with stories straight out of their young imaginative minds, and the house will be filled with laughter.

Princess party

What’s a princess without her gorgeous party? Your daughter can spend her fifth birthday in her fancy princess dress with her friends, with princess-themed cups, plates, and paper crowns.

Spa day

A spa day could be a day in heaven for the little girls who like dressing up just as much as they like hanging around playgrounds. Plan a day where she gets her nails painted and hair done, ending it with a face mask and cucumbers on her eyes.

5th-Birthday Decoration Ideas at Home

Here are some fantastic ideas for parents who want to decorate their homes and help the kids get in the mood.

Sports theme

If your little one is already into sports, there’s nothing better than being dressed up as their favorite athlete and engaging in sports games with other children. They could play football, and soccer, run obstacle courses, and jump into ball pits.

Outer space theme

We all wanted to become astronauts when we grew up at one point in our childhood. Why not make your kids’ dreams come true by decorating the house with shining stars and moons and dressing them up as astronauts?

Jungle theme

Have your kid and friends dress up as animals and decorate your house to look like a zoo. Take it one step further by making animal-shaped food and animal face masks for them to wear.

5-Year-Old Birthday Party Entertainment

If you need some entertainment during your kid’s birthday party, here are some things you could do.

Talent show

Make a DIY stage in the living room and tell the kids to prepare their acts. Give them props, such as microphones, hula hoops, and background music they can dance to, and let them express their talent one at a time.

Treasure hunts

Treasure hunts are great entertainment for five-year-old kids and a good way to keep them engaged for a bit of time. However, keep in mind that the clues have to be simple enough for them to understand.

5-Year-Old Birthday Party Ideas During Covid

If you want to play it safe and keep your child away from big crowds, these birthday ideas will seem quite fun for your child.

Arts & crafts

Creating stuff and making art is very enjoyable to 5-year-olds, as well as inexpensive and safe. If you don’t want or are not able to invite lots of friends, your kid will have fun spending time with you making anything they can come up with and , of course, eating a good chocolate cake.

Backyard camping

If camping with lots of other kids does not seem safe, backyard camping with parents is also exciting for the little ones. Make it fun by putting up a tent and reading bedtime stories to make them fall asleep.


A kid’s birthday party is a special and unforgettable event not only for the children but for the parents as well. Seeing our kids happy and feeling special and loved on their day brings us joy and it doesn’t have to take too much effort. Some fun games, a theme to the party, and good food goes a long way for your kid to have a fantastic experience.

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