18 Unique 17th Birthday Ideas

Does your daughter or son have their 17th birthday coming up? What are they planning for their birthday? Check out our ideas for a fun day. We have party ideas for boys, girls, and all locations.

Unique 17th Birthday Ideas

17-year-old birthday party ideas girl

Plan a fun day at the amusement park

Everyone enjoys the excitement and thrill of the amusement park. Book tickets for Six Flags or the closest park to you, and let your kids and their friends go wild.

Plan a pool party on a sunny day

Plan a pool party if your kids have their birthday during the summer. If you have an in-ground pool, that’s great. Otherwise, rent an above-ground pool for the day or buy one for the garden. After the big day, you’ll get plenty of use out of it for the family.

17-year-old birthday party ideas boy

Go-kart track

Boys love the thrill and excitement of speed and competition. Book a fun day at the go-kart track and let the boys go crazy chasing each other around the go-kart track. Hold competitions and award prizes for the best drivers.

Paintball or airsoft party

Paintball and airsoft are competitive and fun sports. Most paintball and airsoft ranges have all the equipment you need to enjoy a day of fun and instructors to provide strategy and tactics.

17-year-old birthday party ideas at home

Book club party

If your daughter likes reading, plan a book club party at home. Go to the bookstore and ask the attendant to recommend 15 to 20 top-selling books for teens. Set up the books and let the girls discuss which books they like to read.

Trivia quizzes

Trivia is always a fun way to spend an evening. Pick up the “Trivial Pursuit” board game and buy a few small trinkets as prizes for the best trivia players.

Garden birthday party ideas for 17-year-olds?

Scavenger hunts

If it’s going to be a nice day outdoors, and you have a big garden at home, plan a scavenger hunt. You can hide prizes around the yard and leave clues to help the contestants find them. Make it challenging but not too demanding that everyone can’t have some fun.

Sleepover birthday party ideas for 17-year-olds?

Schedule a sleepover at a hotel

Take the sleepover to the next level and book a room at a boutique hotel. Arrange a room service dinner for everyone and a movie. Make sure you clear everything with hotel management and arrange the sleeping spaces for everyone attending the party.

Outdoor birthday party ideas for 17-year-olds?

Trampoline park

A trampoline park is a great birthday party idea for teens that enjoy bouncing around. It’s a fun-filled, low-risk activity offering teens a great way to get some thrills and adrenaline going.


Plan a hike at the local trail if you have an outdoorsy teen who enjoys the fresh air and beautiful landscapes. Get a guide to lead you through the route and point out interesting facts about the area while you walk.

Unique 17th Birthday Ideas

Places to go for 17th birthday

Spa birthday party

A spa day is a great choice for girls to enjoy their 17th birthday. Getting pampered is a fantastic way to enjoy spending time with friends. You can book a spa treatment at a spa or hire a professional to visit your home and set up massage tables, pedicure and manicure stations, and skin treatments, like masks.

Beach birthday party ideas for 17-year-olds?

Surfing in the waves

There’s no better feeling than gliding along the face of an open green wave. Learning to surf is plenty of fun. If you live near the beach, contact a surfing club and arrange for an instructor to give the group lessons. Most surf schools will rent all the equipment you need for the day. You kids aren’t going to be riding barrels on day one, but they’ll have plenty of fun splashing around in the whitewater.

Sassy 17 birthday party ideas

Dance party

Teen girls and boys love to dance. Hire a DJ and dress up in the living room or patio (depending on the weather) to emulate a dance hall, disco tech, or nightclub. Decorate the room and make a playlist of your kid’s favorite tracks. Consider hiring a dance instructor to teach the party some cool moves.

Last-minute birthday party ideas for 17-year-old

Pretty-in-pink birthday party

Plan an all-pink party for your 17th. Get everyone to arrive in pink fancy dress and decorate the venue with everything in pink. Buy pink decorations and pink food, and pink lighting. It’s a great choice for girls. Keep your guests entertained with games and manicure and pedicure stations.

17th birthday ideas winter

Bonfire party

Plan a fire pit party if it’s a cool time of year in the fall or winter. Build a bonfire in the backyard and burn an effigy to give your kids a “Burning man” experience they’ll never forget. Chances are they’ll be going to the real event when they turn 18 anyway, and this is a great preparation for the real deal. When the flames settle down, you can buy ingredients to roast smores over the coals.

What to do for your 17th birthday when you have no friends

Host a streaming party

If you moved your family to a new town and your kids still need to get friends, hook them up with a streaming party for their birthday. Hook up the TV to your computer and get your kids on the big screen. Arrange music and snacks, and make sure you have a webcam available to broadcast everything through a platform like Twitch.

17th birthday decoration ideas at home

Fluorescent lighting and disco balls

Lighting makes a big difference to any venue. If you’re hosting a dance party, get a disco ball and some laser lighting. Add UV lights in some rooms and make the night shine for tour teens.

Party pack decorations

Visit an arts and crafts store and look for party packs offering decorations for teen parties. Take the party pack home and decorate the venue with streamers, posters, and other fun decorations.

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