23 Unique Birthday Party Ideas for 13 Year Olds

Is your boy or girl turning into a teenager this year? There are plenty of options for parties on their big day. Here are a few fun ideas for their 13th birthday party.

Unique Birthday Party Ideas for 13 Year Olds

13 year old birthday party ideas at home

DIY Pizza

Hire a portable pizza oven for the day and set up a station with plenty of different toppings. Let the kids build their pizza and cook it for them in the oven.

Backyard Camping

A backyard campout is a great way to get your kids outdoors. Build a firepit and grill hotdogs right over the fire. When the flames die down, toast some marshmallows, and tell scary stories. Pitch some tents and let the kids sleep out in the yard.

Silent Disco

Hire a DJ and give the kids a pair of headphones. The music plays through the headphones, not the speakers(your neighbors will thank you). Let the kids dance the afternoon away and serve them snacks and drinks.

Video Games

Boys love video games and probably spend a lot of time playing with their friends online. Invite their buddies to the house and buy your kid a new combat or team game where they can have a round-robin challenge event with their friends. Set up the lounge with pillows and blankets and serve them pizza, cake, and soda.

Outdoor birthday party ideas for 13 year olds

Slip and slide

When it gets hot outside, it’s time to enjoy some fun with water. Set up a slip-n-slide and tell the kids to bring their swim trunks. Water games make the kids hungry. Have ready-to-grab snacks, sodas, and candy, with some burgers and hotdogs on the grill.

Bonfire Party

A bonfire is a great way to enjoy an evening. Your teens can build a big fire and burn an effigy. When the flames die down, pull out the hot dogs for a snack, and finish off with marshmallows and smores.


If you have an active teen who likes doing athletic activities with their friends, take them out for a hike. They can enjoy time on a trail or take them bouldering or climbing to test their strength.

13th birthday party ideas boy

Red Rover

Red rover is a classic outdoor game for the yard. Line the kids up into two teams and have each of them try to break the other team’s line to join their friends on the other side. If they get caught, they join the other team. Run the game until one group emerges as the winner.

Laser Tag

Laser tag provides a high-octane environment for teens that’s plenty of fun. Keep the party private and rent the venue for a few rounds with their friends.


Boys love bowling. Take their friends out to the local bowling alley and let them compete against each other for some fun. Bring their birthday cake along and plenty of snacks to keep them entertained.

Birthday party ideas for 13 year olds girl


A spa day is a great way to pamper your teen on her birthday. Let her invite a few of her closest friends and hire a beautician to come around to the house for manicures, pedicures, and facials.

Hotel Night

Book a boutique hotel for your daughter and her closest friends. Let them order room service and hire a movie to watch on the TV. Finish the evening off with a dip in the jacuzzi.

High Tea

If you have an elegant teen, let them invite their friends around for a spot of high tea. Serve tea in fine China and let them choose from some pastries, cupcakes, and snacks.

Jewelry Making Party

Girls love making jewelry. Hire a jewelry expert and get them to come to your home with their kit. The girls can make custom costume jewelry from the beads and trinkets.

Unique Birthday Party Ideas for 13 Year Olds

13 year old birthday party ideas in the winter


Let the kids unlock their inner pop star with a karaoke party they will never forget. Hire a karaoke machine and a DJ, and let the kids sing away until their heart’s content. After the singing, end the party with a dance-a-thon.

Set up a karaoke bar for your daughter and her friends at your home. You could even hire a DJ for the birthday party. Add dancing lights and a screen to display lyrics, and let everyone start grooving.

Ice Skating

Take the kids out to the skating rink for the day. Let them enjoy some fun skating laps around the rink and make requests for the DJ to play their favorite music. After the fun ends, take everyone home to warm up with some cocoa and birthday cake.

Snowball Fight/ Snowman Competition

If it’s snowing outdoors and there’s some fresh powder on the ground, bundle everyone up and take them outdoors for a snowball fight. Have a competition to see how you can build the best snowman and give them materials to make their snowman unique.

13th birthday party ideas summer

Pool Party

If the weather’s warm, set up the yard for a pool party. If you don’t have a ground-in pool, rent a large inflatable or above-ground pool for the day. Add some inflatables and have a game of water volleyball to enjoy the afternoon. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Mocktail Game Party

If you have a sophisticated teen, invite their friends around for mocktails and snacks. Print out some recipes and award a prize to the kid that pours the best drink for their friends.

Fear Factor Party

A Fear Factor theme is a fun way to celebrate a 13th birthday party. Skip the dangerous stuff and find a few ideas for fun challenges to test the kid’s coordination and skills.

13th birthday party themes


13 year old’s love music. Arrange a dance party with a track list of their favorite artists. Hire a sound system and turn the lounge into a club with lighting and decorations.

Lucky 13

Thirteen doesn’t have to be an unlucky number. Decorate the party venue with luck symbols like four-leaf clovers, horseshoes, and leprechauns. 


A glow-in-the-dark theme is a great way to accentuate a dance party. Get some glow sticks and a black light, and paint some posters with neon colors that glow in the dark. Hand out glow sticks to the kids and let them dance away the evening.

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