Unique Party Ideas for 3 Year Old’s

Is your toddler turning three? It’s time to celebrate the end of the terrible twos! We put together this list of awesome party ideas to celebrate the big day. Pick something out that you think they’ll love!

Unique Party Ideas for 3 Year Old’s

Indoor party ideas for 3 year old’s


Every toddler loves Blippi. He’s one of the biggest kids’ stars on YouTube. Known for his colorful blue and orange clothing, he’s an energetic character capturing the minds of millions of toddlers around the world. Hire a local Blippi performer to turn up at their birthday. The kids can sing Blippi songs, play with toys and games, and take photos with their favorite TV star.

Play-Doh Party

All kids love squishing and rolling play-doh. Host a play-doh party for them and their preschool friends and watch them get creative. It’s a great way to get the kids to have fun while they work on building their motor skills and hand strength. Get them play-doh with bright colors and praise them as they create with their mini-minds.

Outdoor party ideas for 3 year old’s

Petting zoo

Kids love animals. They find them fascinating. Take them to the local zoo and show them the tigers, lions, and monkeys—cap off the animal experience and the petting zoo. Let them handle the rabbits, pet the sheep, and laugh at the lamas.

Garden party

If it’s a nice day, take things outdoors. Please make sure the kids have hats and sunblock and get them to play with each other in the garden. Hire them some inflatables like a bouncy castle and watch them jump for joy.

Picnic party

Lay out some blankets in the park and let the kids play on the ju8ngle gym and park toys. Sit them down for some lunch and serve them cake and soda. Don’t forget the napkins!

Paint Party

A paint party is a fun way to let kids make a creative mess on the lawn. Give them easels and paints and watch their imaginations go wild. The non-toxic water-based paints won’t harm the environment and are easy to clean up.

3rd birthday party ideas at home


Buy a fiesta party kit off Amazon and decorate the backyard with a Mexican theme. Get a pinata and help the kids smash it to bits to get the candy and prizes inside. Set up tables with decorations like paper flowers, maracas, and sombreros. Make a taco bar as part of the food spread and serve some sangria to the adults while they watch the kids have fun.

Bubble Party

A bubble party is a fun way to spend a nice afternoon outdoors. Get bubble kits in different sizes and hire a machine to blow tons of bubbles everywhere. Watch as the kids run around in glee, popping bubbles. Set up a bubble station with large wire hoops and fill a small inflatable pool with dishwasher soap, sugar mixture, and water.


A dinosaur theme is a great way to celebrate the day. Buy a t-rex costume and wear it to the party. Your kids won’t know you’re not a real dinosaur! Place dinosaur toys around the venue and give them a dinosaur-themed cake.

Monster trucks

Suppose your toddler loves trucks, set up a monster truck rally theme in the backyard. Get some plastic trucks for the kids to ride and set up a course to let them speed around the garden. Get them a monster truck cake and paint a few empty cardboard boxes as monster trucks to let the kids sit in while they enjoy their cake.

Party games for 3 year old’s indoors


Every three-year-old dreams of being a cop, astronaut, or firefighter. It’s a simple theme to create for their birthday party. Make a firetruck out of some old boxes and paint it bright red with big wheels. Decorate the room with red balloons and orange streamers, and use posters to draw building on fire.

Unicorn Birthday Party

A unicorn party is a cool idea for a girl that’s turning three. Dress the kids up like princesses and get them a unicorn cake. You get extra points for hiring a pony to offer the kids rides.

Unique gifts for 3-year old’s

A two-sided learning resource like the “Big Feelings Pineapple” teaches kids emotions.

A 14-piece “Hape wooden toolbox” and play set lets the toddler lightly hammer home blocks, teaching them the basics of repairing and building objects.

Give your kid a lightweight, aluminum-frame “Mongoose Tot bike” with training wheels as their first bicycle.

Inspire their artistic talent with a three-chord “Loog mini guitar.”

The “Plus-Plus” big tube is another great gift to teach your kids construction and motor skills.

The “Sneaky Snacky” Squirrel game teaches kids about colors while fine-tuning their motor skills.

The “Melissa & Doug My First Daily Magnetic Calendar” teach your kids about time and the seasons.

The “Melissa & Doug Wooden Building-Blocks Set” is another great gift for teaching your kids motor skills while unlocking their creativity.

Unique 3rd birthday themes

Fairytale-themed party

If you have a girl, give her a fairytale-themed party. Order some magic wands and costumes from Amazon and dress the kids in a fantasy theme for their birthday. Many online tutorials teach you how to make DIY trinkets like cardboard wands if you don’t want to waste money on store-bought stuff. String up a unicorn pinata and let the kids whack it with their hands to get a prize and some candy.


A “Three-rex” theme is a great way to expand on the dinosaur party theme. Dress the adults up in T-rex costumes and have them walk around the party venue as the kids stare in awe. Give them a dinosaur-themed cake and dress up the tables and walls with a dinosaur poster. Use the old baking soda volcano trick to give the landscape a Jurassic theme.


Toddlers love the minions. Order a minion party kit from Amazon and decorate the rooms with the little yellow critters. Get them a minion cake and large yellow balloons with cute minion faces.

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