45+ Creative Orange Puns That Will Brighten Your Day

It’s a common myth that there’s nothing that rhymes with orange, but this isn’t quite true. There are many things that rhyme with the word orange – if you close your eyes and wish really, really hard for it.

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Here are the best creative orange puns that will brighten your day, including funny orange jokes, orange name puns, orange tree puns and orange puns one liners.

Orange Puns One Liners

One liners are quick and punny, but they can keep people laughing for days – even weeks if you have the right timing when you say it! Here are some of the best orange puns one liners that you’ll find anywhere on the internet.

  • Why do pirates love oranges so much? It’s for the vitamin sea.
  • What rhymes with orange… No, actually it doesn’t.
  • What is orange and rhymes with the word parrot? Carrot.
  • Why didn’t the apple understand the orange? The orange only spoke mandarin.
  • Did you hear about the orange who went to court? He had to appeal his sentence in front of the judge. 
  • What did the tomato say to the orange? Nothing, neither of them can talk.

Funny Orange Jokes

Funny orange jokes never get old! Oranges are one of the oldest fruits on the planet, and apparently that makes them one of the funniest. Here are some of the best funny orange jokes to keep you laughing.

  • My wife told me that nothing rhymes with orange. I had to tell her that she has being silly. Nothing and orange don’t even sound even remotely similar!
  • Why did the orange lose at poker? His hand was all pips.
  • How do we know Adam & Eve didn’t pluck an orange off the tree? Because they didn’t make any orange juice.
  • Did you hear about the fruit who was beaten up? He was orange by the end of it.
  • What’s the difference between baby powder and orange juice? Orange juice comes from oranges, but baby powder doesn’t come from babies.  
  • Did you hear about the orange who was arrested for domestic abuse? He beat his husband to a pulp.

Orange Name Puns

Orange name puns are a more specific type of orange pun. Do you know anyone named orange? Hopefully you don’t, but there are plenty of great movies and books with Orange in the name (and that’s what you’ll find here).

  • What’s the orange’s favorite movie? Pulp Fiction.
  • Why did Steve Jobs call his company Apple? Because he didn’t want to call it Orange.
  • I lost my job at the orange juice factory. I was fired because I couldn’t concentrate.
  • I went to the doctor yesterday and he told me to add more oranges to my diet this week. We don’t know if it’s going to improve my health, he said we’ll have to wait and C.

Orange Puns for Instagram

Instagram user? If you want to make sure that people who check your profile are never bored or short for a laugh, here are some of the best orange puns for Instagram you can use ot make people laugh, giggle and sigh.

  • Orange you glad you’re reading this right now?
  • Did you hear about the apple who went crazy with the tan lotion? At the end of it all, he was orange.
  • Did you hear about the orange who was left in the sun too long? He was turned into a tangerine.
  • Orange juice is being recalled all over the United States, according to a nationwide press release.
  • Did you hear about the orange who got pregnant? They’ll be giving birth via a C-section.
  • I love oranges. They’re pretty a-peeling.

Clockwork Orange Puns

Clockwork Orange is one of the best books ever written, and even though the author hated the movie, Kubrick’s take on it is one of the best films ever made. Here are some of the best Clockwork Orange puns you can find anywhere on the internet.

  • What was Stanley Kubrick’s favorite fruit? A Clockwork Orange.
  • What makes A Clockwork Orange one of the best-selling books of all time? It keeps getting pressed over and over again.
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Orange Tree Puns

Oranges aren’t just fruit, but fruit that comes off trees. If you still aren’t tired of this, here are some of the best orange tree puns you can find anywhere on the internet.

  • I suggested to my English teacher that the word lozenge rhymes with orange. He found it hard to swallow.
  • Why did the orange tree move back home? He decided that it was time to go back to his roots.
  • What do you call an orange tree? Anything you want, because the orange tree can’t hear you.

Orange Fruit Puns

Right back to the fruit itself, here are some more orange fruit puns to keep you and your friends (or enemies) entertained:

  • Did you hear about the orange who joined the army? He was in the naval squad.
  • Why should you avoid orange juice at breakfast? Most people who like orange juice at breakfast will die eventually. Orange juice is dangerous.
  • Did you hear about the orange who went through a terrible divorce? He was peeled, and absolutely crushed when it happened.
  • Why did the oranges go to the synagogue? Because they were juice. 

Annoying Orange Puns

Is everyone around you tired of orange puns by now? Here are some of the best annoying orange puns you’ll find anywhere on the internet.

  • Why did the student orange visit France for three years after college? He wanted to go out and spread his seed.
  • An orange a day keeps the doctor away…if you throw it at them hard enough.
  • Did you hear about the orange who got sunburned? He peeled.
  • Did you hear about the orange who got stuck next to the highway? His car ran out of juice.

Puns About the Color Orange

But wait… There’s more!

  • What’s the difference between a banana and an orange? You should call the doctor if anything turns orange.
  • I had a weird sex dream about oranges last night. When I woke up, I realized that it was just a Fanta sea.
  • What did the pirate get for Christmas? Scurvy.
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