40 Funny Friday jokes for Kids

Is it Friday again? We have a list of jokes to help you commemorate the day. It’s almost the weekend! Are you ready for some fun? Start things off with a smile and spread some humor.

Funny Friday jokes for Kids

Short Friday jokes for kids

  • What day comes after Black Friday? Flat broke Saturday.
  • Where can shoppers save 100% on their Black Friday deals? At home – by not shopping.
  • Why do geologists decide to do their shopping on a Friday? For the amazing weekend, shales!
  • What’s going to ruin your Friday? Finding out it’s Thursday today.
  • What’s a scarier day than Friday the 13th? The following Monday, the 16th.
  • What do cows love to do on a Friday night? Go to the mooooooovies.
  • Why did Friday decide to start training at the gym? He found out he was a weak day.

Friday jokes one-liners

  • Why did Han decide to shop on Black Friday? Because the prices were solo.
  • In what country is every day a fry day? Grease.
  • What did the apple ask the banana at the end of the workweek? Orange, are you glad it’s Friday?
  • What’s the worst part about a Friday afternoon? Realizing it’s Wednesday today.
  • Why wasn’t Friday serious about anything? It was a casual Friday.
  • What did the teacher give her students on Black Friday? 50% off their late assignments.

Funny Friday jokes for Kids

Funny, clean Friday jokes

  • Why don’t people enjoy hearing jokes about Friday? They’re week in character and surly.
  • Why is Friday the happiest day of the week? Because the next day is always a sadder day.
  • What did a lazy person decide to do the day after Friday? Sat.
  • When will you get a priest to laugh at your Friday jokes? When it’s a Good Friday joke.
  • Who wins in a super fight between Friday and Saturday? Saturday takes the title because Friday is a weak day.
  • What’s the worst thing that can happen to you on a Friday? You realize it’s a Monday.
  • What do people who work from home all week wear for Casual Friday? Their birthday suit.
  • What do biologists wear to work on a Casual Friday? They wear genes to work.
  • What did an accordion player say to the congregation on a Friday? Accordion to me, it’s going to be a fantastic Friday.
  • Why did the employee at the calendar factory decide to cut all the Fridays out of the calendar? He wanted the day off.

Friday joke for work

  • People tell me that I am instantly 70% nicer after 3 pm on Friday afternoon.
  • I don’t care what people say. I don’t work on Fridays. I make appearances.
  • What drags worse than a boring movie on TV? A Friday afternoon.
  • Finally, Friday is here! I can’t wait to get off work this afternoon and avoid all my social interactions.
  • Why don’t people like making jokes about Friday? They’re just week.
  • What does it mean when you arrive late at work for the fifth time that week? It means that it’s Friday today, yay.
  • When does a Sunday feel like Friday? When you have to go to your weekend job.
  • What do employees look forward to on their Friday nights? The following Friday night.

Black Friday jokes

  • Why do shoppers feel like a serving of cranberry sauce on Black Friday? They get crushed, bruised, and squished into a pulp trying to get a deal at the bargain bin.
  • What do Black Friday shoppers and a Thanksgiving turkey have in common? They know the feeling of being stuffed and jammed into a hot, small space.
  • How can people tell which of their friends gets a good Black Friday deal? Don’t worry; we promise they’ll let you know.
  • Which family usually spends the most money at the store on Black Friday? The one that learns the least.
  • Why do Americans enjoy shopping on Black Friday? They are thankful they survived the Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Why do they call the day after Thanksgiving “Black Friday”? Because it defines the mood of miserable shoppers.
  • How can shoppers be more considerate during Black Friday sales? By turning their phone horizontally before recording brawled between shoppers.
  • Who profits the most on Black Friday? The clever people decided to stay home.
  • What did Nala tell Simba after seeing a herd of buffalo on Black Friday? “You gotta Mufasa!”
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