Creative Birthday Party Ideas for 10 Year Olds

Do you have a 10-year-old’s birthday party to plan? We put together this list of fun ideas and themes to give them the party of a lifetime. Choose something you think they’ll like and make it happen.

Creative Birthday Party Ideas for 10 Year Olds

Outdoor birthday party ideas for 10 year olds


Let the kids get creative at the party. Order some arts-and-crafts kits from amazon and set them up in the yard for a fun day of artistic expression. Make crafts, paint pictures, formulate body scrubs, create flower arrangements, bake sweet treats, or get gross and make a batch of slime.


Bring your kid’s friends to the tropics. Set up an island theme in the yard if you have a pool and the weather is good. Build some luaus and grass skits, and let everyone enjoy some mocktails out of coconuts and pineapples.

Backyard movie night

Set up a projector and a large screen in the yard and let the kids vote on the movie they want to see. Serve them slushies, popcorn, and birthday cake while they lounge around and enjoy the film.

Pool party

A pool party is a fun way to stay cool on a hot day. Set up some inflatables for the pool and play pool volleyball or basketball to get everyone in on the action.

10 year old birthday party ideas at home


At ten years old, kids are ready to start sleeping out at their friend’s houses. Invite their buddies over for a sleepover. If it’s nice weather, let them camp out in tents in the yard and light a fire for toasting marshmallows and smores while you tell scary stories.

Video and board games

If it’s gloomy outdoors, keep the kids entertained with board games like Pictionary and Monopoly. If you have kids that prefer video games, buy them a new title like FIFA or UFC, where they can have round-robin tournaments to challenge each other.

Escape room

An escape room tests the kid’s problem-solving skills while they have tons of fun. Give them puzzles to figure out and set the timer to see who escapes before the buzzer goes off. Give them prizes for escaping the room.

Scavenger hunt

Set up a scavenger hunt around the neighborhood and let the kids enjoy an interactive birthday experience for their party.

10 year old birthday party ideas boy

Ice skating

Take the boys ice skating and stick around for a hockey game in the evening.

Bowling alley

Going ten-pin bowling for the first time is plenty of fun for boys and adults.


Let your kid invite their best friends to a Taylor Swift concert and watch their favorite pop stars perform on stage.

Laser tag

Boys love running around the laser tag venue. It’s competitive, addicting, and plenty of fun.


Let boys be boys and take them to the paintball range for a game. Divide them into teams, give them the kit, and watch as they go to war with each other.

Creative Birthday Party Ideas for 10 Year Olds

10 year old birthday ideas girl

Trampoline park

A party at a trampoline park is plenty of bouncing fun.

Cooking class

Sign the birthday girl and her friends up for a cooking class and let them bake a birthday cake.


Pamper your ten year old and give her and her friends a makeover with mani/pedis and masks.


Your kids are never too old to be a prince or princesses! Host a party with a fairytale theme and treat them like royalty.

Tea party

Host a tea party and create fun and amazing finger foods and mini desserts for the celebration.

Party games for 10 year olds indoors

Slime making

Organize the supplies from Amazon and let the kids have fun making a mess. The slime is non-toxic, and there are recipes for making it yourself at home with basic ingredients.

The floor is lava

Use cushions and play the floor is lava. Watch the kids jump and try to stay out of the lava pit. Award prizes to the winners.

Candy Olympics

The player who eats the most wins! Make sure you do something afterward to burn off the energy from all the sugary treats!

10 year old birthday party places to go

Water park or amusement park

Take the kids to the water park for some wet-and-wild fun in the sun. Don’t forget the sunblock!


Animal lovers will enjoy some time at the zoo staring at the monkeys, tigers, and elephants.

Rock wall climbing

Test the kid’s strength and let them climb the wall to see if they can make it to the top.

Last-minute birthday party ideas for 10 year olds


An activity party lets the kids test their skills by doing the hobbies they love. Whether they like playing soccer, dancing, or singing, they find a local club and arrange their big day with their friends doing stuff they love.


Take the kids to the aquarium and let them spend time admiring the fish, sharks, turtles, and dolphins. Watch the killer whale show and see how they marvel at the aquatic life.

Cake decorating party

Don’t bother buying a pre-made cake. Let the kids decorate it themselves. Bake the cake at home and let the kids decorate it with icing, sprinkles, and decorations.

Karaoke party

Set up a karaoke machine and let the kids sing their favorite pop songs. They’ll all feel like rock stars. Give them props to dress them up before they hit the stage.

10 year old birthday party themes


From Wonder Woman to the Avengers, dress the kids up in superhero costumes featuring their favorite marvel characters. Watch a Marvel movie and eat a superhero cake to finish things off.


Legos are a fun way for kids to learn to build and create. Use a Lego theme like the Lego movie, Lego Batman, or their favorite part of the franchise.


Let your kids have a party themed after their favorite cartoon characters. Send out the invitations and tell the kids to dress up as their favorite cartoons.

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