Unique Birthday Party Ideas for 12 Year Old’s

Is it your boy or girl’s 12th birthday coming up? What kind of party are you going to throw them to celebrate the day? Here are a few great ideas to have fun on your son or daughter’s 12th birthday.

Unique Birthday Party Ideas for 12 Year Old’s

12 year old birthday party ideas at home


We all know and love Twister. Everyone will have a laugh as they twist and turn themselves into a contorted mess. Place the mat on the floor and have a tournament playoff to find out who’s the Twister master!

Karaoke Party

Everyone loves a good sing-along! Let your kids act on their popstar dreams and rent a karaoke machine for the day. Load up their favorite tracks, break out the video recorder and have a great time.

Dinosaur Birthday Party

If your kids love dinosaurs, have a dino-themed party to celebrate the day. It’s a great unisex birthday idea and suits all seasons. Wear dinosaur costumes like a giant inflatable T-rex suit and have a laugh at everyone as they wild out on the dance floor.

Indoor birthday party ideas for 12 year old’s

Board Games and Video Games

Suppose you have to have a birthday party indoors because the weather’s bad, break out the board games and have some fun! If your kids are video game freaks, buy them a new game and let the kids take turns playing. From old-school board games like Monopoly to modern Call-of-Duty titles for the Xbox or PlayStation, there’s plenty to do if it’s raining outside.

Escape Room

An escape room is a great way to challenge kids’ problem-solving skills and bring them together as a unit. They’ll face the challenge head-on and solve the puzzles to escape the confines of the room.

Glow Stick Dance Party

A glow stick theme is a great choice to accentuate the visual effect of a dance party. Grab the glow sticks, put up some black lights, and stick up glow-in-the-dark posters and decorations around the room.

Outdoor birthday party ideas for 12 year old’s


Everyone loves beating the daylights out of a pinata. You can pick these party favors up at any big box retailer and fill them with candy and prizes. Blindfold the kids and take videos as they try to smash the pinata. The pinata prizes can include cool items like pop-its, fidget spinners, baseball cards, and more. Get creative!

Backyard Campout

If the weather is good outside, arrange a camping party sleepover. Pitch some tents in the backyard, build a campfire and spend the evening telling ghost stories as you roast marshmallows and smores over the fire. Grab some flashlights and make sure all the kids bring their sleeping bags.

Water Balloon Games

If it’s a warm day in the neighborhood, take advantage of the weather and throw a water balloon party. Tell the kids to bring their swim trunks and have fun with a water balloon fight. Or, buy a few water guns and let the kids run rampage through the backyard spraying each other. Don’t forget the sklip-n-slide.

Unique Birthday Party Ideas for 12 Year Old’s

12 year old birthday party ideas boy

Nerf War

Boys love battling it out with nerf guns. Pick up a few from the store and ask the kids to bring the nerf guns they have at home. Arrange games like capture-the-flag and start a tournament to keep them entertained throughout the afternoon.

Fortnite Fort Night

If you need something to keep the kids busy at night or in bad weather, arrange a Fortnite tournament at the house. Most 12 year olds love this video game, and the multi-player feature is a great way to keep the kids entertained. Turn the lounge into a fort, and serve them pizza and treats.

Tug of War

Suppose you need an outdoor idea for a birthday activity, set up a tug-of-war between the boys. Make sure the teams are fair and watch as they battle it out. It’s a great way to get the kids to burn off all the energy from the soda, cake, and candy.

Birthday party ideas for 12 year old’s girl

Truth or Dare

Girls love gossiping, and everyone loves hearing a secret or taking on a challenge. Truth or dare is a classic game, and girls love it. It’s a great way to get the girls to break the ice with each other and get to know their personalities.

Roller Skating

Take the girls out to the local roller rink for a skating party. Give the DJ a playlist of your daughter’s favorite song, and ask the manager if you can decorate the rink and serve snacks for the girls.

Movie Night & Popcorn

Give the kids a list of movies and let them vote on their favorite. Play a few movies back to back and serve the kids popcorn and slushies. And pizza to keep them occupied. It’s a great choice for a sleepover party theme.

12 year old birthday party games

Frisbee Toss

Frisbee toss or frisbee football is another fun outdoor activity to play at a birthday party in the park. Create teams and bring snacks and drinks to enjoy between games.

Freeze Dance

Take a portable speaker outdoors and play a game of freeze dance with the kids. When the music stops, everyone freezes. Let the kids compete for prizes, and everyone will laugh as they try to pause without falling over.

Capture the Flag

This classic backyard game is another great one for a birthday party. Divide the kids into equal teams and give them a flag to guard. The other team tries to steal the flag and bring it back to their side.

12 year old birthday party ideas in winter

Ice Skating/Sledding

If conditions outdoors are frosty, take the kids to the local skating rink for some time on the ice. If you don’t have a rink near you, take them to the hill for some bobsledding. Ensure all the kids have the right safety gear for the task. After they finish, take everyone home for some hot chocolate and birthday cake.

Book an Indoor Play Area

Book an outdoor activity area if you have plenty of kids coming to the birthday party. Let the kids run riot around the park, enjoying the inflatables, slides, and obstacles.

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